Monday, June 9, 2014

Rohan Strength& Fitness closes and Fitness Factory looks to lift the slack - By Michelle Libby

Last week, Rohan Strength & Fitness closed its doors on Saturday night and never returned. When clients showed up on Sunday, they were surprised to find the doors locked and no explanation as to why. The website and Facebook pages have been deleted. A note was allegedly left on the door, but had been removed by the time most clients arrived.

When news of the closing spread, Dave Higgins, owner of The Fitness Factory, opened his gym at 55 Warren Avenue to Rohan members for free until the end of May. For June, the gym is offering a $20 introductory month with no commitment which includes all classes (34 of them at last count) and child care. 

“We want to get them in the door to see if it’s a good fit,” said Higgins, who co-owns the gym with Becky Blanton and Mike White. 

All of the classes at The Fitness Factory are included in the membership price. There is no sign up or cancellation fees. 

The gym has 162 pieces of equipment in the 19,000 square foot space. They also have tanning and protein shakes made in house. Higgins said that The Fitness Factory is very similar to Rohan with what they offer, but better. 

They employ nine personal trainers and two massage therapists. “We’re very synergic around here,” he said. Higgins also runs a physical therapy clinic. 

They are part of the buy local movement and encourage people to see what a local gym can do for each person.  “We cater to everyone, not only certain groups,” Higgins said. Clients start at age 14 and go up to age 86. From 8 a.m. to 9 a.m., Monday through Friday, they run a Silver Sneakers type class for seniors. They also have tires and atlas stones for strong man competition trainings. 

For more information, visit or like them on Facebook.

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