Sunday, October 18, 2015

Athlete of the week - Lyndsey Arsenault

The athlete of the week is Lyndsey Arsenault, a 16-year-old junior from Windham High School, where she plays soccer, basketball and lacrosse. On the soccer field she plays left midfield. When not competing herself, she likes hanging out with her friends, playing and watching sports. 
Her sports hero is Abby Wambach. 

Deb LeBel nominated Lyndsey because of her consistent work ethic. “Lyndsey isn't one of our big goal scorers so she doesn't get a lot of press; but she has had to mark some extremely talented opponents and often stopped dangerous attacks from happening.  Lyndsey often helps set up our attack, but is never one to slack off on defense.  Lyndsey is a rare three sport athlete.  Lyndsey is a role model to younger players that you can play three sports and excel in all of them,” said LeBel.

Teamwork is important to Lyndsey. “When you play as a team you win as a team.  It's not always about who scored the goal, but who played good defense and the plays that led up to the goal.”

On the balance between sports and school, Lyndsey said, “It is sometimes difficult to balance academics and athletics.  In our family academics always comes first, so even if I have a late game I know I need to find time to study.  I have found that having good time management skills really helps.”

 Lyndsey’s family includes her mom Julie, dad Tony, step-mom Sue, brothers Brandon, Cameron and Matt. She would like to go to college to study marketing management.

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