Friday, September 13, 2019

American Legion Baseball: A great summer activity

By Matt Pascarella

It is well-known that Windham has baseball teams during the spring season, but Windham recently finished its American Legion team summer season. Service to the community has always been a core value of the American Legion. From its beginnings in 1925-1926, Legion baseball aims to teach sportsmanship, good health and active citizenship. On Wednesday, August 4, the American Legion Field-Allen Post 148 in Windham presented Legion coach Cody Dube with a check for $500 to help cover expenses for his team. It takes $3600 to cover all expenses for the Field-Allen Post 148 Legion team.

Coach Cody Dube (right) accepts a check for $500
from 1st Vice-Commander, Eric Bickford,
to help with Legion baseball expenses Matt
“It’s a great program,” stated Mel Greenier, Commander of Maine American Legion, Field-Allen Post 148.when you look back through the ages - the kids that have played Legion baseball include Johnny Bench, Cal Ripken Jr., Carlton Fisk, - they all attributed their experience with Legion baseball to help them progress with not only their talent, but to help them become better men,”

Dube explained that pretty much the same team that played high school baseball came back for Legion. They were still hungry and wanted to play more. Dube went on to say, “they had a solid regular season for Legion. Finished two or three seed in their division.” This put them into the state tournament, as the top eight teams in their division go to state. During the tournament, they lost their first game, won their second, and were, unfortunately, eliminated in the third game by Oxford Hills.

“It was a cool experience,” said Dube. “American Legion does an extremely good job at structing the league for one, but their state tournament for two. They really put the kids on’s a cool thing for the players to go out on the baselines and get recognized for their season. It was everything we were expecting. The parents are thankful and I’m very excited.”

Legion baseball matters to Dube because he played it growing up. As he describes, “Legion was a second chance at your high school season. The other benefit is we played together since we were eight, all the way up through.”

In 2013, Dube’s last year of Legion, his team won the state championship. Student athletes from both the JV and varsity teams get to play together during Legion baseball and that comradery is important.
“Legion is another opportunity for people to come together, show pride in Windham, which is ultimately how a community becomes close,” Dube states.

Although the season recently ended, the team is looking for sponsors for the 2020 team. If you are interested in sponsoring the team, please contact Cody at or Mel Greenier at

Soccer: Good effort by girls First Team against Gorham

By Matt Pascarella

The girls First Team played Gorham on Monday, September 9th at Gorham High School.
Windham was aggressive right from the start. Their defense was solid; the Lady Eagles moved the ball nicely with strong communication. Windham worked hard to be first to the ball and did well. Goalie Riley Russell had several great saves in the first half.

Amelia Poulin
Half: 1-0, Gorham

Windham started the second half with nice passing and intense defense. The Lady Eagles continued to talk it up which helped them get and keep the ball on the Gorham side of the field. Partway through the half, Amelia Poulin, #21, scored after an assist from Kylie Garrison, #2. Now the game is tied at one. Although, a short time later Gorham scored and are now up 2 to 1. The Lady Eagles were really pressuring and worked to be first to the ball and stay with the ball. Windham gave it their all and left it all on the field, but at the buzzer Gorham took this one 3-1.

“They were trying to find people on the field to pass to; I thought they were playing with their heads up in order to make the right passes,” stated coach Lisa Hodge. “There was a lot of communication in the back field with defense. My sweeper, Caroline [Bolk] did a really nice job directing traffic back there. Morgan Hammond played stopper and she really had to help pass people off and make sure people had somebody to mark. Communication was key today.”  

Varsity golf gets second consecutive win

By Matt Pascarella

After starting their season with wins against Thornton Academy and Bonny Eagle and a loss against Gorham, the varsity golf team traveled to Sunset Ridge in Westbrook (a par 35 course) on Tuesday, September 10th to take on Westbrook.

As I watched the players tee off, there was focus and concentration in their eyes. They took the time
Drew Mathieu
to get their swings just right. Multiple players hit long drives and got close or on to the green. More than once, I saw players who got putts close to the hole. The Eagles worked hard and during this match it paid off. Each player had strong focus on their game.

Specific to Tuesday’s match, high scorers were: Drew Mathieu who shot a 47, Zach Loftis who shot a 48, Ryan Silva who shot a 49 and Brady Bowen who shot a 50. Windham beat Westbrook in strokes 250-274. At the end of the match, Windham came out ahead with a score of 9-4.

To be very honest, we didn’t play well at all today,” remarked coach Adam Manzo. “Which is unfortunate because we are coming off a match against Bonny Eagle where we had our best team totals (198) in years. We have to play better if we want to compete for a team state championship.” 

Friday, September 6, 2019

Varsity volleyball shows promising start

Maya Gaudet
By Matt Pascarella

The varsity volleyball team traveled to Falmouth to participate in Falmouth Play Day on Saturday, August 31st. Falmouth Play Day featured volleyball teams from around the state that played in scrimmages followed by tournament play. The teams played in matches for 25 minutes or to 25 points, whichever happened first.

In a day filled with spikes and cheers from the volleyball courts, Windham played very well. A tough competitor, the Lady Eagles were aggressive in every game. They scrimmaged Falmouth, South Portland and York in the morning. Windham had high intensity in every match they played. They volleyed well as a team and individually. In two of the three games they were neck and neck with their opponents.

