Friday, February 10, 2017

The Jordan-Small Roadrunners win big in Tuesday’s game By Lorraine Glowczak

#14 Colby Mizner shoots a free throw

The Jordan-Small Middle School Roadrunners owned the ball in the first quarter and continued to be a challenge to the North Yarmouth Academy (NYA) Panthers

Eighth grader, Niall Gushue, #51, scored the first two points that began the continuation of the lead throughout the game. Seventh grader, Colby Mizner, #14, was a big factor for the Roadrunners with his three-point shooting ability. Gushue scored a total of six points for the game while Mizner scored 14.

Due to NYA’s heavy foul play, and JSMS’ dominance with rebounding and defense, the Roadrunners led the half time score of 27 to eight.

In the second half, the gritty NYA team showed a greater aggression towards the Roadrunners in an attempt to even the score - but to no avail.

The fourth quarter began with Roadrunners in the lead by 27 points. The final score was Raymond 51 and NYA 22.

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