Thursday, September 15, 2016

Athlete of the Week - Hailey Applebee

The Aroma Joe’s athlete of the week is Windham High School freshman Hailey Applebee. Hailey is on the cross country and track teams. 

“Head coach Jeff Riddle nominated this athlete and said, ‘Hailey has done it right in her early years to allow her major success early on in her WHS career.  She is very mature, coachable and very fun to be around’.”

“Kids should play sports because it helps them stay active and healthy at a young age,” said Hailey. She has learned that “a dream only comes true with determination and hard work.”

“My coaches in middle school and high school have both taught me so much and have helped me to keep working hard,” Hailey said. She would like to run in college and study marine biology. She enjoys running, biking and swimming.

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