Thursday, March 14, 2013

Major League Minors: Little League Draft by David Field

Windham Little League held their 2013 Majors Assessments this week in preparation for the drafts that will take place this Sunday for baseball and next Saturday for Softball.

So, as I write this, I can recall my youth after trying out and anxiously awaiting a call from a Little League Majors coach. There are a few dozen kids at or above the age of nine years old that are in this same position right now. Also, parents are also hoping for the best for their kids.

The 2013 Baseball Majors league had their total number of teams reduced by one due to a reduced number of enrollment registrations. Between soccer and lacrosse, baseball and softball have seen a reduction in recent years in kids registering. Baseball will have six teams competing in the league and softball will have two teams playing against each other as well as against neighboring Raymond and Westbrook teams.

Looking at baseball, the teams will consist of Dairy Queen coached by Mike Russell, Cobbs Collision coached by Rick West, Kids Crooked House coached by Rick Forbush, CR Tandberg coached by Scott Butts, Zwirner State Farm coached by Paul Kent and Ice Cream Dugout coached by Troy Thornton.

In softball, Travis Demmons will lead the Windham Rental squad. Bill Diamond Associates will be led by Su-Ann Hammond. Todd Hunter will be coaching the Island Cove team from Raymond.

From a Little League International perspective, there are not many rule changes to deal with in this coming season. A new league division has been introduced locally. It is called the 50-70 league. This is a transition league from the smaller Little League field to the big diamond. The pitching rubber is at 50 feet and the base paths are at 70 feet. This league targets players in the 11- to 13-year-old age bracket.

All I can say is let the snow melt and play ball!

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