Friday, July 10, 2020

MPM Sealcoating snaps tie in fifth inning to down Windham Millwork

MPM Sealcoating's Troy Cunningham rockets the ball
for an inside-the-park home run during a Windham
Little League baseball game against Windham
Millwork at Manchester School on July 6.
By Matt Pascarella

Windham Little League AAA division teams MPM Sealcoating and Windham Millwork squared off at Manchester School on Monday, July 6 with MPM coming away with a 7-2 win.

After MPM’s Troy Cunningham smacked the ball for an inside-the-park homerun in the top of the third inning, Jack Casserly and Trenton Whittaker both picked up base hits and MPM tied the game at 2-2.

Windham Millwork put themselves on the scoreboard earlier in the bottom of the second inning when Dylan Lee was hit by a pitch. Steven ‘SJ’ Depallo III then crushed the ball and got on base, bringing in Lee in to score the game’s first run. Before the end of the inning Depallo III stole home and Windham Millwork led, 2-0.

In the top of the fifth inning and with the bases loaded and the game tied, Whittaker walked and MPM went ahead by a run. But MPM wasn’t done. AJ Sweet walked to add another run to the scoreboard. Tristan Hogan then drove in two more runs. After Cody Ruth walked and another base hit, MPM took a 7-2 lead.
Both teams had gotten on base early in the game, but it did not result in runs scored.

In the fifth and final inning, Windham Millwork tried to rally, but wasn’t able to pull ahead or tie with MPM racking up a 7-2 victory.

“Both teams played great defense,” said MPM coach Jeff Ruth. “Our game ball went to Troy Cunningham. He pitched two scoreless innings and had an inside the park home run. Windham Millwork had a strong performance behind the plate by Riley Gallagher.” <

Bill Diamond softball has strong game against House Team #1

Bill Diamond pitcher Willow Washburn fires the ball
down the pipe during a softball game played against the 12-Under
Maine Thunder Blue at Manchester School on July 7.
By Matt Pascarella

In the first game of the season against players from an outside town, Bill Diamond Softball played house team #1, 12-Under Maine Thunder Blue on July 7 at Manchester School.

Bill Diamond took a substantial 6-0 lead part way through the third inning. Cami Casserly walked and stole her way around the bases. Oakley McLeod walked, and Hannah Lee bunted. McLeod scored. Lee soon stole her way home. Willow Washburn walked and quickly made it home. At the end of the game everyone on the team had gotten on base. And their pitching and defense only let four runs in; outscoring 12-Under Maine Thunder Blue by 10 points.

Willow Washburn pitched four out of five innings and did a fantastic job. This was Washburn’s fourth game she’s pitched in this season and her first season pitching. She said she was pleased with how she did. If she could have changed one thing it would have been to slow down more, but overall, she thought she did a good job.“Willow is now in her fourth year of majors as she was drafted in her first year of eligibility at nine years of age. Not many players are drafted that early,” said coach Jason McLeod. “We all are really proud in how well she has performed this season. She’s doing many amazing things and it’s unfortunate this pandemic has taken away some All Stars.”

In the first inning, Fiona MacArthur got on base after a dropped third strike. She stole her way around the bases and put them on the board. Oakley McLeod smashed a triple and stole home.

The fourth inning brought a few more walks and a lot more bases stolen by Bill Diamond Softball; it’s now 10-0. The final score after five innings was 14-4, Bill Diamond.

“We all are playing well together and as a team,” said coach Jason McLeod. I truly feel this town has created an excellent program and a positive setting for the girls to thrive year in and out from kindergarten all the way up to high school. Participation numbers are steady and rising and they all are having fun.”<

Friday, July 3, 2020

MPM Sealcoating holds off State Farm for Little League victory

JJ Saunders bats during a Windham Little League game
on June 26 at Ciccarone Field.
By Matt Pascarella

Majors division teams MPM Sealcoating and State Farm went head-to-head during a Windham Little League game at Ciccarone Field on Friday, June 26.

In the top of the first inning, Jack Jordan of State Farm walked, Mason Rulman was hit by a pitch and after Daniel Clark walked, Jordan stole home and Rulman stole third base. Later in the inning, Rulman stole home. And Clark also stole home before the inning ended with a strikeout.

In the bottom of the first inning, JJ Saunders of MPM singled to right field, as did MPM’s Alex Pastore and Brayden Dunn. Following a walk, Pastore stole home and MPM trailed after one inning, 3-1.

In the top of the third inning, Jordan walked again, Rulman was again hit by a pitch and Jordan stole his way to third. While trying to steal home, Jordan was thrown out.

