Friday, December 20, 2019

JSMS basketball shows strong effort against Durham

By Matt Pascarella

The Jordan-Small Middle School (JSMS) girls and boys basketball teams hit the court against Durham at Durham Community School on Monday, December 16th.

Login Desrochers
JSMS had high intensity right from the start. They got rebounds and took multiple shots on basket. JSMS blocked shots. The girls passed well and went after the ball. The game started close, but soon JSMS pulled away. It was layup after layup in the first half as JSMS had a significant lead at the buzzer.

Half: 17-8, JSMS

The girls continued their aggressiveness at the start of the second half. They maintained their lead as they took many shots on basket and continued to go hard after the ball. High scorers: Macie Ennis, #13 and Alexis Redmond, #31.

Final: 36-18

“I told them we work very hard in practice on plays and passes, and I don’t want to sell ourselves short...and if we did the stuff in practice here today, we would win this game,” stated Coach Anthony Hovey. “They were passing and the shooting was good.”

JSMS came out strong and scored almost immediately. They passed and went hard after the ball. For much of the first half, the game was very close. The boys took shots on basket and got a few turnovers. Login Desrochers, #11, sunk a sweet three pointer before the first half buzzer.

Half: 15-12, Durham

JSMS started the second half with hustle. They worked hard and came back from being down to being six points from the lead. Desrochers sunk another three pointer in the fourth quarter. With 1:16 left in the game, it was 32-25, Durham. JSMS got a couple turnovers and really worked to turn the game around, but unfortunately, Durham took this one: 32-28. High scorers: Desrochers and Noah Mains, #34.

“In practice we look great, but when we come out to games, we don’t execute the same way and in that first half it showed. The second half was much better. These boys know how to play, they are just having trouble executing,” said coach Jim Beers.

Girls seventh grade travel team gives it all against Gorham

Lexi Redmon

By Matt Pascarella

The seventh-grade girls basketball played Gorham at XL Sports World in Saco on Sunday, December 15th.

Gorham jumped to an early lead, but Windham was right behind, as they got rebounds and made good passes. The Lady Eagles took shot after shot at the basket and played hard, as they went after the ball and got a few turnovers. Chloe Edwards #26 sunk a three pointer at the buzzer.

Half: 24-11 Gorham

Windham continued to put in a great effort in the second half. They got rebounds and took multiple shots on the basket. They worked to get turnovers and did well as they guarded their opponents and went hard after the ball. Lexi Redmon #23 sunk a foul shot and Edwards sunk another three pointer.

Final: 53-19, Gorham

“What went really well was them not giving up,” remarked coach Ryan Edwards. “They played really hard. They take away just trying to learn and get to that next level. I see them really, really trying.”

Windham swim team shows their strength in home opener

By Matt Pascarella

The Windham swim team took on Kennebunk in the first home meet of the season on Saturday, December 14th at Saint Joseph’s College in Standish.

As the swimmers warmed up, I could see they all had high intensity and were ready to compete.
Evan Desmond
At the start of the meet, the Eagles were fast in the lanes, jumping out to early leads (which they held on to) in many of the races. Windham pressured in every race.

In the girls 200-yard freestyle, Windham junior Rosie Haibon finished first with a time of 2:30.32.
In the boys 200-yard freestyle, junior Sebastian Anghel finished second with a time of 2:08.09; and junior Griffin Black finished third with a time of 2:12.68.

Senior Katharyn Lucas finished first in the girls 200-yard IM (individual medley) with a time of 2:41.47. She also took first in the girls 100-yard butterfly with a time of 1:21.82.

In the boys 200-yard IM, senior Evan Desmond finished first with a time of 2:22.13.

Every time the Eagles hit the water, they swam with force, and showed strength and agility. They had excellent control and paced themselves in the longer races. Every swimmer was in the zone and concentrated on doing their best.

In the girls 50-yard freestyle, freshman Hannah Heanssler grabbed the top spot with a time of 29.11 seconds.

