Friday, January 5, 2018

Lady Eagles basketball took on Massabesic for their first home games of 2018 by Matt Pascarella

Windham came determined, immediately scoring in the first minute. 

#42 Hannah Downing, scored one point from a foul shot. #31 Hayleigh Moody, also scored one point via a foul shot.

#44 Chloe Allen, put two in the hoop; as did Hayleigh Moody. 

Windham was playing strong, and had a small lead over Massabesic, early in the first half.
#22 Erin Elder scored 2 points from foul shots.

Windham was working to stay ahead, but Massabesic wasn’t far behind. The Eagles stepped it up by #40 Jayden Edwards, scoring one point from a foul shot and #24 Lexi Hirning sunk a basket.

#12 Molly Hodgkins and  #22 Erin Elder
The Eagles had great teamwork with good offense and defense which kept them ahead most of the first half. #5 Maddie Rogers, scored a point from a foul shot. Other scorers in first half included: Lexi Hirning, #45 Meghan Harmon, #10 Lily Savard and Hayleigh Moody.

At the half, the scoreboard read: Windham 22, Massabesic 18.

Windham took to the court with the same, if not more, veracity in the second half. They wanted to win, and they were going to. The Eagles’ teamwork and communication helped them maintain their lead.

Lexi Hirning put the ball in the hoop for two. While #13, Anna Drummond, sunk a three pointer. And then two more in the fourth quarter. 

Despite all this, Massabesic was trailing Windham only slightly and although the Eagles had done well to block several scoring opportunities which could have given Massabesic the lead, by the end of the third quarter, the score was tied at 27.

In the final minutes of the second half, Massabesic really put the pressure on the Eagles, but it was too late. In the final three minutes, Windham was up by five; then, with less than a minute Windham lead by nine. Windham didn’t let up, even with 18 seconds left on the clock.

Scorers in the second half included: Lexi Hirning, Meghan Harmon, #0 Ashlee Bernier and Maddie Rogers. In the end, Windham held Massabesic off, 45-34.

“It was a good win,” said Coach EJ Regan. “My kids, coming off of vacation and battling [colds] and what not . . . did a really nice job. There were times when shots weren’t falling, but I keep telling them stick to defense and good things will happen. And that’s what we did. Towards the end, [Massabesic] was trying to ravel us, but we stayed composed and [took] care of the basketball.”

As soon as the clock started, #2 Meghan Hoffses, puts two in to show Massabesic they came to play. Tara Flanders #33, gets one point from a foul shot, and then drops two in the basket.

Windham had good communication and teamwork, putting the pressure on from the start.
The Eagles were on fire and towards the end of the first quarter they lead 13-0. The Eagles were taking advantage of any errors Massabesic made.

 #2 Meghan Hoffses and  #33 Tara Flanders
With exceptional defense in the first half, the Eagles remained ahead by over 10 points.
Scorers in the first half included: Meghan Hoffses, #11 Hannah Talon #12 Molly Hodgkins, #20 Taylor Files, #30 Emily Drummond, #32 Mikayla Baiguy and Tara Flanders.

At the half, Windham lead with a commanding 26-7. 

When the Eagles took to the court for the second half, they were ready to put this game in the books as a win. Windham scored in the first two minutes.

Windham was not letting up, defensively. If Massabesic was going to win, they would have to really step it up in the second half of gameplay. However, the Eagles continued to put points on the scoreboard.

Windham’s excellent teamwork continued with strong passing and ball control.
#13 Anna Drummond, sunk two three pointers.

With five minutes left, the Eagles were up by 20. Despite their lead Windham didn’t let up, not even a little, in order to clinch this win.

Scorers in the second half were: Hannah Talon (who also sunk a three pointer), #4 Alanna Joyce, Taylor Files, #22 Erin Elder, Emily Drummond and Tara Flanders.

Windham’s excellent offense and defense paid off as once the final buzzer sounded the scoreboard read: Windham 44, Massabesic 26.

“I thought we had a real good game tonight defensively,” observed Coach Brody Artes. “We did a good job in transition early on and played as a team and did very well overall.”


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