MPM struck for two runs to tie the game in the bottom of the third inning when Ellias Jauregui was hit by a pitch, Jordan legged out a ground ball to reach first base safely and Aidan Tweedie also reached base. With two strikes on the MLM batter, Jauregui stole home and Tweedie scored on a sacrifice fly.
In the top of the fourth inning, State Farm’s Wyatt Richards and Ronnie Anthony both reached base safely, but were unable to score.

MPM grabbed a 5-3 lead In the bottom of the fourth inning as Liam Kalakowsky and Ethan Clapp walked. Kalakowsky stole home when Nicholas Davenport walked, and Clapp scored on Noah Adams’ ground ball to the State Farm shortstop.

With two outs in the top of the sixth inning, State Farm's Rulman singled to left field and Clark reached base on a ground ball. With a runner in scoring position. State Farm appeared to be looking to score and draw the game closer, but MPM’s defense was able to hold them off and earn a 5-3 win.

“Our boys kept their head in the game by focusing on the next play and not worrying about the scoreboard,” said MPM Coach Caleb Davenport. “They played as a team, encouraging and helping each other to hold the lead through the sixth inning.” <

Friday, June 26, 2020

Windham softball squads face off in preparation for season

Hannah Lee of Bill Diamond slides into home plate during a
girls' softball game against Edge Academy.
By Matt Pascarella

Windham teams Bill Diamond and Edge Academy faced off at Arlington Field on Monday, June 22.

In the bottom of the first, the Edge Academy’s Belle Pinto #8 walked, Addison Caiazzo #15 got a base hit and then stole her way to third and Bri Duarte #7 crushed the ball and got a triple. After one inning Edge Academy led 1-0.

The top of the second inning brought Edge Academy with a walk and then Kaylee Napolitano #2 smashed a triple and scored; 3-0 Edge Academy headed into the third inning.

In the top of the third, Bill Diamond’s Nola Bryant #12 walked and scored on a passed ball. Fiona MacArthur #6 and Oakley McLeod #2 also scored on passed balls.  Hannah Lee #10 creamed the ball for a double and later made it home. Kennedy Kimball #34 walked and scored. Now it’s 5-3, Bill Diamond.
In the bottom of the third, Pinto got a base hit and stole her way home. Duarte walked and scored.

Now, we’re tied at 5-5.

The fourth and final inning had bats swinging and runners on base for both teams. In the top of the fourth, The Edge Academy’s Evelyn Anderson #3 doubled and stole her way to home. Yani Kostopoulos #5 got a base hit and stole home shortly after. Now Edge Academy leads 7-5.

Bottom of the fourth inning and Bill Diamond is up.  Evelyn Robinson #4 is hit by a pitch and steals second, then third. MacArthur got a base hit and made it home. Bryant also scored. McLeod walked, stole a few bases and scored. Lee walked and scored.

Bill Diamond took this game, 10-7.

“For being the only town in southern Maine playing Little League, and accounting for the late start to our season, all of the girls are doing fantastic,” commented Bill Diamond coach Jason McLeod. “The parents have been great as we work out some of the kinks but being able to be out on the playing field has proved already to be a fun experience. You see a lot of smiles from the players as well as seeing many doing things they aren’t accustomed to. Just witnessing the continued development, while having fun, is gratifying in itself.” <

For Athlete of the Week Estella Inman, teamwork is important

Windham High School Cross Country
runner Estella Inman is this week's
 'Athlete of the Week.'
By Matt Pascarella

Windham sophomore Estella Inman has played many sports, from soccer to baseball to basketball to tennis. She and her family would shoot hoops in the yard, play baseball or have road races and sShe decided to switch to cross country because her sister ran it and told her how much fun it was and how close the team is.

Inman said joining cross country was the best decision she ever made. Before she knew it, that team became like a second family.

Her favorite part about running cross country is crossing the finish line and cheering for her teammates as they finish.

I love the feeling of knowing that I gave it my all, leaving it all on the trail. Although my teammates and I feel like dying at the end of the race, we still go to talk to our other teammates who finished, knowing that each and every one of us pushed ourselves to the limit for each other.”

Aside from cross country, she’s also played basketball. She loved being on a team where everyone worked towards a common goal. This winter, Inman joined the Unified basketball team. It was a truly amazing experience for her because she got to see and help kids play basketball, but really just become friends.

“The athletes show the true meaning of sports when they hand the ball to the other team, allowing a kid on that team to score, even if it means that our team loses.” country has taught her to be herself because everyone on her team embraces each other and their weirdness, no matter what. It also taught her how much she is capable of if she puts her mind to it. She learned to love pushing herself to see what her capabilities are. She’s incredibly proud of herself and how far she’s come.

Inman is recovering from a stress injury and hasn’t been able to run for a while, but recently she’s started up again, and says it feels so good to be back at it.
She plans to meet with the team throughout the summer while being smart about social distancing.

