Friday, May 18, 2018

Boys’ JV baseball team played smart by Matt Pascarella

Although one run was scored in the top of the first, by Massabesic against Windham’s JV baseball team on Wednesday, May 10; Windham quickly turned it around and stopped them from potentially scoring by leaving the bases loaded at the end of the inning.

Windham played smart in the top of the second, leaving Massabesic runners on base.

Windham players were on their game throughout the game as several got on base and effortlessly stole bases. 

And again, Windham got it done nicely in the top of the third, as they threw a player out at first, caught a fly ball, and Noel Redlon, #34, struck out batter number three.

In the bottom of the third, Nate Plummer, #6 ripped a long double to left field, shortly after he stole third base. Anthony West, #23 got a base hit, which brought in Plummer and tied the game.

Windham was after the ‘W’ at the start of the fifth inning. They did not let Massabesic scoring get them down. The Eagles ended that inning leaving runners on base. Score: 2-1, Massabesic. the bottom of the fifth, Windham really went for it. Harrison Boyle #6 ripped a triple to deep left field. Nolan Kent, #14 got a base hit that brought in Boyle. The game tied at 2. Jamie Louko #18 had a base hit that brought in Kent; 3-2, Windham.

Inning number six brought four batters to the plate, with Windham getting three of them out.
By the start of the seventh inning, Windham wasn’t letting their lead get away. After throwing two runners out at first, center fielder Ryan Silvia, #18 ended the game by catching a pop fly.
Final: 3-2, Windham.

“Noel Redlon, our pitcher, gave us a really good chance to win,” commented Coach Joe McLaughlin. “Even when we did get in a little bit of trouble, the whole team pulled through . . . we made some great defensive plays later in the game to hold our position. We handled the bat pretty well today.”

Friday, May 11, 2018

RSU#14 competed in the Special Olympics Maine Track and Field Events by Matt Pascarella

Parade of teams before the ceremony
The Windham and Raymond Special Olympic athletes look forward to the Cumberland County Track and Field Meet for weeks. The event was coordinated by Special Olympics Maine and held at the Bonny Eagle High School Campus on Friday, April 27.

RSU#14 had 30 athletes participating in a variety of running, jumping and throwing events. Athletes could participate in three individual events and could also choose to participate in one of three relay teams.

The event itself was open to all ages from kindergarten up to age 70. “This year over 600 Olympians registered for the event,” said Elizabeth Mackie, Special Olympics Maine Cumberland Area Manager.

https://www.egcu.orgCheering on these awesome athletes were their friends, family and supporters as the athletes received ribbons for first through eighth place.

All students in grades six through 12 who competed are eligible to compete in the State Summer th. They will be practicing two times a week with Coach Anne Blake until then. RSU #14 will have two relay teams for the State Summer Games.
Games taking place next month in Orono. There will be approximately nine athletes from Windham going to state on June 8

"The athletes’ practice really paid off today and their smiles at the end of their races were an inspiration to all. It is an honor to be part of this wonderful team,” commented Blake.
Congrats to all athletes that participated!

Autumn Hall returns a serve during a doubles match against Deering
The girls’ tennis team took on the Deering Rams at Deering High School on Monday, May 7, playing a great game and adding another victory to the books.  

Windham played smart in both doubles and singles matches. Players had great speed and agility, with Windham’s abilities parallel to Deering.

Gabby Smith focusing on the ball during a singles match against Deering
The match was broken into singles and doubles. Each individual match is the best of three games and the entire competition is the best of five of all the matches played.

Windham’s singles matches featured: Gabby Smith, Anna Cancelerich and Delia Inman. After giving it her all and playing very well, Smith lost her set with scores of 4-6, 6-3 and 2-6. Inman won her set with scores of 6-4 and 7-5 and Cancelerich won her set with scores of 6-1 and 6-1. 

Sydney Nangle focused for the win in a doubles match against Deering
Windham’s doubles matches featured: Rachel Frost and Megan Fleck, who won their set with scores of 6-2 and 6-1. Autumn Hall and Sydney Nangle made up the other doubles pair for Windham; they won their set with scores of 6-3 and 6-3.

The Eagles had great teamwork and communication; talking it up on the court in order to get the win. Windham players were aggressive in going after the ball, which I believe gave them more than a slight advantage over Deering. Windham did not let mistakes get them down; staying focused in each match. 

The Eagles were in it to win it and it showed in their attitude and tenacity on the court.
Windham continued their winning streak, beating Deering 4-1.

“Today was quite an even match, very competitive,” remarked Coach Katy Dresnok.  “I’m proud of their improvements and the fact that we’re on a good winning streak with a 4-1 record.”

Windham Middle School Track athletes give it their all By Matt Pascarella

Connor Langstaff begins his ascent over the high jump bar
Despite the unbearable heat, Windham Middle School student athletes gave 110 percent in what felt like 110-degree weather at the track and in field events, in a double meet against Lincoln and Scarborough held at the Windham track on Wednesday, May 2.

