Friday, October 19, 2018

Windham U12 boys’ soccer skyrocket to victory

By Matt Pascarella

The Windham U12 boys’ soccer team won the 24th Annual Falmouth Fall Classic soccer tournament at Falmouth High School on Monday, October 8.

The tournament consisted of 19 teams and Windham defeated two of the top six ranked teams in the state. To get to this championship game, Windham beat four youth soccer teams: Portland, Scarborough, Cumberland and Kennebunk blue team (ranked top six in the state). They then played the Kennebunk white team for the championship (also ranked top six in the state).

Luke Cuniffee 
Teamwork was what this victory was all about as the championship game was tight, with both sides playing well.

Creighty Dickson #15 and Luke Cunniffe #12 controlled the game through the midfield making it harder for Kennebunk to get ahead of Windham.

Defensively, Windham was strong with Zach Trafford #16, Rory Good #5, Griffin Richmond #10 and goalie Lukas Hammond #8, who only allowed 2 goals during league play this season.

Offensively, Garrett Crossman #20, Conner Gallant #50, Gabe Glass #17, Nolan Scanlon #21 and Ben Lydon #18, kept pressuring Kennebunk, not letting up for a minute.

Half: 0-0

Nine minutes into the second half, Glass broke free making it to the far left corner of the field. He passed to Crossman who fired it into the net.

With the clock winding down, Kennebunk would have to step up their intensity if they wanted to win, but Windham was ready to counter any attack Kennebunk might make.

With time running out, Kennebunk makes a last-ditch effort blasting a shot at goal. Thankfully, Lukas Hammond made an incredible save.

Final 1-0, Windham

“I am very proud of the team and all that they have accomplished together. They are truly a great group of boys,” said Coach Michael Cunniffe.

The boys will compete in the state playoffs Sunday, October 21 against Yarmouth at Gambo Field in Windham. Game time is 9 a.m.

U14 girls’ soccer keeps the momentum up winning third tournament in a row

By Matt Pascarella

The Windham girls’ U14 soccer team won the Falmouth Fall Classic Tournament for the third year in a row. They played Coldbrook (ranked number 2 in the state) at Falmouth High School on Monday, October 8. Each year Windham has gone into this tournament, they have been ranked number 1 in the state and this year was no exception. To get into this championship game, Windham beat Kennebunk, Falmouth and Cumberland.

Lauren Broadbent feeding a pass forward to Elizabeth Talbot
For the entire tournament the girl’s offense was more than powerful getting 22 goals in four games.
The girls dominated in typical fashion against Colbrook. They had control early on. Windham’s defense was so strong they only allowed two shots near their net the entire game and Windham controlled offensively, most of the game.

In addition to winning the Falmouth Fall Classic three years in a row, this U14 team is back to back state and New England Invitational champions. Coach Matt Bell says this may be one of the most dominant travel teams this state has ever had.

The girls will play at Willow Drive in Berwick for the next two games, against Scarborough and Marshwood, on Saturday, October 20 at noon and 4 p.m.

“This team has been dominant for the last three years,” says Coach Matt Bell.  “It’s their work ethic that sets them apart.  But it’s not just one girl.  They all push themselves to be the best every day.  During practice they are supportive of each other and try and grow as a team.  They continue to win because they play as a team and rely on each other. Coach Jason Dakin and I cannot believe how hard these girls work every day.”  

Excellent season for varsity boys' soccer team

The seniors for the varsity boys soccer team have played excellent this season. The team has six wins, six losses with one tie game. Seniors Tyler Woolson #2, Anthony Sawyer #3, Chandler Chenard #4, Colby Dionne #6, Mason Rosborough #7, Liam McCusker #16, Andrew Wing #20 and Tyler Thornton #22 started preparing for this season as soon as school let out last year. While the regular season ended Tuesday, October 16, Windham advances to the playoffs.

Congratulations guys on a season well played and we look forward to watching you in the postseason!
From left to right: Anthony Sawyer (forward) Tyler Thorton (center back), Colby Dionne (wing back), Andrew Wing (defensive mid), Liam McCusker (center back), Tyler Woolston (forward),Mason Rosborough (wing back), and Chandler Chenard (forward).   

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Seventh grade youth football outplays Scarborough

By Matt Pascarella

The Windham youth seventh grade football team played Scarborough, at Windham on Saturday, October 6th.

