Friday, February 9, 2018

The Lady Eagles defeat Thornton Academy at Windham by Matt Pascarella

Windham High School girls’ basketball game against Thornton Academy on Friday, February 2 at Windham was a game not to be missed. Below is a play-by-play of both JV and Varsity games.

The Eagles start strong, gaining possession immediately. They had great teamwork and hustle, moving the ball up and down the court, giving 100 percent. Windham pressured Thornton by taking advantage of any and all rebound and turnover opportunities and their score reflected that. Excellent defense kept Thornton’s score low.
Anna Drummon

Half: 24-5 Windham.
The Eagles could not be stopped throughout second half. Despite their lead, Windham kept pressuring, continuing great offense and defense. When Thornton blocked a scoring opportunity, another Windham player quickly recovered to take a shot at the basket. Anna Drummond, #13, sunk a three pointer in the third quarter and was a top scorer of the game, so was #24, Lexi Hirning.
Lexi Hirnin

Final: 36-16, Windham
Coach EJ Regan on his team’s performance:
“Before we went out I really emphasized defense, in particular staying aggressive with the ball and having a hand up in the passing lane . . . they did that today and . . . they stepped up . . . and did well.”
Hannah Talon
Windham brought out the defense right away, blocking a potential scoring opportunity for Thornton. The Eagles were pressuring, going after the ball and putting points on the scoreboard. They were also capitalizing on any turnover opportunities.
Meghan Hoffse

Half: 12-10, Windham
The Eagles started with just as much energy in the second half. Hannah Talon, #11, put two three-pointers in. The Eagles capitalized on turnover opportunities, keeping Thornton’s score low. Top scorers included: #2 Meghan Hoffses and #33 Tara Flanders.
In the fourth quarter, Windham was up by 10 with four minutes left. Then, the Eagle’s edged them out even more. With 34 seconds left, Windham increased their lead.
Tara Flander

Final: 31-18, Windham
“They did a good job, controlling the tempo of the game,” observed Coach Brody Artes. “They did a good job of adjusting from when we played in the past, quick to making sure we have the time and possession on our hands; [and] getting the lead and keeping the lead overall. It was a good win for us.”

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