Friday, March 16, 2018

Triad raises funds for the Yellow Dot Program by Matt Pascarella

It was a night for fun and basketball on Friday, March 3 when student athletes from Windham, Westbrook and Gorham played against former Patriots players at Gorham High School to benefit the Windham/Westbrook/Gorham Triad. 
Re-established in 2005, the Triad is a cooperative partnership between businesses, law enforcement
and senior citizens. Their mission is to protect and enhance the lives of senior citizens through various programs, like the Yellow Dot Program which is a program that helps save lives of senior drivers during a car accident. The Triad also provides events for senior citizens like pancake breakfasts and field trips.

This was a game less about competition and more about fun. At the half, the score was 43-35, Patriots. During half-time the All-Stars and Patriots signed autographs. The All-Stars were keeping in good pace with the Patriots when at the buzzer Windham senior, Nate Watson, sank a three pointer to make the final score 74-85, Patriots. senior, Narazi Henderson enjoyed playing in the game. “It was just a really fun experience,” Henderson stated. “It was fun to get to play with other kids you always played against. It was cool to play against Patriots players; it was a cool charity event.”

Windham juniors Tara Flanders and Meghan Hoffses had fun, too. “It was exciting to get to do something different with the boys’ team and to be able to play with people from different towns -we normally play in regular season games. It was fun.”

“It was amazing to get to play with these kids . . . an awesome thing,” said Vernon Crawford, who played with the Patriots from 1997-1999. “We like to play with them as much as they like to play with us. Just happy and grateful to be part of their day. I had a great time.” 

"The fundraising goal of the Gorham/Windham/Westbrook Triad was $10,000 and as of Friday, March 16th," stated Sargent Ted Hatch of the Gorham Police Department. That goal has been met. 

All the money raised goes to five community organizations serving, but not exclusive to Gorham, Windham and Westbrook.
  • Volunteers in Police Service Program - based in, but not exclusive to Gorham, this program provides support for agencies interested in developing/enhancing a volunteer program and for citizens who wish to volunteer their time with a law enforcement agency.
  • Kid’s Backpack Program - Based in Gorham and gives kids access to nutritious snacks and food during and after school.
  • Kids Cop Program - Run in, but not exclusive to Gorham, this program provides children with a week of summer camp for families who may not be able to afford it otherwise.
  • Triad Program - A program consisting of law enforcement, senior citizens and elder service providers working to reduce victimization of senior citizens and improve their quality of life.
  • Wreaths Across America - Delivers wreaths to Arlington National Cemetery, and supports the Gold Star families. Each wreath is made in Maine and no grave goes without a wreath.
While many of these programs may be based in Gorham, there are no limits to any community in Cumberland County who may require one of these services.
If you would like to donate to the Triad, please contact Buffy Houp at

Friday, March 9, 2018

Coach Spotlight on Peter Brown by Matt Pascarella

Peter Brown has been an assistant varsity boys’ basketball coach for the Windham High School since 2007 but his coaching career began a total of 20 years ago.
He became a volunteer assistant coach for the eighth-grade boys team at Lincoln Middle School
while living in Portland from 1991 to 2002. When Brown moved to Windham in 2007 he continued to be a volunteer coach in Portland. He asked the Windham basketball coach at that time, if he needed help because he thought it was better to be involved in the community he lived in.

Brown started coaching youth sports because he enjoys working with kids and loves basketball. Brown says he’s been fortunate to meet some fantastic student athletes who have gone on to become successful young men.

Brown and the other coaches want their athletes to learn the value of being part of team. School work has its importance and comes first, but learning to have your teammates’ back and realizing that everyone on the team has a purpose is vital to the goals Brown and his coaches strive to achieve.

The lesson he’d like his athletes to learn is no matter what you do, in school, relationships, work, or whatever you do - you get what you put in.

Brown says a successful season comes down to players and coaches working together towards a common goal; this includes on and off the court. Obviously, everyone wants to win, but if they as coaches, can get their kids to work together and be the best student athletes they can be, as well as be a better team at the end of the season than at the beginning; they will have succeeded as a team. is a graduate of Bangor High and received his bachelor's degree from Husson College in Personnel Management. He has been a business manager for a food broker, AJ Letizio Sales & Marketing, for over 30 years. Brown is married with two sons, Chris who played for the varsity Eagles basketball when he was in high school and Cameron, who played for the varsity Eagles basketball this past season. 

Brown enjoys spending time with his family and playing golf.

Windham Youth Basketball by Matt Pascarella

Kylie Hovey
Windham Youth Basketball Association’s March Madness games were held this past Saturday, March 2. The girls and boys 5th and 6th grade teams played.