In the boys 50-yard freestyle, senior Jamie Louko took first with a time of 26.41 seconds.
Senior Hannah Maurais finished first in the girls 100-yard freestyle with a time of 1:05.63.
Windham nabbed the top spot in the girls 200-yard freestyle relay with a time of 1:58.14.
In the same race, the boys also grabbed number 1 with a time of 1:42.32.

In the girls 400-yard freestyle relay, Windham finished first with a time of 4:30.88.
In the boys 400-yard freestyle relay, Windham took the top spot with a time of 3:51.79.

Final scores:
Women: Windham 88   Kennebunk 62
Men: Windham 80   Kennebunk 80

“Overall I think they did really well; individually we’re watching technique across the board,” stated Coach Pete Small. “I couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome.”

Friday, December 13, 2019

Windham/GNG wrestling team show improvement at tournament

Jason Hart
By Matt Pascarella

The Windham/Gray New Gloucester (GNG) wrestling team travelled to York High School on Saturday, December 7th to compete in the 18th annual Sullivan Memorial Duals wrestling tournament. The tournament featured eight schools: York, Portland, Cheverus, Lincoln Academy, Wells, Windham/GNG, Noble and Gardiner. The schools were put into two pools and wrestled in rounds. The highest scoring school would wrestle in the final championship match.

Windham/GNG wrestled class B state champs, Wells, in round one. Windham/GNG was aggressive and lunged after their opponents. They got several good take towns and worked hard to pin Wells; they battled and didn’t let up for even a second. Windham/GNG persevered and kept their elbows off the mat and their heads up, which made it harder for them to be pinned. After a solid effort, Wells won the match 52-15.

Gardiner continued intensity and laid out opponents. They were aggressive and moved quickly, going for the pin. Windham/GNG did well holding their opponent down and got a couple wins from sophomores Peter Peterson and Owen McDuffie. GNG Freshman Jason Hart was quick to pin his opponent (really quick) and Hart grabbed his first high school win.
“It felt really good,” said Hart. “I was a little bit nervous, but I was feeling good.”

No lack of intensity during this match as Windham/GNG kept their heads up and worked to keep their shoulders off the mat. Windham/GNG pressured. After a day of wrestling, Windham/GNG was quick to turn the tables and went after their opponent for the pin or got the point(s). They went toe-to-toe with Noble and in the end lost by only one forfeit.

“Heading in to today I knew it would be very possible we’d be wrestling some tough teams like Wells and Noble,” observed coach John Nicholas. “Last week [in the preseason match] I thought we did well, but I wanted to see improvement from week to week, and I did; we had more pins, the kids were aggressive, I thought their conditioning was better. If we stick to the process and the kids work hard, I think we’re going to be there, right at the end.”

Jordan-Small Middle School ‘B’ team showcased skills in season opener

Noah Campbell
By Matt Pascarella

The Jordan-Small Middle School boys basketball ‘B’ team played their home opener against Poland on Friday, December 6th.

The boys started slow in the first half, but soon found their momentum. Jordan Small got rebounds, passed the ball well and had solid teamwork. They took several shots on basket, went after the ball with intensity and put multiple points on the scoreboard.

Half: 33-9, Poland

Jordan Small continued to get rebounds at the start of the second half. They gave a team effort and took more and more shots on basket, which enabled them to light up the scoreboard even more before the final buzzer. Jordan Small was aggressive and went after the ball and worked to be first to the ball.

Ashton Golebiewski, #32, had a great steal from a Poland player and then took that ball right to the hoop and scored. Noah Campbell #51 made a great shot and then sunk a foul shot. Jordan Small only got better offensively as the game progressed; they got several turnovers against Poland and increased the number of shots they took on basket and the number of points scored per quarter.

Final: 62-24, Poland

“We started slow, but we were moving the ball really well, we were setting good solid screens,” remarked coach Ryan Roderick. “Could have been a different game [if more of Jordan Small’s shots fell]. But, first game, we saw a lot of positives, plenty to work on, we’ll take it from there.”