During this time, Inman’s advice to other athletes is to refocus on why they love their sport. Sometimes, Inman asks herself, ‘why put all this work in? Is it worth it?’

“This is when I have to think of the feeling at the end of a race, to slow down, let go, and just run,” she said.

Over the seasons, Inman has become close with her team because they are all competing against themselves and each teammate goes through the pain together, but then, get to celebrate together. An important lesson Inman has learned is if you want to improve your team, you need to focus on yourself first.

She is very inspired by Coach Jeff Riddle; his dedication to the team is unbelievable. “I would not have had the same season that I did last fall if I hadn’t had Riddle on his bike cheering me on from the side of the trail.”

When Inman isn’t running, she’s walking her dogs and also enjoys painting, art and baking. She skis in the winter, but is looking forward to summer activities like swimming, gardening and anything outside. She is looking forward to the fall track season. <

Life of an Athlete During Covid-19

Cam Brown of Windham High School drives for a layup
during a prep basketball game this past season.
By Cam Brown
Special to The Windham Eagle

The coronavirus has rained on many parades this year. The graduating class of 2020, hundreds of thousands of travel plans, and all spring sports seasons. Many seniors not only couldn’t have a prom or graduation, but they couldn’t play the game they loved and trained all their lives to play in front of their family and friends.

As an athlete who is going on to play in college, I have been using this time to work on my game in solitude, ensuring this virus will not make me miss a step. Athletes with the passion and drive for the game they love will find a way to play during these hard times whether it’s lifting weights you've created at home, going for runs around your neighborhood or shooting hoops in your driveway. If it means enough to you and you truly want to be great, nothing will be able to stop you. quarantine it’s easy to want to take a day off, stay in bed, or feel like you want to stay inside all day. Athletes who are feeling doubt need to look at the bigger picture. We as a community will get through this, and when that day comes, when our old everyday lives resume you are going to be glad you did that extra rep, shot that extra shot, got out of bed that day, and made sure nothing could stop you.

Don’t let this virus extinguish your love for the game, allow it to strengthen your passion and drive to get better. Every night before you go to bed, ask yourself: “Did I work as hard as I could today?” If your answer is continuously yes, keep doing what you're doing and don't stop for anyone or anything. If sometimes you slack off and take a day to stay in bed, ask yourself how much it really means to you to be great. 
You always hear coaches say: “do things when no one is watching”. Well right now no one is watching because no one can. Use that to your advantage. What do you have to lose? <

MPM Sealcoating records huge Little League victory

Cody Devoid of MPM Sealcoating swings at a pitch during a
Windham Little League Minors Division Abaseball game at
Manchester School on Tuesday, June 23.
By Matt Pascarella 

Windham Little League Minors (AA) teams MPM Sealcoating and Beacon Environmental Consultants hit the field on Tuesday, June 23 at Manchester School.

MPM were up first.  Cody Devoid #2 and Troy Otterson #6 each got singles. Then Wyatt Smith #8 popped up the ball and Devoid scored. Jackson Zinchuk #4 singled and MPM lead 2-0. After Wyatt Miller #10 walked, the bases were loaded. Dominic Vacchian #1 and Kainen Pouliot #7 walked and the inning ended after five runs were scored.

Beacon Environmental had the bats swinging in the bottom of the first but did not make it on base.

In the second, MPM’s Devoid singled, Otterson walked and Joseph Small #9 singled, now it’s 6-0. A walk, a single by Pouliot and a double by Smith and the inning ends.

Beacon Environmental’s Wesley Morgan #5 was hit by the pitch and Jackson Doyle #10 was the pinch runner. Doyle quickly stole second base. Morgan returned ready to make his way to third, but the inning ended too quickly.
After two innings MPM was up 11-0.

After Devoid and Otterson got on base in the fourth, a couple players walked, and the bases were loaded. Pouliot singled before the inning ended.

Beacon Environmental’s Julian Nappi #12 walked, quickly stole second and then third base. June Richard #6 walked and was also quick to steal second.

In MPM’s fifth and final inning, Smith, Devoid, Otterson and Small all got on base. Beacon Environmental had a great play when they threw a runner out at third. Several more players got base hits, including one by Preston McLean #5 and the inning is over.

Bottom of the fifth; after Cameron Beckwith #9 and Morgan walked, David Flint #2 singled and Beacon Environmental is on the board. Ethan Foxe #11 singled.

Final score: 22-2, MPM Sealcoating.

"The players have done a great job learning the game and are having fun which is the best part to see," said Beacon Environmental coach Christopher Inzerillo.

“It was another night in which the pitchers were dominant on the mound for MPM Sealcoating,” said coach Brian Zinchuk. “The kids are having fun and really enjoying being able to play some baseball. Each kid on the team had a hit tonight and we are really proud of how well they have been playing. It’s shaping up to be a really great season.” <