Windham Millworks took on the Raymond Huskies in girls’ youth basketball for the semi-final round of tournament play at the Windham Middle School. The Raymond Huskies were off to a good start jumping ahead early on. Windham Millworks was doing a great job and got some points on the scoreboard by the end of the first quarter.

Tasha Pongratz, #2, sinks a basket in the second as the Raymond Huskies keep their lead.
Olivia Saucier, #1, puts some points on the scoreboard for Windham Millworks.
Both teams had great teamwork and communication.

Huskies player #32 Kylie Hovey sinks a three at the buzzer at the end of the third quarter.
Olivia Saucier
Windham Millworks fought hard and gave it their best, but at the end of four quarters the final score was 37-9, Raymond Huskies. 

“All season they’ve been playing hard, working really good as a team. They have a true team attitude and effort. It’s not about the score it’s about the team playing hard,” said Huskies Coach Brad Hamilton.

The Huskies play for the championship Friday, 3/9, at the High School at 6 p.m. against Gray New Gloucester.

Byron Rubito
The boys youth basketball teams, Maine Optometry and Fieldings Oil, hit the court at Windham High School for the quarterfinal round of tournament play.

Maine Optometry jumps out with a small lead in the first quarter.

Both teams had great offense and defense with excellent communication and teamwork. Each team was working hard, passing to their teammates to get shots on basket.
Isaac Pomerleau

At the half it was 13-9, Maine Optometry.

Fieldings Oil was tenacious with turnovers capitalizing on any and all rebound opportunities to put the ball in the net.

Byron Rubito, #7 and #8 Issac Pomerleau from Maine Optometry both put points on the scoreboard.
The final score: 24-15, Maine Optometry.

Coach Pat Moody commented on the game. 

“Guys played . . . strong, they’re getting better every single game.”

Unfortunately, Maine Optometry lost by 1 in overtime in the semifinals, but had a great season. Well done guys! 

Congrats to all the teams that played!

Alex Wilkins: Local track star by Matt Pascarella

Senior Alex Wilkins has had an incredible indoor track season. Throughout the regular season, Wilkins was undefeated in long and triple jumps. When he qualified for the State Championship, Wilkins was ranked first in the Long Jump as well as the Triple Jump and placed third in the 200-Meter Sprint
When he competed at the state meet at the University of Southern Maine in Gorham on February 19,
he came in first in the Triple Jump, second in the Long Jump and third in the 200-Meter Sprint. He also received Southern Maine Activities Association Field Events Performer of the Season Award.

This award goes to the person who is outstanding in field events throughout the season. Wilkins said it was cool to receive this award after putting years into the sport.

When Wilkins began running track in his sophomore year, it was a challenge to train himself to be better. He liked the individuality of track, yet there is still a team aspect. He wanted to understand the events and fell in love with the sport right away. 

This season began where last year’s left off. Wilkin’s had begun to get a better understanding of the Long Jump, Triple Jump, and the 200-Meter Sprint. He kept training and put more effort into reaching the point he knew he could reach. He had determination coming into this season. He took practices seriously and worked very hard. According to Wilkins, it’s not just the training, it comes down to how you feel the moment you have to perform. He felt very prepared coming into the state meet.
Although he was prepared, there was pressure; but it was fun pressure explains Wilkins. He had a lot of determination and focus. When he got first in the Triple Jump, he described it as “the reward he wanted” and it felt great to accomplish that goal.

For Wilkins, when it comes to track, he is always looking to accomplish personal goals.

Next year, Wilkins is going to the University of Maine at Orono for Chemical Engineering.

Varsity Alpine Ski team competes in State Championship by Matt Pascarella

Cordelia Inman 
The varsity alpine ski team competed in the State Championship the last weekend of February. However, on Friday, February 23, they competed in the Giant Slalom at Mount Abram in Greenwood and Saturday, February 24, they competed in the Slalom at Black Mountain in Rumford. 
Although they did not place as a team, many of the student athletes had good individual results.

Women - Giant Slalom
Burke Cornish
Cordelia Inman placed in the top 46 of student athletes with a time of 2:14.64

Men - Giant Slalom
Senior Burke Cornish place just outside the top 50 with a time of 2:03.96

Women - Slalom
Cordelia Inman placed in the top 35 with a time of 1:57.00

Men - Slalom
Senior Burke Cornish placed in the top 45 with a time of 1:48.29

“They all improved tremendously – not only in results but in their confidence on the slopes,” said Coach Casey Dubay.

Congrats to the team for a great season!