Friday, December 6, 2019

Basketball “Turkey Training” and canned goods equal a win/win for the community

AJ Moody, Lucas Arntz, Mason Arbour, Jack Henry and Tyrie James
By Matt Pascarella

During a time of year that circles around food, it’s important to remember that some people need a little help. The sixth-grade boys basketball travel teams collected canned goods and players dropped off an overflowing laundry basket of canned goods to the Windham Food Pantry just before Thanksgiving.

Each team member brought in at least one canned good for what coach Pat Moody dubbed, ‘Turkey Training.’ The boys used the canned goods in place of cones to help them work on different basketball skills. the beginning of the season, Turkey Training “came up as a community service project and at the same time, integrated into our practices,” explained Moody. “It’s the timing of the year; there are families that struggle. It’s also a time where families think about those less was a brainstorm that I came up with.”

Administrative assistant, Colete Gagnon, and Rene Daniel, general assistance and welfare administrator for the town of Windham, both work at the Food Pantry.

“They were awesome; wicked nice kids and the coaches,” said Daniel. He estimated the teams brought in at least 60 pounds of food. The donations the teams collected will be used for the Christmas baskets the Food Pantry gives out.

Moody added he took a page from varsity boys basketball coach Chad Pulkkinen’s playbook, as every year the varsity players do different service projects. Moody wanted to start players earlier and give them that mentality of giving back to the community.

A resource where people can get what they need for free. Moody said it was “great for boys to see that there are people less fortunate and there are things they can do to help them out; a good life lesson.”

The whole team!
Players AJ Moody, Mason Arbour and Tyrie James described what it felt like to be able to help those in need in the community.

“Helping families in need to have a better Thanksgiving - it’s just good. Everyone of us on the team, it made us feel great inside and we really loved helping the people,” commented AJ Moody.

“It made me feel happy. I like giving people things they need, if it wasn’t for the food pantry, people would go hungry,” stated Arbour. “They don’t just give out food, they give out blankets, shoes, hats and t-shirts. It’s pretty nice,” stated Arbour.

“One of the things we saw was an African family that just moved to America,” explained James. They were in need of several items and were at the Windham Food Pantry getting what they needed. “It’s great to have a resource in Windham to help families out.

Varsity hockey shaping up to have a great season

By Matt Pascarella

Windham/Westbrook hockey recently added Bonny Eagle to the co-op team after the Massabesic/Bonny Eagle/Old Orchard Beach team disbanded. On Saturday, November 30, Windham/Westbrook/Bonny Eagle, now the Trailblazers, took on Mount Ararat in a preseason game at the University of Southern Maine in Gorham.

The Trailblazers started strong, going hard after the puck and took multiple shots on goal with concrete defense, keeping the puck towards the Mount Ararat side of the ice for most of the first period. The Trailblazers had intensity throughout the period; they moved the puck nicely. They scored three times before the first buzzer.

End of first period: 3-0, Trailblazers Trailblazers continued to pressure Mt. Ararat, passing well which led to more shots on goal. The boys did not let up and pressured the entire period.

End of second period: 3-1, Trailblazers

Trailblazer’s intensity never faltered, and they gave 100 percent to close out the game. Less than five minutes into the period, Trailblazers scored. With eight minutes left, they scored again.

Final: 5-2, Trailblazers

“A lot of the kids did some really nice things,” observed Coach Greg Leclair. “We brought in ten kids from Bonny Eagle and welcomed a handful of freshmen, so you’ve essentially got 14 new kids joining 14 returning kids. I think they jelled pretty well to start. It was nice to see the kids recognize that they had a bit of an upper hand and they created chances. I think as the kids get more familiar with each other and more comfortable with themselves, we’re going to give some teams some trouble and I think we’re going to be better than expected.”

Great games played by sixth grade girls basketball travel teams

Fifth-grader, Leandra Woodman
By Matt Pascarella

The fifth and sixth grade girls basketball travel teams played games against Greely and Saco on Sunday, December 1st at Westbrook High School.

