Friday, December 26, 2014

Windham sports say "Thank You" - By Stephanie Coffin

Windham hosted both girls and boys junior varsity and varsity basketball games Friday night against the Gorham Rams.  Having a lot of the community in attendance was the perfect opportunity to say 'thank you' to both Superintendent Sandy Prince and Police Chief Richard Lewsen for the recent school events that closed all eight schools in the Windham-Raymond School district.

Bob the Screen Printer made up t-shirts for the kids to wear that night to represent their 'thanks' to both Chief Lewsen and Superintendent Prince for making the decisions that they did to keep the students safe.
Between the girls varsity game and the boys varsity game Pat Moody, president of the Windham Youth Basketball Association had a few words to say, then Windham's own Bob Witham spoke to the gym packed full of students, parents and teachers as it was expressed through words how thankful the town is on how the events were handled during a tough situation.  Kids then presented both gentlemen with a signed basketball from the youth players and a Windham pull over from the older players.    

Thank you for the quick exit from the schools. Thank you for getting our kids home safely. Thank you for the long hours you put in for three days. Thank you for the constant communication to the public. Thank you for finding an end to the threat. Thank you for keeping our kids safe.  Simply....thank you. 

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