Friday, September 23, 2016

Athlete of the week - Alden Salway

The Aroma Joe’s athlete of the week is Windham High School junior Alden Salway. Alden is on the golf team. His hobbies are golf and fishing. The 16-year-old believes that “sports instill leadership values and create a good atmosphere to grow up in.”

“Alden wen 3-0 last week in match and medal playing, helping the team go 3-0. He is a kid who has improved through his good attitude and work ethic,” said coach Brody Artes. 

Alden has leaned that “hard work will lead to success.” And, that “successful golfers like Tiger Woods have given me an example of what to strive for.” 

Alden is the son of Kristin and Paul Salway. 

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