Fifth Grade v. Greely
The girls started strong and jumped to an 8-0 lead in the first half. They passed the ball well and went after and got rebound and turnover opportunities. The Lady Eagles maintained the lead and went hard after the ball, capitalizing on any missteps by Greely.

Half: 16-4, Windham

Windham grabbed rebounds at the start of the second half. They continued to go after the ball with 110% effort. Windham had excellent shooting from the foul line and continued sinking baskets and adding points to the scoreboard. They took every opportunity to get the ball and the final score reflected their efforts.
Final: 24-19, Windham

“Their overall intensity contributed to the win,” stated Coach Ben Delewski. “They played as a team, going for every rebound – that’s what we practiced...being good teammates; we’re starting to come together.”

Sixth Grade v. Saco
The game was a close one from the start. The Lady Eagles moved the ball nicely and maintained a lead for most of the first half. Windham worked to be first to the ball and got rebounds and turnovers.

Half: 16-14, Saco

Windham wasted no time going after the ball and quickly took the lead, though Saco was not far behind. The Lady Eagles pressured with high intensity. With two minutes left, Windham had a three-point lead. The game was tied at 31 with 19.8 seconds left. Windham battled hard, but Saco was able to take this one, 33-31.

“That was just a great basketball game for these girls, they worked hard,” commented Coach Ray Fox. “At the end, our shot, we had, didn’t was a good ball game.”

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Fifth-grade boys travel basketball opens season with slam dunk efforts

Cameron Drapeau
By Matt Pascarella

The fifth-grade boys travel basketball team opened their season and played Biddeford and Scarborough on Saturday, November 23rd at the OA Sports Center in Saco.

Playing against a team that was predominately sixth graders, Windham worked hard right from the start of the game. The Eagles were quick to get rebounds and took shots on basket; early on it was a close game. Windham passed well, and was aggressive going after the ball, resulting in a few turnovers.

Half: 15-7, Biddeford remained strong in the second half for the Eagles. Windham went hard after the ball and put points on the scoreboard. They passed well, continued to get rebounds and gave no less than 110%.  Defense and offense were solid. After trailing Biddeford, Windham showed the Tigers that Eagles don’t quit. While every Windham player crushed it, I noticed a very well executed play in the second half, where Preston Brown, #3, interrupted a pass from Biddeford (turnover) and Brown quickly passed to Cameron Drapeau, #24, who took the shot and scored.

Although the Eagles gave a great effort, Biddeford took this game 33-21.

“I think that’s probably the toughest competition that they will face in this league. Their smallest kid was probably the size of our biggest kid,” observed coach Ryan Brown. “Windham outplayed Biddeford on the boards, they kept them to three-point shots for a big team, they ran our offense well, and it was a true team effort. Every one of our kids touched the ball, every one of our kids got better today. They did an excellent job; I’m proud of them.”

The boys came back from a tough first game with a great team win against Scarborough. At the half, it was 29-7, Windham.

“Windham proved that losses have hidden value within them and their love for the game is infectious,” stated Coach Brown.” All eight guys scored and worked their tails off on defense.”

Final: 55-11, Windham

Varsity girls basketball will be tough to beat in the regular season

Carly Morey
By Matt Pascarella

Varsity girls basketball traveled to Marshwood High School in South Berwick to play a preseason round robin tournament against Scarborough and Marshwood on Saturday, November 23rd.
After a loss to Scarborough, where the score was a close 34-26, the Lady Eagles started game #2 with intensity against Marshwood. Windham moved the ball nicely, took multiple shots on basket and jumped to an early lead. Windham had solid defense the entire first half. The Lady Eagles maintained their lead, though Marshwood wasn’t far behind. Windham’s aggressiveness stayed throughout the game.

Half: 16-15, Windham start of the second half brought both teams neck and neck. The Lady Eagles capitalized and got several rebounds and turnovers. Windham moved the ball nicely between players. The Lady Eagles continued strong offense and defense. With five minutes left to play, Windham led by four; then with two minutes left, Windham led by five. With roughly a minute left, Marshwood was within four points of the lead. Windham remained in control of the game until the final buzzer.

