Friday, February 3, 2017

Windham Youth Lacrosse offers fun-based developmental program By Lorraine Glowczak

Windham Youth Lacrosse Organization (WYLO) enters its seventh successful year of providing developmental opportunities and a fun spring sport alternative for boys and girls, grades third through eighth. With positive team skill- building such as fair play and integrity as their focus, the organization looks forward to continued growth. 

“Windham Youth Lacrosse is all about the kids,” Paul Vail, President of WYLO, said. “We provide opportunities for children to participate in a fast growing sport and hope to prepare them to play at the high school level.  But more importantly, our mission is to instill positive team sportsmanship.”
Vice President of WYLO, Liza Libby, stated that lacrosse is one of the oldest sports in the United States but growing successfully every year in the Windham community and hopes to see it continue to grow. 

According to the U.S. Lacrosse website, “Lacrosse was one of many varieties of indigenous stickball games being played by American Indians at the time of European contact. It is distinguished from the other sports, such as field hockey, by the use of a netted racquet with which to pick the ball off the ground, throw, catch and convey it into or past a goal to score a point. The cardinal rule in all varieties of lacrosse was that the ball, with few exceptions, must not be touched with the hands.” 

“Lacrosse is like no other sport,” Vail continued. “It is fast paced and truly a sport for the entire team. All players get an equal opportunity to play on the field. No one is left out or sitting on the side lines.” 

Open to all students in RSU14, registrations for the WYLO can be completed on its website at: The deadline to register is February 15, 2017. It is important to note that those who are new to lacrosse must first join the U.S. Lacrosse organization, which governs WYLO - before completing the registration. The cost to join U.S. Lacrosse is $30.
Once joining the U.S. Lacrosse, registration then can be made to the WYLO. The fee to participate is:  $110 for students in third to fourth grade and $120 for students in fifth through eighth grade. This does not include the cost for uniforms or equipment. For a list of required equipment, please refer to the website.

It is advised not to wait until the last minute to register. However, do not hesitate to register if you have not done so already.

Indoor practice will begin March 18 and will continue with two practices per week. Outdoor practices will occur as soon as the weather allows and will carry on until the last game in June.
Younger children who may be interested in lacrosse can become a part of this organization’s Little Lax program. For children in grades kindergarten through second, the Little Lax program teaches the foundation of lacrosse.

“This program is designed to give the kids the basic concept of the game and start to play with local towns,” Libby stated. “Our coaching staff consists of wonderful students that have come through the program. The Little Lax kids are learning from the best!”

Registration for the Little Lax program will begin in March.

Although winning is fun and encouraged, it is not the sole focus of WYLO. “Our focus is to encourage good sportsmanship, to have fun and give as much playing time as possible.” Vail continued. “I always quote a fellow coach, Ethan Smith, by repeating his words of wisdom; ