Monday, May 20, 2013

Windham rallies to defeat the Rams 6-4 by David Field

KENNEBUNK-What do you get when you eject an Eagle coach? You get a fired up Eagle squad that comes from behind to win.

In the first five innings, Windham was flat at the plate. Spencer Hodge reached on an error in the first and that is all the offense the Eagles could muster. Kennebunk managed to get four hits off starting pitcher Joe Francoeur, but the Eagle defense did its part to keep the Rams from crossing the plate.

However, things changed dramatically in the sixth. Ethan Petty started off drawing a walk. Tanner Laberge reached on a single. Spencer Hodge hit a nice single to load the bases. Jack Herzig drove a single to center field to bring in Petty. On the play, Tanner Laberge hesitated, expecting a catch and some base running confusion happened. He was thrown out at third by the Ram pitcher on the force play. Joe Francoeur hit a single to load the bases. Calvin Field came to bat. Down in the count, Field watched a wide low pitch hit the dirt and assumed ball two. The home plate umpire called a strike and out number three much to Field’s dismay. On his way to the dugout, Coach Artes had words with the home plate umpire.

In the bottom of the sixth, Spencer Hodge came in to relieve Joe Francoeur. After his second pitch, the home plate umpire was tired of listening to the Eagle bench complain and ejected Coach Artes. Coach Artes was not happy and let the umpire know it before departing. The Rams went on a streak of hitting and scoring. They hit three doubles and scored four runs to take the lead. Down, but not out, Windham went to bat.

The Eagles, clearly upset at their coach’s dismissal fiercely came alive at the plate. Shawn Francoeur hit a single, Nate Boyle hit a double and Ethan Petty hit a double. All three eventually scored. Adding to the hit and run parade were Tanner Laberge and Spencer Hodge. Joey Francoeur hit a single and Calvin Field drew a walk before Shawn Francoeur popped out to the shortstop to end the top of the seventh. With Windham clearly back in the game, and the Eagles pumped up from running the bases, it was time for the Eagles to play defense. Spencer Hodge struck out the first batter in three consecutive pitches to set the tone. The second batter was seated after five pitches by way of the out. The final batter was retired by grounding out.
With the victory, Windham moved to 8-1 on the season.

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