Friday, July 29, 2016

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Windham/Raymond Juniors Softball takes trophy as Maine State Champions

Windham/Raymond Juniors Softball team won the Maine State Championship, and is currently playing the Connecticut in the Eastern Regionals.  Not in any order: Jayden Edwards, Erin Elder, Sarah Elder, Callie Fielding, Emily Fone, Alexandra Hammond, Abigail Lumsden, Whitney Wilson and Ava York.

Photos submitted by Travis Demmons.

Windham Middle School welcomes new football coach - By Lorraine Glowczak

The Windham Middle School is looking forward to the upcoming football season as they welcome new head coach Rick Forbush. Rick is not a stranger to coaching Windham youth, or football for that matter. He has been coaching football in Windham for the past 10 years as assistant coach. This year will mark his 11th year.

Rick, along with his wife and family, has lived in Windham since 2003. His two oldest children are students at the University of Maine at Orono and his youngest child is a sophomore at Windham High School.

What makes Rick’s coaching abilities exceptional? There are many reasons and his philosophy on coaching the Windham youth is at the top of the list. Rick said of his perspective, “Middle school sports are important to allow kids to become more well-rounded as they grow through the great game of football. They learn accountability on and off the field, leadership, and how to be part of a collective goal in the ultimate team sport.  There is no individual success here. They are part of achieving a team goal.”

Rick stated that he had a few goals as the new head coach that include teaching the players the game of football and instilling the “techniques and skills that promote health, safe play, and put kids in line to perform to the best of their ability.” Rick also mentioned that the ultimate team goal is to represent the great community of Windham and Windham football through sportsmanship. Sportsmanship, Rick explained, includes the ability to act with class and have “100 percent unwavering respect for parents, teachers, coaches, teammates, officials and opponents every Sunday this fall.” team is looking for talented, young, males or females, who will be entering into the seventh or eighth grade this fall and loves football, encourage them to participate in this year’s middle school football team. 

There is so much more to joining the Windham Middle School Football Team than the increased skills a young person will obtain. Their experience will teach the individual how to become a contributing and respectful member to their community and society as a whole. Additionally, if an individual decides that college is in their future, football scholarship possibilities will help pay for that future education.

There will be a player/parent informational meeting on Sunday, July 31st at 6:30 p.m. on Field 9. Football practice will begin on August 1st with the first game occurring on Sunday, August 28th. It will be a home game. Support the youth in Windham community and let them know you care about their successes, growth, and passions. Cheer them on this fall by attending a game or two. For more information about upcoming sporting events, check on the Windham Middle School website

Photo was taken by Karen Leavitt. 

3 on 3 basketball tournament largest to date - By Allison Talon

The fourth annual Sonic co-ed 3on3 basketball tournament took place last weekend with 46 teams competing for bragging rights and to remember former Windham High School basketball player Danny “Sonic” Giguere, a 1996 graduate that passed away tragically in a car crash leaving behind a wife and three beautiful boys and many friends in the Windham community. The tournament benefits Windham Youth Basketball, according to president Pat Moody. 

“Wanted to do something in his memory, so we created this fun tourney and named it after him,” Moody said. Dan was number 12 at Windham, and in Sonic’s Jersey on the logo, he is wearing Dan’s number.

The teams range in age from 9 to 50 years old and raised over $4,000, this year from sponsors and team entry fees. Windham Millwork, Bob The Screenprinter, Old Port Press and Walmart sponsored for the fourth year in a row, while new sponsors Maine Optometry and Robie Builders joined in the fun. 

This year the money will go towards replacing the much needed basketball systems at the primary school playground. WYBA will donate the hoops and installation to the RSU,” said Moody.

Some of the teams that were crowned champions were: Third/fourth grade - Luke Cunniffe, Sam Rogers, Lukas Hammond and Stella Jarvais. Fifth/sixth grades - Bryce Duarte, Petros Engelhardt, Jaelyn Jackson, Arianna Riel and Jaden Kimball. In the seventh/eighth - Dom Cambell, Kaleb Cidre, Hayleigh Moody and Jared Johnson. In the adult division the champions were Arsenio Santamaria, Danielle Clark and AL "Blackstone Jeff Duquette. 

For those who missed this tournament, Raymond is having its first annual 3 on 3 co-ed basketball tournament Saturday, August 6 at 2 p.m. on Mill Street. FMI or to register call Brenda Coquette at 207-615-2379.

Friday, July 22, 2016

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Annual Kora Shriners Lobster Bowl features two Windham High School athletes - By Michelle Libby

Cheerleader Analyse Harris and football player Dylan Koza were both chosen to play in the 27th annual Kora Shriners Lobster Bowl to represent the East team. The game was played at Waterhouse Field in Biddeford last Saturday.

Both kids had to raise at least $500 for the Shriners and they will both be headed off to 'camps' during the week of the 11th to learn routines (half time / side lines for cheerleaders - and plays for the football players), said parent Anastasia Harris. “It is an honor that they were nominated and chosen to represent their school - and these kids are talking a week out of their summer to support a great cause - in addition to the time they took to fundraise for this event.”
Harris and Koza both graduated from Windham High School this past June. 

The East won, 58-52, which was the highest score on record for the lobster bowl. East head coach was Bob Sinclair from Orono and the West head coach was Stacen Doucette from Oak Hill. 