Final: 35-32, Windham

“We’re a really young team...but I think the biggest thing for us is to keep working hard and keep playing together and really working on fine tuning everything we’ve been working on in practice,” stated coach Brody Artes. “I thought the girls did a really good job today, every single one of them; when they got on the court they contributed in some facet.”

Friday, November 22, 2019

Wrestling Coach John Nicholas's goal is to teach the lesson of "work hard and never give up"

John Nicholas
By Matt Pascarella

Wrestling coach John Nicholas has been involved with wrestling, in some manner, most of his life. He wrestled in high school and afterwards began coaching wrestling. He’s been a wrestling coach for 22 years and is currently entering his second year as the coach for the Windham/Gray New Gloucester (GNG) co-op wrestling team.

Nicholas wrestled for Westbrook High School under Hall of Fame coach Dennis Walch. “I really enjoyed my time there with coach Walch and thought someday I’d liked to follow his footsteps,” remarked Nicholas.

He was able to coach alongside Walch for a couple years, but then got a job coaching at Portland High.

When Walch was about to retire, Nicholas went back to Westbrook and ended up taking over for him.
“That was pretty awesome to be able to coach at my alma mater, it came back around,” stated Nicholas.

Nicholas was drawn to wrestling, and coaching, because he likes all that wrestling has taught him. It’s taught him to work hard and not give up.“It really prepares you for life in general; it’s prepared me for work, for family and eventually coaching. It’s been such a big part of my life; growing up I knew I wanted to give back and I’m so glad that I did. Once my wrestling career was done, I wanted to continue, and coaching seemed like the right avenue to go.”

When the coaching position at Windham High opened, Nicholas made the jump, and after the first year he said it exceeded all his expectations. He is looking forward to the start of year two with the Windham/GNG co-op team.

Nicholas loves working with the kids and enjoys seeing the progression from first year to senior year. Seeing the joy and observing what the young wrestlers get from their hard work, makes it more than worth it for this wrestling coach.

He wants the community to know that Windham does have a wrestling team and with Windham/GNG co-op, it’s great because it gives more kids a chance to wrestle.“I’d love for everyone to come checkout a meet and see how hard the kids are working and the athleticism that goes into it,” Nicolas began. “I think it’s a great sport and now that the girls are more’s equal opportunity. I think a lot of kids and fans would enjoy it if they were just exposed to it.”

After a season, Nicholas wants his players to walk away having had fun. “Wrestling is a hard sport; it’s a long season, but by the end of the season, I want the kids to leave having fun, so they’ll come back and tell their friends and stick with it,” he added.

Nicholas also wants them to learn the meaning of hard work and not giving up; setting goals and following through with them, as well as learning a skill or two they might not have had before.

A Windham resident, Nicholas has also coached travel soccer for his two daughters. He teaches physical education at Scarborough High school and is a big New England and Windham sports fan.
Windham/GNG’s first match is a preseason home game against Biddeford on Saturday, November 30th at 8:30 a.m. The next home game is against Sanford on Wednesday, December 11th at 6pm.

Sixth grade travel teams show they have skill

Eliana White
By Matt Pascarella

The Windham sixth-grade boys and girls basketball travel teams played back-to-back-to-back-to-back games, at Windham, against four different opponents on Sunday, November 17th.

Girls versus Greely

The Lady Eagles were aggressive, got rebounds and took shots on basket. Windham gave it all they had, and showed they were not going to give up.

Half: 21-8 Greely

The Lady Eagles started the second half with strong defense, passing well and took shots at the basket. Windham got several rebounds that put points on the scoreboard. Windham played a good game, but Greely took this one, 46-12.“The team is working well as a team,” Coach Robbin Alden said. “Each and every one are determined players and very coachable.”

Girls versus Cape Elizabeth

Windham came out aggressive and jumped to a 4-0 lead. The Lady Eagles capitalized on rebounds with excellent offense and defense. They passed the ball well, too.

