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Monday, February 2, 2015

Cheerleaders looking uniform - By Stephanie Coffin

When a sports team plays a regular season game at home, the community loves to come and watch and root for their team. The cheering squad also comes to cheer on their home team during these games. They not only stand the entire game cheering, they help keep the crowd’s spirits up during the game. They perform at half time to entertain the crowd, showing the fans, parents and classmates how hard they have worked on becoming a uniformed team themselves. 
Watching the Cheering team perform during the Varsity home games is enjoyed by audiences from both teams. The girls put a lot of effort, time and hard work to be in sync with one another during their performances. Stop and think how hard it is to match your moves up with one other person let alone to match your moves with 10 or more individuals, quite the challenge.  

The Cheering team has shown that they are working well together this season. Each game that they perform at, not only shows growth, but the quality they put into their performances. They will compete at the regional competition at the Augusta Civic Center on Saturday, January 31.

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