Daniel Mitchell
Windham took to the field, with high intensity, ready to show Scarborough they came to win. Although Scarborough gained possession early on in the game, Windham’s defense was ready to rumble. Windham’s strong defense prevented excess yardage and scoring opportunities for Scarborough.

Once Windham regained possession it was showtime. Quinton Lindsay #13 ran the ball into Scarborough’s end zone for Windham’s first touchdown. They attempted the two-point conversion, but didn’t make it, 6-0.

Windham’s defense prevented Scarborough from gaining any serious yardage. Lindsay scores again a short time later. This time, Windham did get the two-point conversion, making the score 14-0.
Lindsay did not let up and scores his third touchdown, 20-0, Windham. Windham’s defense kept the ball closer to Scarborough’s end zone than Windham’s for a majority of the second quarter.

Half: 20-0 Windham

Quinton Lindsay
Windham gained possession quickly at the start of the second half and ran the ball close to Scarborough’s end zone. Lindsay scores a touchdown once again. Briggs Valliere, #81, gets the two-point conversion. Daniel Mitchell #82 scores a touchdown. The Eagles do not let up, despite their considerable lead. Windham’s defense was not letting Scarborough get through to score. The Eagles were doing a great job of taking down their opponents right up until the end.

Final: 34-0, Windham. This was their third shutout in four games having only let one touchdown through in those four games.

“Team effort is what won this game, 100% team effort,” remarked Coach Rob Hanse. “We preach it every week, that it takes all 25 of these kids. They pat each other on the back and that’s how they play football,”

Senior Night for Field Hockey teams result in wins

By Matt Pascarella

The JV and varsity field hockey teams took on Noble High School at Windham on Friday, October 5th. These games were part of Senior Night celebrations in which senior athletes were honored for their contribution to Windham High School.

Chloe McVetty
Windham began pressuring early, working to get the ball near Noble’s goal. The Lady Eagles had strong defense and offense, blocking Noble from scoring and taking shots on Noble’s goal. Windham was getting ahead of their opponent, beating them to the ball which gave Windham control for large portions of the first half. Chloe McVetty #15 scored.

Half: 1-0, Windham

Windham did not let up their intensity in the second half of play. They were stealing possession from Noble and were passing nicely. The Lady Eagles continued strong defense by keeping the ball away from their goal for most of the second half. Windham did not let up; preventing Noble from scoring.

Final: 1-0, Windham

“They played together as a team today...and continued to communicate...they continued to fight offensively the whole game which helped keep them in it to get the win,” commented Coach Cory DiDonato.

Ellie Wilson
There was no slowing down when the JV team hit the field. They also had high energy and defense, stealing balls from Noble and keeping players away from the Windham goal. The Lady Eagles were blocking Noble’s scoring attempts and taking shots on goal. Ellie Wilson #7 scored.

Half: 1-0 Windham

Windham kicked it into high gear for the second half in which they pressured Noble even harder, taking multiple shots on their goal resulting in Wilson and Chloe Desmond #10 scoring. Windham was blocking shots from Noble and getting turnovers to gain possession. The Lady Eagles stayed aggressive all through the half and were able to clinch the win.

Final: 3-0, Windham

“They had a positive attitude...there was better communication and as a team, they worked really well together and had fun,” observed Coach Tiffany Theriault.


Saturday, October 6, 2018

Girls' soccer shut out Sanford in homecoming games

By Matt Pascarella

The girls’ JV and Varsity soccer teams played their homecoming games against Sanford on Saturday, September 29th.

Sarah Talon
Windham was aggressive with great teamwork, going after the ball and owning the field in the first half of play. They had several shots on goal which resulted in many of the Windham players scoring: Sarah Talon and Hannah Cornish each scored three times. Emma Millet and Hannah Maurais scored. Windham had excellent communication. The Lady Eagles were controlling the field, keeping Sanford at bay.

Half: 8-0, Windham

Julia McKenna
Windham didn’t slow down even a little in the second half. They were beating Sanford to the ball, had strong offense and defense and were playing hard, giving it all they had. Julia Kaplan scored twice.

The final score was 10-0, Windham.

“They passed well, they trust their teammates...we’re very aggressive, the girls are playing very, very well,” said Coach Jeff Fish.