Half: 28-1, Windham

Windham kept up the defense and continued sinking basket after basket. They had strong teamwork and it showed as they put the ball in the hoop again and again.

Final: 30-6, Windham

“Our number one thing we work on is defense,” stated Coach Ray Fox. “We have a bunch of athletes that like to do that, so that’s our strength. They have a good time together.”
Mason Arbour

Boys versus Gray New Gloucester (GNG)

Windham came out with strong defense and got several rebounds. Windham sunk multiple three-pointers and kept the game close, early on.

Half: 22-16 GNG

The Eagles had great hustle and were slowly gaining on GNG. They were passing well and took several shots on basket. Wyatt Washburn, #33, sunk a three pointer at the final buzzer.

Final: 50-32 GNG

“We’ve made a lot of progress since our first game,” remarked Coach Steven Depaola. “This game we finally talked on defense as a team. We rebounded well against a team that had a couple kids at least a foot taller than us, so we did really well on the defensive end.” versus Gorham

The Eagles scored in the first minute. They passed the ball well and played with intensity. It was a close game.

Half: 22-14 Windham

Windham began the second half with hustle, going hard after the ball. Windham had great offense and defense and the game remained close from start to finish, but the Eagles pulled out the win in the end.

Final: 36-27

“This is a strong crew,” stated Coach Pat Moody. “They’re tuned into how each other plays and where their strengths and weaknesses are. We have a new offense, where we spread the floor and let the kids make the decisions. It’s an opportunity for them to grow.”

Friday, November 15, 2019

WHS Senior Evan Glicos becomes a Triple-Impact Competitor Award Finalist

Evan Glicos works to be first to the ball
By Matt Pascarella

On Sunday, November 10th, 14 New England high school seniors were named finalists in the Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA) Triple-Impact Competitor Scholarship Award program. The finalists were recognized at the Harvard v. Maine basketball game at Lavietes Pavilion in Allston, Massachusetts. One of the finalists recognized was Windham senior, Evan Glicos.

Triple-Impact Competitors are selected by the PCA based on essays with three parts of criteria: personal mastery (making oneself better), leadership (making one’s teammates better), and honoring the game (making the game better). A testimonial must be given from a school administrator, a coach and another individual who can speak to the student athlete’s character and embodiment of the Triple-Impact Competitor principles.  

After Glicos heard about the scholarship, he did some research and decided it would be worth applying because he liked what the PCA stood for.

“It was pretty crazy to be a finalist because there are 3,500 applicants and only 14 [finalists], so I felt honored,” remarked Glicos.

“We were impressed by Evan’s essays and references which demonstrate that he is a true leader who supports his teammates,” said Beth O’Neill Maloney, Executive Director of PCA’s New England chapter.  

“Evan is not only successful individually; he brings out the best in his teammates as well. He is a leader and a ‘go-getter.’ Evan managed to fit in two fall sports and excel at both. Known for his fairness and sportsmanship, Evan will help an opposing player up or thank an official for making the right call even when it is against him. PCA proudly recognizes Evan as a Triple-Impact Competitor.”
During the Fall season, Glicos played golf and soccer.

“Those two sports are my favorite sports and they have a lot of value to me,” Glicos explained. “I want to make time for those sports, so I did...and I was the captain of the soccer team, which was awesome. I got to play in a few matches in States for golf.”

“Having known Evan for years, it is not a surprise he is a finalist for this award,” stated Ben Schulz, varsity soccer coach. “As a player he is everything you want and the same can be said for him as a person. I know he will have success wherever he decides to go and am so proud of all he has done.”
Varsity golf coach, Adam Manzo said this in the letter of recommendation for the scholarship: is a fiery competitor who knows how to lead by example. Having a strong golf background and knowledge of the game, Evan is often looked to for advice from his teammates. Evan spends quite a bit of time outside of practice working with his teammates to help make them better. Most importantly, he has the respect of his teammates. When he speaks, they listen. He is a selfless individual who, although hard on himself at times, cares more about the success of the team than his individual accomplishments. He wants his teammates to be great and will do whatever he can do to help them reach that goal.’

