Friday, June 8, 2018

Alex Wilkins receives first place at the Maine State Track Meet

Congratulations to Alex Wilkins of Windham for taking first place in the triple jump and long jump at the Maine State Track Meet in Bath on Saturday, June 2nd.

Windham Middle School students make US National Football Team by Matt Pascarella

Tayshawn Lindsay
Windham Eighth graders Tayshawn Lindsay and Jason Scott are no strangers to the football field. Lindsay has been playing since sixth grade and Scott has been playing since second grade. Their passion and dedication has paid off as they both recently made the U.S. National Football Team. 

Lindsay will be competing in July as a member of the that team in the Middle School Bowl Game Series in Canton, Ohio and Scott will be competing in the same series in Arlington, Texas.

To try out for the U.S. National Team, Scott and Lindsay played in a two-day competition at Assumption College in Worcester, Massachusetts. The first day it was rainy, cold and wet, but these problematic conditions didn’t faze either athlete.   

Jason Scott
“I was determined to make it to the next level, and although it was cold and wet I was focused on the game,” commented Lindsay.

“I tried not to think about how cold it was and stay focused on the game,” remarked Scott.
Shortly after trying out in Massachusetts, Lindsay and Scott were both very excited when they found out they made the team.

They made a team that thousands from all over the country try out for but very few get asked to join. However, neither of them is nervous to play in this national tournament.

“It’ll be more fun than nerve wracking – I can’t wait to play,” replied Lindsay.

Scott was chosen for this tournament last year, and now that he knows what to expect, he’s not as nervous; though he does have some concern about playing in the heat. competition gives both of these student athletes a glimpse of what they’re capable of.
“After making a team made up of roughly 200 kids around the nation, I realized I am capable of furthering [my football career] if I keep working on my skills. It gives me more confidence,” said Scott.

“I need to work harder to beat this guy or that guy…you want to be the first, you want to be the best. I think if I keep working I can use my skills towards a college scholarship,” noted Lindsay.

Scott and Lindsay are fundraising for their trips to play in the national tournament games. If you would like to donate, you can do so at:

Friday, June 1, 2018

Lady Eagles softball goes head-to-head with the Trojans by Matt Pascarella

The JV varsity softball teams travelled to Thornton Academy on Friday, May 25 to compete with the Trojans.

Windham was off to a great start with Brooke Phillips, #10 and Makenna Colby, #24 getting base
Taylah Piazza gets a base hit
hits. Lily Beaton, #7, ripped an in-the-park home run, putting three runs on the scoreboard.
The bottom of the first brought Thornton Academy scoring two runs, but Windham ended the inning with Thornton runners on base.

Shyler Fielding, #20, hit a triple in the top of the third, and brought in two runs. She then steals home making it 6-2 Windham.

Windham scored two runs in the top of the fourth to make it 8-5, Windham; after Thornton scored in the previous inning.

Windham brought the score, in the top of the fifth, to 10-6. The bottom of the fifth brought Thornton scoring ten runs and turning the tables, 16-10 Thornton.

The Eagles fought back hard with Chloe Allen, #34. She delivered a double that scored a run for Windham, 16-11. Base hits by Colby, Beaton and Emilee Dehetre, #11, scored two more runs.
Beaton stole home and the final score at this point is 16-14, Thornton.

Shyler Fielding headed towards home base
"I have a great group of girls who have worked incredibly hard to improve this season," said coach Raquel Gerry. "We out hit Thornton and played great defense; we just came up a little short in the end."

This was one for the record books. After two innings Thornton was up 3-1.

Windham fought back ending the top of the third at 3-2. Windham’s defense was outstanding, bringing up four batters and sending three away in the bottom of the third.

The fourth inning brought Taylah Piazza, #9, Callie Fielding, #14 and Katelyn Troiano, #12, who all got base hits. Lauren Talbot, #4 got a hit that brought in Piazza and Fielding. The bases continued to be loaded after Erin Elder, #24 walked. Chloe Wilcox, #22, cranked a double into the outfield that brought in Talbot and Troiano. Elder then stole home to make it 7-3, Windham.

