Sunday, April 21, 2013

GlennHutchinson defies the odds by Michelle Libby

Fitness coach Glenn Hutchinson was given six months to live. That was almost 17 years ago. One day at a time, he took control of his life and lifestyle.

When the doctor told Glenn, “I’d like to see you and your wife,” “It’s never good,” he said. He had stage 4 liver disease.

A death sentence.

“There was nothing to gage it to,” Glenn said. The Internet was new, his children were young and he was only 50 years old. Finding information to help was hard, but not impossible. He experimented with vitamin C and taking milk thistle for his liver.

“He went from working 16-hours a day to not being able to get out of bed,” said his wife, Janice.
“I was always waiting for the other shoe to drop,” Glenn said. “I often said the Internet saved my life.” Seventeen years ago, Glenn was a trailblazer in healing his body from the inside out.

Today, he is a presenter at all-day health and wellness seminars and runs his own fitness coaching business out of his home in Raymond as well as online. He does one-on-one coaching in his private studio and has a national following with his online training programs with over 3,000 clients.
He also produces his own videos for clients to download on their mobile device to use while traveling, or to refresh what they already know.

“It’s what you do 80 percent of the time that matters. There’s always an exception,” he said.
A lot of what Glenn does is metabolic fitness. He tests his clients to see where they stand metabolically and helps them through diet as well as exercise. “It’s lifestyle,” he said. “If your base isn’t right, you’d have a strange looking house when you get to the roof. If your hormones and the cells are not balanced, no matter what you, do it’s not going to come off.”

He checks C-reactive protein, lifestyle, food people are eating and sleep deprivation.

He trains people year round, but also offers a four-month program, which is the right amount of time to make sure the education is there for clients to have better lifestyles. The holistic approach, he feels, is the best way for clients to gain results.

“I found you can’t be the best of all things to all people,” he said, knowing that some people prefer a trainer who will work with them on a fitness program only.

Glenn also produces a weekly newsletter and a monthly magazine for his clients. They are both written in layman’s terms and the magazine targets the beginner clients, according to Glenn.
“I encourage them to have some control of themselves,” he said.  

Glenn’s fees can run up to $11,700 a year for private one-on-one sessions to $1,588 per person for a four-month program, both of which give the client 24/7 access to Glenn with unlimited Facetime or Skype. Each client also has an online fitness folder.

“I know how much money I would have given,” Glenn said about his diagnosis all those years ago.
During his recovery it took him two years to go from driving 15 minutes, jogging for 15 minutes, then driving home for 15 minutes before he considered himself well. “If I was a single guy, I don’t think I would have done it.”

“The body’s amazing if you give it the right food” he said. Glenn was able to re-grow his liver without having to have surgery solely through his lifestyle changes.

 “I’m a 110 percent person, if it’s something I’m really passionate about,” Glenn said.

When Glenn started seeing another doctor, the doctor’s advice was “Whatever you’re doing, keep doing it.”

Glenn can be reached through his website

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