Varsity Lady Eagles continued Windham’s command on the field as they showed Sanford they were not a team that was easy to beat. Windham began pressuring immediately, working well as a team with strong offense and defense. The Lady Eagles were taking shots on goal the entire game. In the first half, Meghan Hoffses and Julia McKenna scored. Sanford was pressuring. Windham was in control as they did not let up the entire half.

Half: 2-0 Windham

This was Windham’s game and they showed that by turning up the intensity in the second half. The Lady Eagles were getting to the ball first and fast. Windham took many shots on goal, two shots hit the goal posts – Windham wasn’t slowing down. Hoffses and McKenna both scored again. Windham played their hearts out, right until the final buzzer.

Final:  4-0 Windham  

“Kids stayed disciplined today and they worked really well together,” said Coach Deb Lebel.  “[This was] probably some of the best communication we’ve seen all season. This is a nice win and it was nice to score some points against a better team.”

Homecoming football game a loss against Thornton Academy

Stuart Salom
By Matt Pascarella

As coach Matt Perkins stated about Friday’s September 28th varsity football homecoming game against Thornton Academy, “It’s all about building little parts and getting better at little parts.”
It was a tough one on Friday, but Windham took to the field with intensity. The Eagles kept their heads up and did not get discouraged despite an early 9-0 lead by Thornton Academy. Early on in the first quarter, Thornton managed to make it into Windham’s end zone, scoring several more touchdowns. Windham was working hard to get some points on the scoreboard.

After a tough first quarter, Windham was not down and out. They kept at it and played to show Thornton they weren’t going to give up. Stuart Salom #21 got some reasonable yardage running for more than 10 yards. Although the score was tipped in the opposite direction, enthusiasm from the crowd and the team hadn’t diminished.

Half: 52-0, Thornton Academy

In the second half Windham hit the field still hungry, eager to turn this game around. Windham was putting in a good effort and had stepped up their defense, taking down more Thornton Academy players than in the first half. The Eagles also prevented Thornton from scoring in the third quarter. Salom again ran for more than 10 yards in the second half. Windham did not stop their efforts until the final buzzer. Although, they were unable to score, the Eagles prevented Thornton from getting any touchdowns in the fourth quarter.

“When you play a team like Thornton, the question is, ‘did we do better in certain areas?’”, remarked Coach Perkins. “They [the players] are getting there. We are getting better and you just got to keep going with that. They are playing hard and eventually, it’s going to click.”

Windham boys’ soccer gets stronger every game

Ezra Smith
By Matt Pascarella

The JV and varsity boys’ soccer teams played their homecoming games against Scarborough on Thursday, September 27th.

Chandler Chenard
Windham started strong, going aggressively after the ball. They had great teamwork and communication, taking multiple shots on Scarborough’s goal. Both teams were pressuring. The Eagles had good offense and defense, keeping Scarborough from multiple goals in the first half. Windham was not slowed down by the slick field conditions.

Half 1-0, Scarborough

Windham kicked it into high gear in the second half; continuing to take shot after shot at Scarborough’s goal. Early on in the second half, Windham kept the ball away from their goal and were doing well at commanding the field. The Eagles had excellent teamwork with strong offense and defense, sometimes running circles around Scarborough’s players. They were really pressuring, working to turn this game around. Although they beat Scarborough to the ball several times, they weren’t able to score.

Final: 2-0, Scarborough

“Coming out of the second half, they had the intensity I was looking for, which put a lot more pressure on the opposing team’s defending players; we just couldn’t score,” observed Coach Mitch Hodge.

Windham took to the field with intensity, going hard after the ball with solid communication. They were pressuring and had quick feet on the slicker-than-usual field. The Eagles were taking shots on goal and had concrete defense, preventing Scarborough from getting more than one goal in the first half.
Half: 1-0, Scarborough

The Eagles came out in the second half to show they weren’t going down without a fight. They continued taking shots on Scarborough’s goal. As a team, they were working hard to score. Scarborough scored a couple goals early in the half. Windham was trying hard to get a few balls in the net, but it didn’t happen.

Final 4-0, Scarborough

“I think that we played well, and I think that we played with heart. We are a respectable team on the field, but we still have to put a full game together against [teams similar to] Scarborough. We’re not quite where I want us to be against [teams like] Scarborough,” commented Coach Wally LeBlanc.