Thornton responded by scoring three runs in the fourth. the top of the sixth, Wilcox smashed a home run to center field. The score now was at 8-6 Windham and a bunt from Wilson in the seventh, scored Windham another run.
Thornton tied the game at 9 in the bottom of the seventh.

Talbot tagged up and scored in the eighth inning which brought Windham now to 10-9; but Thornton kept the game going by tying the game at 10-10.

The next several innings were evenly matched back and forth with both teams playing strong defense. After twelve innings, Thornton stole home, making it 11-10.

“The girls really battled…both pitchers threw over 200 pitches, which is unreal,” said Coach Travis Demmons. “They never quit, they were up and down, they just kept battling and I think that says a lot about their character.”

Friday, May 25, 2018

Middle School soccer player heads to Sweden by Matt Pascarella

Go Wyatt Flibbert!
Eighth grader Wyatt Flibbert of Windham Middle School has been playing soccer almost all his life. He started playing locally in Southern Maine in the Windham Youth Soccer Association when he was three years old. He joined the Global Premier Soccer (GPS) Maine team when he was eight and has played in tournaments all over the United States from California to Florida and Massachusetts as part of the GPS Regional Maine/New Hampshire team.

This July, he and other players his age will be taking their talents overseas to play in the Gothia Cupin Gothenburg, Sweden. Flibbert will be representing GPS Maine on the 2004 GPS National team and he will be traveling with over with 16 kids from the GPS league, spending eight days in Gothenburg. Flibbert is very excited to be a part of this international competition.

Flibbert was nominated to be on the GPS Regional Maine/New Hampshire team by his coach after he played in a tournament in Massachusetts over Thanksgiving. He was selected to attend a soccer identification camp for GPS players from around New England. From there, he was chosen to be on the GPS National 2004 soccer team and play in Sweden.

The team was composed of players that attended that soccer identification camp as well as others held around the country; as the GPS organization is in 26 states, Canada, and Puerto Rico. It is a process that starts locally and ends with players being selected at a national level. Gothia Cup is the world’s largest and most international youth soccer tournament. In 2017, there were over 1,700 teams from 80 nations with over 40,000 participants, averaging in age of around 15, who played over 4,300 games during the course of the tournament.

Flibbert’s advice for aspiring soccer players looking to accomplish what he has is, to work as hard as you can and keep working at it, perseverance is a key factor when you want to play in these tournaments.

Congratulations to Flibbert on his accomplishment! The Windham Eagle is rooting for you!

JV and varsity boys’ lacrosse teams battled Biddeford by Matt Pascarella

#23 Connor McInnis passes to a teammate
Both the JV and varsity boys’ lacrosse teams played against Biddeford on Wednesday, May 16 at a home game.

The JV team started aggressively and had excellent teamwork. Windham had strong defense against Biddeford early on, keeping Biddeford from getting too many advantages near the goal.

Windham was ready, moving quickly up and down the field, becoming more aggressive in the second quarter than in the first. They controlled the field well, taking advantage of Biddeford’s mistakes. Simon Gabaree, #18 and Jackson Boissonneault, #16 scored in the second quarter.

At the half: 2-1 Windham.

Windham came out in the second half ready to keep up the intensity, even after Biddeford took a small lead of 5-2.

Windham continued giving 110 percent in the fourth quarter. They worked together, capitalizing on any mistake Biddeford made and taking multiple shots on Biddeford’s goal.

Unfortunately, Windham was unable to turn it around and fell to Biddeford 6-2.

“It was a good game,” said assistant coach Seth Fournier, “We moved the ball pretty well; in the end we just didn’t execute how we really wanted to. My kids played really hard; I’m proud of them. We’ve got to continue to build and continue to work and we’ll go from there.”


Tommy Lekouski, #2 scored almost immediately. Shortly after, the score was 3-2 with Windham in the lead. Both teams were fairly evenly matched in the first half.

Windham kept the pressure on Biddeford. Seth Wall, #12, and Tyler Woolsten, #17 scored in the second quarter making the halftime score in Windham’s favor 9-6.

Biddeford was slowly gaining on Windham; only one point away from tying the game at 11 in the third quarter. Connor McInnis, #23 played excellent defense throughout the game. He helped to move the ball from the defensive side of the field to the offensive side - enabling Windham to score on goal.

