Sunday, July 22, 2018

Windham Youth Basketball’s Three-on-Three Tournament a community victory by Matt Pascarella

Andrew Tulman (R) guards Caleb Sayward (L)

The sixth annual Sonic Coed Three-on-Three Basketball Tournament was held Sunday, July 15 at the Manchester School basketball courts.

Organizer Pat Moody, along with the Windham Youth Basketball volunteers, created the Sonic Coed Three-on-Three Tournament in 2012 to honor Danny “Sonic” Giguere, who graduated from Windham High School in 1998 and was killed in a car accident in 2012. 

Giguere was nicknamed ‘Sonic’ because of his tenacity and how hard he played on the court (like Sonic the hedgehog).

Derek Lovely
In the past, the proceeds from this event have been given to Giguere’s family and the Windham Primary School playground fund. It’s also been used to purchase new basketball equipment and basketball infrastructure in the town and playgrounds at the Windham Primary School, the Manchester School and Windham High School.

This year the funds will be used to help renovate the town skate park, located near the police station in Windham.

Mason Rulman
Moody explains that over the last several years there have been 20-30 teams registered each year. Ages range from third and fourth graders to create a 40+ team. It’s not just Windham teams that come to play, the word has spread about the tournament and teams from outside communities are showing up as well. While the tournament does have a competitive aspect, it’s more about fun and community than winning.

“It’s not just about the teams that come, but about everyone who comes to support those teams,” noted Moody. “When you look around and see the place filled with people, it’s awesome.”

Moody also explained that Giguere’s motto was ‘make it happen’ and that’s exactly what Moody and his volunteers have done; it was a day of fun, community and great basketball.
It was a true community victory.

Windham softball All Star Team starts strong in championship game by Matt Pascarella

The nine and ten-year-old girls’ softball All Star Team hit the field on Saturday, July 14 against
Chloe Edwards
Kennebec Wells for the start of the 2018 State Softball Tournament in Glenburn, near Bangor.

After Kennebec Wells was able to score a single run in top of the first, Windham responded by Chloe Edwards, #26, getting a base hit and then Kennedy Kimball, #34, crushing an in-the-park home run to bring Windham to an early two-to-one lead.

These two teams were fairly evenly matched. Windham made several great defensive plays, getting runners out at first, preventing Kennebec Wells further scoring opportunities.

Kennedy Kimball
It all came down to the top of the sixth inning. The score was still two-to-one, so if Kennebec Wells did not score, Windham would take home the ‘W.’ What an intense inning to say the least.

A walk to a Kennebec Wells runner on base occurred almost immediately. Two outs later this same runner advanced to third and prepared to tie the score. Kimball threw one strike and the ball got by Edwards, the catcher; the runner on third bolts.

Edwards recovered the passed ball as the runner charged towards home. Edwards flicked the ball to Kimball who was ready to make the tag; she did, and everyone waits for the umps call.
The runner is OUT!

The Eagles have done it again and remain undefeated! Final score: two-to-one.
“Now we can breathe a little sigh of relief and work on some of things we need to get better at,” remarked Coach Jason McLeod. “At the end of the day, these girls want to do well.”

They played Thursday, July 19th in Glenburn. Stay tuned to our Facebook/Instagram and Twitter accounts for further updates.

Friday, July 13, 2018

Comradery among teammates makes a difference on the field by Matt Pascarella

McLeod, Edwards and Kimball posing with the game winning ball, after beating Westbrook in the 11th inning 1-0.
The nine and ten-year-old girls’ softball District Six Windham Allstars are on a roll. They are undefeated after beating Westbrook on July 5th in the 11th inning, one to zero. They became District Six Champions on Saturday, July 7with a score of two to one against Cumberland-North Yarmouth to advance to the State Championship in Glenburn, Maine on July 14th.

There are three members on this team who have been playing together and supporting each other since they met. They are: catcher, Chloe Edwards, age 10, the pitcher, Kennedy Kimball, age 11 and the second baseman, Oakley McLeod, age 10. They have known each other for roughly the last four years.
All three of them met on their minor softball team, the Shaw’s team, around 2014. They stuck together as teammates and taught each other to keep their heads up, which came in handy especially later in their softball careers, in situations that go into extra innings.

“It was fun to meet new people who we are friends with now and it brought us up to the level to be able to play here,”remarked Edwards.

They all agreed preparation for any game came through practices. Aside from practices with their teammates, McLeod, Edwards and Kimball would visit each other to work on their skills. “We’d have lessons every night to get good at catching and pitching,” explains Kimball. “I’d go over to [Kimball’s] house so she could pitch to me and we could see how we are doing,” clarifies Edwards.
Kimball has been on a roll herself. She threw three consecutive no-hitters and was named the tournament’s Most Valuable Player. “It was exciting; it was really nice to have one of my best friends behind the plate with me and it was nice knowing I had a really good team behind me.”

They’ve been and will continue to be a team that will stick together and are supportive of one another, no matter what team they’re each on.

Friday, July 6, 2018

Division six Girls’ softball team give their all by Matt Pascarella

The Division six girls’ softball team of eleven and twelve-year-old players took the field for the
Chloe Mannette holds onto the ball to get the out at second
championship game against Gorham on Saturday, June 30 at the South Portland Little League Pine Street field.

Windham had high energy right out of the gate. Gorham managed to score one run in the bottom of the first, but the Eagle’s strong defense kept them from getting more, ending the inning with Gorham’s bases loaded.

Windham responded to that one run, with Jaydn Kimball, #28 getting a base hit while Caitlyn Marsh, #42 brought in Kimball, tying the game at one in the top of the second.

Windham’s defense was powerful in the bottom of the third as they were holding runners on base. Although Windham played smart this inning, Gorham put four runs on the scoreboard, five to one.
In the fourth inning, Windham responded yet again. After Kimball walked, Hannah Heanssler, #15 got a base hit and Chloe Mannette, #12 got a bunt, loading the bases. A base hit by Alyssa Connelly #26 brought in Kimball making the score five to two, Gorham.

An overthrow brought in Heanssler. Gianna West, #2 got a hit and brought in Mannette, increasing the score, five to four, Gorham.

The Eagles kept up the defense in the bottom of the fourth bringing up three batters and sending three batters away.

Stella Jarvais gets ready to crush the ball into the outfield photo
Kimball ripped a triple in the top of the fifth. Heanssler smashed a double into the outfield and brought in Kimball, tying the game at five.

Headed into the bottom of the sixth and final inning, the score remained tied at five. Windham moved two Gorham players out almost immediately. After a tough play to first and home base, Gorham was able to get the last run they needed.

Six to five was the final score.

“These girls continually surprise me as a coach - the effort, the heart, the soul. Being able to coach them was an honor. The girls learned a lot and I want to thank our coaches and parents. I think these girls represented Windham really well,” remarked head coach Kregg Jarvais.
Congratulations to the Division six runners up; you all did a great job!