Friday, April 8, 2016

Swim season ends well for Windham Middle School - By Coach Brett Turenne

Windham Middle School swim team competed during the end of February and all of March. Competing against teams all over southern Maine. 

The middle school swim season ended very well. We had 50 kids on the team. The kids did very at the end of the festivals. Both teams had a majority of the kids drop times and had best times. It was a great way to end the short season on a high note. The kids worked very hard all year and it showed off in the end. 

Outstanding swimmers on the girls’ side were Kathryn Lucas, Willow Morales, Molly Stephen, Hannah Maurais, Hannah Cornish, Rosie Haibon and Jessie Farinella. A lot of the girls improved this season. A couple that stood out were Chloe Wilcox, Alexis Pompeo, Sydney Nangle and Rebecca Huff.
Click here to emailOn the boys’ side, the outstanding swimmers were Quinton Hastings, Clay Hatch, Aiden Day, Nathan Plummer, Lucas Pondgratz, Jack DiBlasi. The swimmers who progressed the most I would have to say were Jack DiBlasi and Nathan Plummer.

The biggest thing my assistant coach, Mrs. Hodge, and I worked on the most with the kids this year was making swimming fun, teaching them techniques and making sure they worked hard. It's such a short season so you want to make sure the kids stay interested in swimming going forward
and hope that they swim in high school.

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