Friday, March 30, 2018

Windham Middle School wrestling victorious by Matt Pascarella

Ashton Sawyer works to get the win
The Windham Middle School wrestling team took on Kennebunk and Sanford for the last home game and last game of the season on Tuesday, March 27. The match took place at Windham Middle School.

Early on, Windham was off to a powerful start with Scott Ingalls winning a match against Sanford and Jason Hart winning a match against Kennebunk.

Griffin Moreau working to pin his opponent
In his match against Sanford, Griffin Moreau had high intensity right out of the gate. He was working hard to pin his opponent and he succeeded.

If a Windham athlete lost or struggled in a match, they did not let it get them down. Their struggle only made them come out with more ferocity the next time.

After giving strong effort, Ashton Sawyer pinned his Kennebunk opponent.

Jack Elston not giving up, going for the win
Owen McDuffie also pinned his Kennebunk opponent. 

When Windham athletes were paired with opponents, no matter the outcome, one thing shown through each and every athlete was the determination. Windham athletes always give 110 percent.  

This was apparent when Jack Elston battled it out against his Kennebunk opponent for several rounds and then multiple overtime rounds. His tenacity was evident and he was truly giving it his all. In the end, he lost by only one point. 

At the end of the meet, Windham was victorious over Sanford, 27-9, but lost to Kennebunk 52-21.
Coach Nick Buckley commented on how the team did during this meet and overall during their season.“The team wrestled hard today; they gave it everything they had, showed a lot of spirit and never gave up. I thought they met their goal of the season to everyday get better and better and better. I’m super proud of this group of kids; they’re fine young people and becoming [stronger] wrestlers.”

Congratulations to the team on a great season!

Friday, March 23, 2018

Coach Spotlight on Travis Demmons by Matt Pascarella

Windham High’s softball coach Travis Demmons started coaching little league softball in 2009 at Windham High School, but has been coaching students and/or employees going back to his days in the Navy of approximately 20 years ago. He has loved and has been hooked on coaching ever since.

After graduating from Bangor High School in 1994, Demmons entered the Navy, earning his
bachelor’s degree in accounting and a master’s in business administration while serving his country.

He discovered that coaching was very rewarding, both on the field and in the office, as a Team Lead/Contracting Officer where trains and coaches many interns and new employees. He saw the impact coaches had on their student athletes and Demmons wanted to have the same type of impact. 

Demmons began coaching softball at Windham Middle School in 2012 for two years before moving to coach at Windham High in 2014. Along the way, he was on the Windham Little League Board for five years and became Board President in 2015. He left the board in 2016. 

He loves working with his team, whether it’s at a youth clinic, at a practice or at a game. Working with them gets him energized.“A successful season requires hard work, commitment and everyone working towards the same goal,” stated Demmons. “Whether you win two games or sixteen, if everyone commits, works hard and plays as a team, then that’s a successful season.” Demmons would like each player to improve in one area. He’d like to continue their reputation as being good sportsmanship contenders and do as well as they can this season.

“I want my players to control what they can - mainly their attitude and effort,” reiterates Demmons. “If they focus on the controllable things, and let the uncontrollable stuff take care of itself; they’ll go far in life and on the field,” he explained. 

He’d also like his team to learn to live life with no regrets by working hard, playing hard, having fun and making the most of the skills an individual has.

Demmons enjoys spending time with his wife, two daughters and one son. When he’s not spending time with his family, he’s usually at a sporting event. Demmons says his life, aside from family and work, is heavy in sports.

Friday, March 16, 2018

Triad raises funds for the Yellow Dot Program by Matt Pascarella

It was a night for fun and basketball on Friday, March 3 when student athletes from Windham, Westbrook and Gorham played against former Patriots players at Gorham High School to benefit the Windham/Westbrook/Gorham Triad. 
Re-established in 2005, the Triad is a cooperative partnership between businesses, law enforcement
and senior citizens. Their mission is to protect and enhance the lives of senior citizens through various programs, like the Yellow Dot Program which is a program that helps save lives of senior drivers during a car accident. The Triad also provides events for senior citizens like pancake breakfasts and field trips.

This was a game less about competition and more about fun. At the half, the score was 43-35, Patriots. During half-time the All-Stars and Patriots signed autographs. The All-Stars were keeping in good pace with the Patriots when at the buzzer Windham senior, Nate Watson, sank a three pointer to make the final score 74-85, Patriots. senior, Narazi Henderson enjoyed playing in the game. “It was just a really fun experience,” Henderson stated. “It was fun to get to play with other kids you always played against. It was cool to play against Patriots players; it was a cool charity event.”

Windham juniors Tara Flanders and Meghan Hoffses had fun, too. “It was exciting to get to do something different with the boys’ team and to be able to play with people from different towns -we normally play in regular season games. It was fun.”

“It was amazing to get to play with these kids . . . an awesome thing,” said Vernon Crawford, who played with the Patriots from 1997-1999. “We like to play with them as much as they like to play with us. Just happy and grateful to be part of their day. I had a great time.” 

"The fundraising goal of the Gorham/Windham/Westbrook Triad was $10,000 and as of Friday, March 16th," stated Sargent Ted Hatch of the Gorham Police Department. That goal has been met. 

All the money raised goes to five community organizations serving, but not exclusive to Gorham, Windham and Westbrook.
  • Volunteers in Police Service Program - based in, but not exclusive to Gorham, this program provides support for agencies interested in developing/enhancing a volunteer program and for citizens who wish to volunteer their time with a law enforcement agency.
  • Kid’s Backpack Program - Based in Gorham and gives kids access to nutritious snacks and food during and after school.
  • Kids Cop Program - Run in, but not exclusive to Gorham, this program provides children with a week of summer camp for families who may not be able to afford it otherwise.
  • Triad Program - A program consisting of law enforcement, senior citizens and elder service providers working to reduce victimization of senior citizens and improve their quality of life.
  • Wreaths Across America - Delivers wreaths to Arlington National Cemetery, and supports the Gold Star families. Each wreath is made in Maine and no grave goes without a wreath.
While many of these programs may be based in Gorham, there are no limits to any community in Cumberland County who may require one of these services.
If you would like to donate to the Triad, please contact Buffy Houp at