Friday, March 11, 2016

Appling Bulldogs defeats Scarborough Fish and Game in BB competition

Appling Bulldogs defeated Scarborough Fish and Game 1816 to 1335 in the Orions National BB Gun League Distinguished Division. With the win, Appling Bulldogs is in first place, with a 4 - 0 record. Appling Bulldogs is from Baxley, GA, and is coached by Jeffrey McLellan.

Scarborough Fish and Game dropped to 0 - 4 on the season. They are currently in eighth place. Scarborough Fish and Game was led by James Loft from Standish, who shot a 306. The remaining contributing members were Clayton Locke, Evan Gurry, Jon Loft (Standish) and Charlie Loker. Scarborough Fish and Game is from Scarborough, ME, and is coached by Roy Gorman. 

Next up Scarborough Fish and Game will compete against Buffalo 4-H from Kearney, NE. Buffalo 4-H currently has a 0 - 4 record. match comes from week five of the Orion National BB Gun League. Sponsored by the Orion Scoring System, is a national team league for 4-H and junior rifle clubs. In an 8-week regular season, teams from across the country compete in a round robin win-loss league format. At the end of the season the top four teams will compete for the league championship in a single-elimination tournament. For more information visit

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