Friday, March 8, 2019

Fifth grade boys’ basketball give 100% in the semifinals

By Matt Pascarella
The fifth-grade boys’ basketball team traveled to Cape Elizabeth Middle School on Sunday, March 3 to take on TGK Athletics, a Saco athletic club, in their semifinal game. Windham was coming off a close quarterfinal playoff game with Gray/New Gloucester where Windham held them off, winning 36-34.

Windham was aggressive right from the start. They were grabbing rebounds and for the first few minutes of the game, the teams were evenly matched. TGK did begin to pull away. The Eagles were moving the ball around nicely and had good offense. They were working hard and did their best to keep the points gap close.

Half: 35-21, TGK

At the start of the second half, Windham was ready to turn this game around. They were quick to grab rebounds, taking shots on TGK’s basket and adding to the scoreboard. The Eagles were moving the ball around well and giving a solid effort. Windham was showing they were not giving up. They had good defense keeping their hands up to block shots. They capitalized on any mistake TGK made in the form of a turnover or jumping up to gain possession of the ball.
After a strong effort by Windham, at the buzzer, TGK takes this game, 52-34.

“The boys played their hearts out and left everything on the court,” said coach Pat Moody. “They only lost to one team all season long and it was TGK. However, the season isn’t done. They have their most important game of the year on Monday, March 11 at the Windham Primary School at 6:30 p.m. when they take on their parents in the players vs parents’ game.”

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