Friday, December 26, 2014

Windham varsity girls basketball falls short to Scarborough - By Stephanie Coffin

The Lady Eagles visited the Red Storm on Friday night in girls basketball play. The Lady Eagles stayed strong throughout the first half of the game, but was behind at halftime. Trailing by as many as 16 points late in the second quarter, Windham came back in the third quarter on a 7-2 run that cut Scarborough’s lead to 37-31.
The Red Storm hit back with a 15-3 run that expanded the game to a 20-point lead, making the game 54-34.

“We definitely go through streaks where we do a good job getting to the basket and converting, and there are streaks where we just don’t,” said Windham coach Brody Artes. “We’ve got to find a way to break those up and be more consistent. Tonight, we just ran into a good team. They’re athletic and they really get to the basket.”

Windham went on to score 24 points in the third quarter, including six 3-pointers, but Scarborough scored 26. Sophomore shooting guard Mya Mannette led the Lady Eagles with 18 points, and senior point guard Luisa Sbardella finished with 10 points. For Scarborough, Ashley Briggs scored 20 points and Bailey Adams had 16 to lead the Red Storm to a 74-52 win over Windham.

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