These athletes did not let the heat hold them back from performing at their very best.
Their determination really showed as they performed in the high jump, shot put and relay events (just to name a few).

Emma Thompson about to throw in the shot put
Due to the high heat, the concession stand staff was giving student athletes popsicles before the start of the meet to keep them cool. But if the weather did affect these athletes, it didn’t show.

Boys’ highlights:

Caleb Young won the intermediate mile and 800-meter race.

Mark Mills won the senior mile and Jack Lord won the junior hurdles and high jump.
Dante Felix won the senior 100-meter race.
Connor Langstaff won the boys’ intermediate high jump and long jump.
The sixth-grade relay team of Jack Earle, Nick Marion, RJ Biggs and Connor Leclerc came in first in the junior javelin.’ highlights:

Eliza Woodwards won the girls’ junior 100-meter race.
Sasha Funk won the junior javelin. Adryanna Edge won the intermediate shot put.
Ashlynn Moorehead won the high jump and long jump.
Abbey Thorton won the intermediate hurdles; Camille Culpovich won the senior 400-meter race.

"Students worked hard and we had many personal bests in events. I am very pleased with the
efforts that [the] athletes put forth," said Coach Phil Jackson.

Friday, May 4, 2018

Despite a loss, boys’ baseball first team shows talent by Matt Pascarella

Boys' baseball first team played its home opener last Saturday, April 28 at Windham against Edward Little. 
After a rough start to the game where the team gave up several runs, Windham quickly found their groove. stepped up in the second inning with excellent communication. Chandler Johnston, #4 made a great catch from left field. Robbie Soucy, #22 was throwing heat, striking out batters and ending the inning, leaving Edward Little runners on base.

In the top of the third, Johnston made an outstanding barrel-roll catch. Windham had found their rhythm in the top of the third inning, preventing Edward Little from scoring.

In top of the fourth, Jason Plummer, #14 makes a great catch off a hard-hit line drive, again ending the inning with Edward Little runners on base.

The bottom of the fourth featured great effort and teamwork by the Eagles. After a walk, Soucy hits a double, Caleb Crockett, #26 rips a base hit that brings in both runners; the score is 2-9, Edward Little. After a base hit by Nial Gushee, #28 and a player getting walked, the bases were loaded, Plummer gets walked and the score is 3-9, Edward Little. Jack Hermansen, #16 gets a base hit; score is 4-9. Ian Robert-Shaw, #12 steals home to make it 5-9 Edward Little.

The top of the fifth brought Cameron Joyce, #36 to the mound. There was excellent teamwork on the field, holding Edward Little where they were and preventing further runs. a couple hits in the bottom of the fifth, there was an amazing double play from Soucy, playing short-stop to Gushee who was at first base, to close the top of the sixth inning.

Windham kept up the teamwork getting on base a couple times in the bottom of the sixth.
The top of the seventh featured Windham continuing good defense and minimizing the number of at bats for Edward Little.

In the end, Windham was unable to close the gap, but played a fantastic game.
Final 5-9, Edward Little.

“The kids played hard; said Coach Connor McNeill. “After that first inning they really recovered nicely and played a good baseball game.”

Girls’ lacrosse played a great team defense by Matt Pascarella

Windham girls’ lacrosse took on the Cheverus Stags team, at Cheverus in Portland on Tuesday, May 1, for an intense game that started out a little rocky, but quickly recovered.
Cheverus scored early on at the top of the first half. Windham fought back by talking it up on the field and working together to increase defense against the Cheverus team.

Shortly after their first goal, Cheverus scored again; 2-0. Windham did not let this get them down and continued to work hard. 
#24 Emma Yale looks for a
scoring opportunity

Windham kept the pressure on Cheverus, taking shots on their goal. At this point the Eagles were down several goals.

Ashley Cummings, #18, scores for Windham. Kaitlyn Rogers, #8, also scored before the end of thefirst half to bring Windham closer to closing the point gap.

Half: 6-2, Cheverus.

In the second half, right from the start Windham really stepped it up. Alanna Joyce, #4 scored first, then Belle Skvorak, #10 attained a goal. Joyce scored again –  three goals in less than five minutes! The score was now 6-5, Cheverus. 
#10 Belle Skvorak looks to pass
to teammate #4 Alanna Joyce

The Eagles provided great offense and defense in the second, controlling Cheverus on the field and keeping their scoring to a minimum. The Eagles were proving this game was far from over.

Skvorak scores her second goal to tie the game at 6. Later in the half, Emma Yale, #24 scored to tie the game at 7. The Eagles were determined to get this win. Skvorak gets her third goal to bring the Eagles ahead, 8-7.
Alanna Joyce scored again, bringing Windham up by two.

With roughly 2:30 left on the clock, Cheverus scores their final goal. The Eagles were able to hold off the Stags until the final buzzer. 

Final: 9-8, Windham.

“The first half we were very unsettled,” remarked Coach Matt Perkins. “We made some adjustments; we started communicating better and picking up the team defense really helped. To come out in the second half and tighten up our defense and then offensively thin them out more, we were able to take  advantage and score on Cheverus.”