Windham continued to score on Biddeford in a flawless manner. Woolsten, Wall and Lekouski all scored in the fourth quarter to shut down Biddeford 16-10. 

“One of the things I was really impressed with was the momentum as the game wore on. We got a groove going and once that happened, it clicked on both ends of the field, offense and defense,” remarked Coach Peter Cekutis.

Girls’ varsity lacrosse team took on Messalonskee by Matt Pascarella

Alanna Joyce moves the ball down the field
The girls were aggressive right out of the gate and had great communication as they played against Messalonskee on Saturday, May 19. In fact, within the first four minutes, Bell Skvorak, #10 scored.
Messalonskee jumped to a 3-1 lead early on however, but Windham did not get discouraged and they continued to give it their all, working to turn the score around.

Windham was really putting the pressure on their opponent. Skvorak scored again followed by a score from Alanna Joyce, #4. When Skvorak scored for the third time, the game then tied at 5-5. Windham was going strong, working together to get the win.

The Eagles stepped up their offense and defense throughout the game and the two teams were evenly matched when the score tied again at 6-6, with less than five minutes left in the first half.
Windham’s communication was a big reason they were slowly gaining (and then passing) Messalonskee on the scoreboard.

Halftime score: 7-6 Windham.

Belle Skvorak looks to get the ball in the net
Windham took the field in the second half ready to dominate the game. Skvorak scored twice in the first two minutes of play and although Windham had pulled ahead, this game was far from over. Messalonskee was putting a fair amount of pressure on the Eagles now, but the girls weren’t going to let this game get away.

Windham was on fire. Riley Beem, #1 and Emma Yale, #24 both scored and the Eagles defense was keeping Messalonskee at bay. The Eagles’ hard work was about to pay off.

At the sound of the final buzzer, the Windham Eagles took this one with the ending score of 12-8.
“You could see at the end of the first half where we were beating them down the field and [Messalonskee] was getting tired. And in the second half it continued; we were really pushing the ball, or transition was better, we’re connecting on passes, it was really one of the best team wins we’ve had,” commented Coach Matt Perkins.

Windham High senior wins Bruce Glasier Memorial Scholarship by Matt Pascarella

Lauren Talbot with Lee Goldberg, sportscaster 
Senior Lauren Talbot has a bright future ahead of her. Last January, Talbot became a member of WCSH 6’s Varsity Club, spotlighting student athletes who excel on and off the field; she was chosen from 21 other varsity club girls to win the Bruce Glasier Memorial Scholarship.

Last year, the varsity club was brought back in memory of longtime WCSH 6 sportscaster Bruce Glasier. Spectrum Healthcare Partners made it possible to give one boy and one girl from the Varsity Club $2,500 each. It became the Bruce Glasier Memorial Scholarship. Lee Goldberg, sportscaster and sponsor representative, presented Talbot with the check at Windham High School in front of her coaches, parents and mentors on Tuesday, May 22nd.

“Lauren is probably one of the hardest working people I’ve ever met,” said her field hockey coach, Cory DiDonato, who nominated her for the varsity club. He described her as someone who goes above and beyond what is expected of her. DiDonato also characterizes her as having the sweetest heart, being very loving and very caring.

Talbot worked hard to get where she is and one lesson being a student athlete has taught her is to stay motivated. “Don’t be afraid and go after everything; no matter how wild the dream may be,” she advises. Lauren is very goal oriented. On her pantry doors at home are an academics side and an athletics side with pictures, cards, inspirational quotes and other motivators that keep her focused.’ll be attending UMass Dartmouth in the fall, majoring in biology with a minor in political science. Talbot has been applying for numerous scholarships to achieve her goal of being able to pay for college herself. Winning this scholarship brings that goal closer. “It means so much to me. It means I’m that much closer to getting my college education [funds] to the amount that I want, it means I can go further with my education.”

On the field or the court, Lauren Talbot is a leader. She boosts morale and was captain of her field hockey team and is currently captain of her softball team. She’s supportive of her teammates and leads by example. DiDonato explains, “She worked really hard to keep the kids positive, give them goals to look forward to, meet those goals, feel successful, and she just always had a super upbeat attitude.”