Friday, February 26, 2016

RSU14 wins two Fields of Excellence awards - By Michelle Libby

The RSU14 grounds crew has won two Fields of Excellence awards for the past year. One was for the football field for the 2015 season and the other was for the softball fields for the 2015 season.
“Thanks for all the support over the years and we will continue to try to stay at the top,” said grounds coordinator Mike DiDonato, CSFM. 

Windham High School was one of only four schools in the nation to be selected for more than one field. A total of 84 awards were given out from Pioneer Athletics, a company that sells products for sports fields.

Faced with tightened budgets and being asked to do more with less, the field crews of these schools and organizations exemplified team work and dedication in 2015,” said Pioneer Athletics. “It’s the space we’ve created to honor great work and to foster school pride and community spirit in the process.”

The schools that enter the competition send an essay on why their fields should be honored and send pictures of the fields.
“We, in the softball program, are well aware of the state of our field and appreciate all the hard work Mike, and his crew, put into making it arguably the best facility in Maine (colleges included).  The field of excellence award validates what we've known for years!” said softball coach Travis Demmons.

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