Friday, September 27, 2013

Windham Middle School varsity football continues winning streak - By Stephanie Coffin

With the forecast of rain for game day and the potential of a possible “Storm” from Scarborough, the Windham boys came ready to play and the desire to keep their winning streak alive. Word spread that the Scarborough Red Storms would defeat the Windham Eagles with room to spare. However, the Windham boys sent the Storms packing with the forecast changing to sunny with a slight breeze.

Cameron McCartney who recently was added to this year’s team roster after playing soccer came out with a strong leg performing the kick offs and pushing the Storms team deep into their own side of the field several times throughout the game. Nathan Watson and Hunter Coffin sent the Storms’ quarterback to the ground in their own end zone for a safety in the first quarter. At the free kick, Windham was facing a long 4th down, Tanner Bernier handed off to Nazari Henderson who threw a 25-yard pass to Nick Curtis. This lead Bernier to a 10-yard touchdown pass to Henderson. The two point conversion was not a success. After the first quarter it was Windham 8, Scarborough 0.

The second quarter started with the Storms driving into Windham territory and after the Storms competed a long reception, Grant Jacobson made a tackle which forced a fumble. Nazari Henderson picked up the loose ball and ran for 50 yards. Quarterback Tanner Bernier then ran the ball in for a 20-yard touchdown. Bernier threw to Hunter Coffin for a two-point conversion. 

Scarborough controlled the ball for most for the second quarter until Grant Jacobson and Isaiah Welch forced another fumble. Windham was moving the ball on the ground to work the clock down to end the first half. 

Windham came out for the second half of the game and used multiple ball carriers to advance the ball down field. Tanner Bernier, Nazari Henderson, Nathan Watson and Logan Emerson were all successful. Bernier had a handoff to Henderson for a 10-yard run and added a two point conversion to Coffin again in the air bringing the score to Windham 24, Scarborough 0.

Logan Emerson and Anthony Kilgallon forced a quick fumble at the Red Storms own 20-yard line. With this opening Bernier threw a 20-yard bomb in the air to Hunter Coffin who had to fight off two Red Storm defenders for a touchdown. Windham was unable to complete the two point conversion run. Nick Kilgallon then forced another fumble against the Red Storms at midfield that set up a 35-yard touchdown run from Nick Curtis to Nazari Henderson.

After kick off the Red Storm’s lost control of the ball and Hunter Coffin jumped on it to give Windham the ball on the Red Storms own 35-yard line, this ending the third quarter with the score of Windham 36 and the Red Storms 0.

The fourth quarter started with the Red Storms having the ball and a quarterback sack by Dylan Varney and Justin Labrecque. The Red Storms were able to push the ball forward and score a touchdown with 4:19 left in the game. Hunter Coffin received the kick off and returned it down field for 45 yards giving Windham good field position yet again. Windham ran the ball to control the clock to end the game. The final score was Windham 36, Scarborough 7. This weekend’s away game is hosted by Noble.

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