Monday, September 21, 2015

A shutout for Eagles varsity football - By Stephanie Coffin

Friday night football had the adrenaline pumping for the Windham Eagles who hosted the Bangor Rams and shut the Rams out of scoring. The Eagles improved their record to 2-0 with a win over Bangor 42-0. 

After traveling last year for Windham's game against Bangor resulting in a 6-0 win for Windham it was thought that the Rams would show up in Windham with something to prove. Windham’s Coach Perkins was very pleased with the team’s effort on the field going on to say "I think Bangor played hard but when one of their top players went out of the game I think things started to snowball for them."

Griffen Jacobson scored three touchdowns and Kyle Houser added two more for the Eagles. The defensive line looked strong and defended quarterback Desmond Leslie as needed. The Eagles offensive line seemed to just plow through Bangor’s line like they were warm butter. Whenever Bangor was able to bring the ball near the end zone they just couldn't seem to finish.
Perkins feels the team is doing a great job playing as a team. "We have had guys play different roles and be very unselfish." 

During Friday night’s game coach said, "Our offense was very sharp, we had 11 guys bust their tail and do their job at the same time. When you can get guys on the same page good things are going to happen."
This Friday’s game the Eagles travel to Portland to face the Bulldogs (2-0) at Fitzpatrick Stadium.
"We’ve had a real good rival the past few years with Portland. They are a real good team. Their kids play extremely hard and they’re talented," Perkins said. Windham will prepare themselves as they do every week, by spending a lot of time watching film and doing classroom time as well as practice on the field.

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