When it came time for the single elimination playoff rounds, Windham took on South Portland first. The Lady Eagle’s intensity never wavered, as there was high energy on and off the court. Windham took an early lead and shortly the two teams were neck and neck. The Lady Eagles blocked well during this match. It wasn’t long before Windham had a significant lead. Windham advanced to the second round after a score of 25-13.

York was the Lady Eagles’ next competitor. York took an early lead, but Windham was not far
behind. They caught up to York quickly and tied the game at 12. The Lady Eagles battled hard and didn’t let York get too far ahead, but in the end, couldn’t catch them. Final 25-17, York.

“It was a fun day,” stated Coach Christ Cloutier. “It got better as the day went on, I’m pretty happy about that. We have some good matches coming and we have the talent. Now we have to come together as a team.”

Varsity football begins with a win

By Matt Pascarella

The Windham High School varsity football team had their exhibition opener against Mount Blue on Friday, August 30th at Windham. Windham football recently moved from the Class A division to the Class B division in the Maine Principals’ Association.

The game began with a lot of energy in Windham’s stands, on their sideline and on the field. The Eagles showed strong defense from the start with several take downs against Mount Blue in the first quarter.

Mount Blue scored their one and only touchdown early in the game. A short time later, after a Mount Blue punt falls short, Windham gains possession. Windham completed several passes which resulted in yardage for the Eagles. Ben Elliot, #27, makes it to Mount Blue’s 23-yard line; Windham then gets the ball just inside the ten-yard line for first and goal. Matty Babb, #13, drives the ball in for Windham’s first touchdown.’s defense did not slow down in the second quarter. The Eagles recovered a fumble on first and ten from their 14-yard line. They then get to just inside their 40-yard line. A pass from Will Ledbetter, #2, to Nick Garrison, #16, and it’s six and goal. Ledbetter gets the ball in the endzone for another Windham touchdown. Windham intercepts a possible touchdown pass from Mount Blue before the end of the second quarter.

Half: 12-7, Windham

After a scoreless third quarter, Windham gains possession after a Mount Blue fumble on their 19-yard line. Harrison Boyle, #9, lands the ball in the endzone and Windham wins 18-7.

“They played awesome; I’m really impressed. When Mount Blue got inside our thirty, [Windham] buckled down and made plays; caused turnovers,” stated Coach Matt Perkins. “The first quarter [Mount Blue] just gouged us, we made quick adjustments...really pleased with the kids. It speaks volumes of them.”

Friday, August 30, 2019

Girls varsity soccer dominate against York

Riley Beem
By Matt Pascarella

The girls’ varsity soccer team played York in an extended preseason game on Saturday, August 24th at Windham.

Windham had a solid start and pressured their opponent right away. The Lady Eagles were aggressive, as they moved the ball around well and took multiple shots on York’s goal. Windham intercepted several passes from York players. The Lady Eagles had great communication and their intensity did not waiver even a little in the first half.

Half: 0-0

In the second half, Windham kicked it up a notched (or two) and really put the pressure on York. There were several shots on York’s goal in the first few minutes of the half. Windham capitalized on any misstep and continued to pressure. As the shots on York’s goal kept coming, Julia McKenna scored.

End of second half: 1-0, Windham extra half was played in this extended game. The Lady Eagles did not let up. They continued to command the game, as the Lady Eagles kept the ball flying at York’s goal. Abby Thornton scored on a corner kick and then Riley Beem gets one by the goalie. Windham’s strong defense prevented York from scoring and Windham takes this preseason game, 3-0.

 “I think they’re starting to come together really nicely,” said coach Deb Lebel. “They’ve been communicating really well, which I think is laying the foundation for a great season ahead.”

Field hockey off to a good start before regular season

Casey Downing
By Matt Pascarella

The Varsity and JV field hockey teams traveled to Thornton Academy to take on the Trojans in a preseason game Friday, August 23rd.

This game was played a little differently. Varsity and JV athletes alternated playing halves.
Game 1:

Windham varsity came out strong, communicating well, aggressive and ready to show Thornton who’s boss. Windham had solid offense and defense. They were working to be first to the ball and succeeded. Amanda Foss, #2, scored twice. The Lady Eagles moved the ball around nicely and had high intensity individually and as a team.

The JV Lady Eagles also came out strong. Windham had great offense and defense, intercepting several passes from Thornton players. Windham communicated well and had several shots on goal.
Final: 2-1, Windham

Game 2: player’s intensity did not lessen. Windham continued to move the ball around well and was first to the ball. They kept up their offense and defense. Windham took multiple shots on goal. Chloe Desmond, #7, scored.

The JV Lady Eagles didn’t let up. They primarily kept the ball toward Thornton’s side of the field for a large part of the half; Windham communicated well. Casey Downing, #29, scored.

Final: 2-1, Windham

“The athletes played great in their halves, because basically the whole team returned,” remarked varsity coach Cory DiDonato. “They’ve been working together for a few years...they know where each other’s going to be, they know how to back each other up, they are extremely good at communicating. Looking forward to this season, we’re going to win a lot more games, the kids are confident, they’re ready...they want people to realize Windham is a force to be reckoned with. I’m just really excited.”

I am really excited for this season, too” added Tiff Theriault, JV coach. “This is a great group of girls who work hard together and I believe their hard work will pay off for them.”