For next year, Glicos is applying to several schools including early decision to Bates and plans to play golf there. He might play soccer, too.

He loves to ski and plans to get back into golf in the spring.

The PCA is taking all aspects of the application process into account and will select winners from there. While the scholarship is for a few thousand dollars, Glicos emphasized winning the scholarship “is more about the representation of the PCA than the money.”

Adam Manzo teaches skills kids can utilize

Adam Manzo
By Matt Pascarella

Adam Manzo started coaching when he began at Windham Middle School in 2006. The Middle School needed a seventh-grade basketball coach and Manzo got the job. He remembers walking into the gym with 40 seventh graders on the first day of tryouts, feeling a little intimidated. Since then, he has coached several sports including JV golf, baseball and varsity golf. He currently coaches eighth grade boys’ basketball, baseball and varsity golf.

Manzo graduated with a marketing degree from Stonehill College in Massachusetts in 2005. He described himself as someone who graduated but was still unsure of what he wanted to do. He took a long-term substitute teaching job at Windham Middle School in 2005. The following school year he was hired back full-time and currently works as a Special Education Technician III. “I enjoy working with the kids, it’s always a good time,” he added.

“I have always been a huge sports fan, both as a player and as a spectator, so I figured coaching would be a good starting point and I am now entering my 14th year as Middle School basketball coach. started developing his passion for golf in high school. He struggled a little but continued to play and improve throughout high school and into college. When he saw the coaching position open at Windham High, “I was ecstatic.” He started out at the junior varsity level for a year and became varsity coach the following year.

When it comes to baseball, that was Manzo’s favorite sport as a young kid. When a coaching position opened, he wasted no time applying. He likes that he has a sport each season. “I enjoy being able t
o teach the kids, because...that is why we all do what we do - to help support the kids become better people and better players.”

Manzo believes it is important to build a team of kids who know how to win graciously and can accept defeat. In 2015, the golf team won the sportsmanship award along with qualifying for the state tournament. He remembers one of the student athletes on the golf team talking about how it was more important for them to win the sportsmanship award than to qualify for the state tournament. At the beginning of each season, no matter the sport, he tries to set a clear message that a team of good kids, with character, is more important than results on the court, field or course.

His favorite part about being a coach is the kids. He likes being able to teach skills kids can utilize. Manzo was coach to Windham High alumni Mike Gilman and Nick Curtis, who scored 1,000 points on the basketball court during their high school careers. “It was fun to watch them progress
throughout the high school level,” says Manzo.

He is a diehard New England sports fan and enjoys golfing. He lives in Raymond with his girlfriend and their dog.

Friday, November 8, 2019

Volleyball battled hard against Falmouth

Meghan Harmon
By Matt Pascarella

After winning the quarterfinal game against South Portland, the Lady Eagles travel1ed to Falmouth, to take on the Yachtsmen, on Wednesday, October 30th.

To say there was high energy during these sets is an understatement. So much energy, that the gym sounded like one big roar.

Windham came out strong and got the first point. They were on fire, soon it was 4-0, Lady Eagles.
Windham was aggressive with great volleys and returns. They set and spiked the ball well and took a lead, but then the game was tied at eight. The set was close and intense. When Falmouth hit hard, Windham hit harder. The game was soon tied at 19. Windham’s momentum didn’t stop. Windham had match point. A spike from the Lady Eagles gave them win #1: 25-20.’s intensity never faltered. Falmouth took an early lead in set #2, but the Lady Eagles were still in it. Windham battled, with tough defense; Falmouth spiked the ball hard and Windham returned the ball to catch their opponent off guard. The Lady Eagles did their best, but fell in set #2, 25-8.

Set #3 started with Windham scoring first. They were aggressive and took an early lead. Falmouth pulled ahead, but the Lady Eagles were not far behind. Windham spiked the ball well and had excellent teamwork with exceptional volleys. Falmouth took this set 25-14.

