Friday, September 27, 2019

Lady Eagles soccer get back-to-back wins against Kennebunk

Ashly Clark
By Matt Pascarella

The JV and varsity girls’ soccer teams played Kennebunk, at Windham, on Tuesday, September 24th.

Windham hit the field aggressive and stayed aggressive for two halves. They moved the ball nicely and passed to each other, which created multiple shots on goal (and goals). They really gave the Kennebunk goalie a workout. The Lady Eagles pressured and communicated. Ashly Clark, #36, scored two consecutive goals. Riley Shaw, #30, got one between the posts before the end of the half.

Half: 3-0, Windham Lady Eagles pressured in the second half, with no sign of stopping. Early on in the half, Gracie Hodgkins, #31, scored on a penalty kick. Windham’s intensity never wavered. Nat Lynch, #38, fired the ball over the keeper’s head and then a short time later scored again. Clark scored a third time before the Lady Eagles continued their undefeated steak, defeating the Rams, 7-1.

“The kids are really playing as a team,” stated Coach Jeff Fish. “Everyone is very unselfish, and the kids are having a great time. Our passing, I thought, was phenomenal and we’re getting better and better at the passing game.”

Windham pressured right away, took shots on goal and was first to the ball. The Lady Eagles had great offense. Julia McKenna, #13, scored back-to-back in the first half. Windham’s defense gave Kennebunk few opportunities for shots on goal and kept them scoreless in the first half. Sarah Talon, #12, sent one in the net before McKenna scored again to close out the half.

Half: 4-0, Windham

Intensity remained high in the second half as Windham continued taking shot after shot on Kennebunk’s goal. Riley Beem, #1, sailed into the air and knocked the ball past the goalie. The Lady Eagles pressured, and Emma Millett, #4, scored Windham’s final goal of the game.

Final: 6-0, Windham

Julia McKenna
“Our loss [against Noble] on Saturday [the 21st] sparked some fire in a lot of them; and they figured out if we don’t give it 100%, we are going to lose some games,” explained coach Deb Lebel.

Goalie Riley Silvia stated in the post-game huddle that Kennebunk and Noble were similar teams and if Windham plays against other teams the way they played against Kennebunk, there’s no reason they won’t go to the state tournament.

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