Friday, February 19, 2016

Alex Wilkins is the Aroma Joe’s athlete of the week.

The 15-year-old sophomore is a triple threat on the soccer, track and baseball teams, where he is a goalie, jumper and outfielder.  

“Alex qualified for states in the long jump and is one of the top performers in the junior division for the high jump, long jump and triple. He’s a hard worker, great kids and always looking to improve,” said his coach Paula Pock.  

Mixing sports and school work, Alex sums it up with, “It is honestly not that hard to balance the two. It is all about timing things, and if you do it efficiently, then they fit together,” he said.  

Alex also likes to play sports with his friends and going to the beach in the summer. His sports hero is Lionel Messi. “I want to be a great player like him in soccer,” said Alex.  

“I’ve learned that teamwork is all about knowing your team and using that knowledge to help the team grow,” he said.
Alex lives with his mom Susan and his dad Rick. He also has three dogs.

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