The East lead until the final nine minutes when it was tied at 52. The East pulled off the win. Over the last 27 years the West has won 18 times to the 9 wins for the East. 

The MVPs of the game were Andre Miller from Old Town (East) and Zach Doyon from Marshwood (West).

Photos by Cheryl Kilfoil.

Babe Ruth All Star team plays in tournaments - By Jim Beers

The Windham 14-year-old Babe Ruth All Star team is poised to make a run in the state tournament. The boys had to play in a 3-team, District 4 bracket last week, (Portland, Scarborough, Windham), to determine who would go to states. Windham beat Scarborough in the first game, 10-2, behind a complete game on the mound from Chris Naylor, and the whole team coming up with key hits. Portland then beat Scarborough 3-2, which meant Windham and Portland advance to the state tournament.
Windham then had to play Portland to determine who was going to be District 4 champion, and Portland won that game 5-2. 

"The boys played very well", said Coach Brett Turenne. 

The state tournament started Thursday, July 14th, at the Field of Dreams in Harrison. Windham played their first game on Friday versus the District 2 Champion. They then played Saturday morning. The team is also was scheduled to play two games on Sunday. 

"We are excited about our chances at the tournament. We hope to play well and advance to regionals," said Turenne. 

The 14-year-old All Stars are: Brady Afthim, Max Lauzier, Chris Naylor, Anthony West, Ben Childs, Cameron Joyce, Nolan Kent, Caleb McCartney, Mason Rosborough, Ryan Sargent and Noel Redlon.
The team is coached by Turenne, Jim McCartney and Paul Kent.

Left to right: Brett Turenne (Coach) Anthony West, Ben Childs, Mason Rosborough, Dylan Raynor, Nolan Kent, Cameron Joyce, Max Lauzier, Chris Naylor, Ryan Sargent, Noel Redlon, Caleb McCartney, Brady Afthim, Jim McCartney (Asst. Coach) Missing: Garrett Peeples

Photo by Stephanie Coffin.

Friday, July 8, 2016

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Safety tips for outdoor enthusiasts this summer

When participating in water sports like rafting, adults and children alike should wear flotation devices at all times. 

Outdoor enthusiasts typically cannot wait to get outside and make the most of a beautiful day. But in their haste to enjoy the great outdoors, men and women can easily overlook safety precautions that protect them from potential hazards.

Though it's easy to get excited about a sunny day, it's important for outdoor enthusiasts to take safety seriously. No matter your activity, always bring adequate sunscreen to protect your skin from the sun, and remember to bring enough water to stay hydrated throughout the day. In addition to packing sunscreen and water, outdoor enthusiasts can employ various additional safety methods depending on which activity they choose to enjoy.

Cyclists must always be on alert for those with whom they are sharing the road. While many motorists respect cyclists, there are some who see cyclists as a nuisance, and such motorists may drive recklessly around cyclists in an attempt to scare them off the road. Cyclists are oftentimes at the mercy of motorists, so it pays to stay as attentive as possible. Never listen to an MP3 player or another music player while riding a bike. Such a distraction could prove deadly if it takes your attention away from the road. Alertness is important when cycling, as are the following precautionary measures:* Always wear a helmet and reflective clothing that makes it easy for motorists to see you.
* Obey the traffic laws.
* Always ride with traffic.
* Inspect your bicycle and address any mechanical issues before each ride.

When the weather permits, few activities combine the benefits of physical activity with the aesthetic appeal of nature as well as hiking does. Hikers should never hike on poorly developed trails or trails that are too difficult for them to handle, and they should have at least a basic understanding of the symptoms of altitude sickness. Always share your route with friends or family members before embarking on a hiking trip. This protects you if you should get lost or injured and you need a rescue team to find you. Hikers should also pack the following supplies before hitting the trails:
* Compass
* Flashlight and extra batteries
* Whistle and signal mirror
* Map of the park that includes the trails you plan to hike
* Waterproof matches
* First aid kit
* Blanket

Inline skating and skateboarding
Inline skating and skateboarding are popular activities for adults and children alike. But even though you may associate such activities with your childhood, that does not mean the risk of injury is insignificant. In fact, even seasoned skateboarders and veteran inline skaters have suffered broken bones or head injuries while skateboarding or skating. Proper attire is essential for skaters and skateboarders hoping to prevent injury, so be sure to wear the following gear the next time you hit the half-pipe or go skating by the boardwalk:* Helmet
* Knee pads
* Wrist guards
* Elbow pads

Water sports
Water attracts the sun, so it's imperative that anyone planning to spend ample time on or around the water take steps to protect their skin. Wear appropriate clothing and apply sunscreen with a minimum sun protection factor of 15.

Never take to the water after you have consumed alcohol. Alcohol can dull your senses, making you less likely to recognize a dangerous situation should one present itself.

If you plan on entering the water, always enter feet first and do your best to avoid swimming alone. When you employ the buddy system while swimming, you are ensuring there is someone there to help you should you begin to struggle or to alert lifeguards or other safety personnel should something go awry.

If you to plan to fish on a boat, let your loved ones staying behind on land know where you plan to fish so they can share this information with authorities if your boat has problems or you don't return on time. While on the boat, always wear a flotation device and make sure the boat is not running as you board and dismount.

The great outdoors can be enjoyed throughout the year. But outdoor enthusiasts will have a much better time if they take the necessary steps to reduce their risk of injury. EL136236