Set #4 began with both team’s neck and neck, but Falmouth pulled ahead. The Lady Eagles blocked multiple shots and began to make a comeback. Windham’s aggressive playing style never slowed down. The Lady Eagles gained momentum, but Falmouth won set #4. 25-14

“Our drive and motivation in the past few games have just been more than anything we’ve seen in a long time,” stated Team Captain and Senior Megan Fleck. “I think we did good. The first set showed how we could play and the next two we got hesitant with ourselves, the last one we really picked it back up at the end.”

“We came out on fire; after our quarterfinal match,” said coach Chris Cloutier. “The girls felt like they deserved to be here, and they certainly did. They pushed all season, we worked pretty hard...overall the girls did a great job. [Falmouth has] some good players who can hit the ball pretty hard, but we were ready for was good to have that happen.”

Another great season for Windham cross country

Hannah Langstaff
By Matt Pascarella

Windham cross country competed at the state competition at Twin Brook Recreation in Cumberland on Saturday, November 2nd. Windham had seven runners competing.

Windham finished ninth out of 15 teams. Windham was also the 13th fastest team in Maine overall; against all Classes, A, B, and C; with a total of 36 teams at States. Nicely done!

Freshman Elise Schultz placed 66th and dropped 17 seconds off her Regional Championship time, in a State Championship Meet to finish with a time of 22:32.39!

“Throughout my season, I prepared my body for regionals and states by increasing my mileage, but I always lacked confidence and doubted my ability to run at a faster speed,” Schultz explained. “At the state meet, I discovered my true potential and my ability to overcome my largest mind.” the 111 Class A runners, sophomore Estella Inman was 23rd, with a finish time of 20:51.00 and was 35th of 299 runners overall in Maine. All in her first year ever running cross country!

“It was kind of hard racing the same course,” observed Inman. “It was also helpful because you knew what was going to be next, so it went by very fast. I’m really excited for next year and I want to do even better than this year.”

Senior Hannah Langstaff placed 42nd and finished with a time of 21:48.70.

Senior Hailey Applebee placed 55th and finished with a time of 22:13.00.

Right behind her, was sophomore Camille Culpovich who placed 59th with a time of 22:15.19.
Sophomore Eve Schultz finished 86th with a time of 23:34.66.

Diane Ingalls wasn’t far behind Schultz, as Ingalls finished 89th with a time of 23:46.09.

Senior Hailey Applebee reflected on the race and the future of cross country for her. “The whole time I’m thinking I got to do it for my team...perform the best that I can and that I’m mentally prepared for this...make the most of it.” She plans to run in college.

“The Lady Eagles team pursuit began in early July,” remarked coach Jeff Riddle. “Their progression taught them to run united, with a mental edge, and with grit and determination. Saturday at the State Championship meet was a very successful day for Windham High School Cross Country.”

“We had a growing year on the boys’ side with diverse levels of experience on the team, and our season was a great one for our seniors, an investment season in learning for our underclassmen to set new goals for 2020.”

Friday, November 1, 2019

Girls’ soccer gives it all against Gorham

Emma Millett
By Matt Pascarella

Fifth seeded Windham faced off against fourth seeded Gorham in the Class A South Quarterfinal playoff game, played at Massabesic High School in Waterboro on Tuesday, October 29th.

The Lady Eagles came out aggressive and ready to play. Less than 2:30 into the first half, Emma Millett, #4, rocketed the ball past the keeper and put Windham on the board very early on. The Lady Eagles worked to be first to the ball, had strong offense and defense and kept up their intensity during the half.

Half: 1-1

Windham began the second half intense, pressuring Gorham right from the start. They passed the ball well with excellent defense and offense, taking multiple shots on goal. The Lady Eagles worked extra hard and left everything on the field, but Gorham managed to get by.

Final: 2-1, Gorham

“Getting that first goal right away was huge,” observed coach Deb Lebel. “In terms of shots, we did outshoot them, I do feel like we had some momentum. We came together as a full team...this was not the same team that started in September. Kids have stepped up; great group of kids...the future is bright for the girls next season.”