Thursday, January 28, 2016

Athlete of the week - Olivia Verrill

Junior swimmer Olivia Verrill is the Aroma Joe’s athlete of the week for her first qualifying time in the 100 yard butterfly in swimming. The Windham High School swimmer also plays field hockey. 
“Olivia made her first qualifying time this week in the 100 fly. She has worked very hard and consistently showed leadership and good sportsmanship. She is a class act,” said coach Kyle Rasmussen.

Her sports hero is Natalie Coughlin. “She’s inspiring because she is an example of how hard work and dedication can help you overcome any obstacle to reach success,” Olivia said. 

Not balancing sports and school is not an option. “After a full day of school and a two to three hour practice there is no time for procrastination. You have a strict schedule and you have to get things done,” she said. 

Even in an individual sport like swimming, Olivia finds teamwork. “Teamwork isn’t one of two people telling a group what to do, it’s everyone supporting each other and pulling their own ideas and strengths together to achieve something.”

Olivia also likes swimming, kayaking, ice skating and wing night with her friends. She plans to attend college and medical school to specialize in trauma. 

Olivia is the daughter of Leslie and David Verrill. She also has a brother Austin, a dog Millie and a cat named Cadbury.

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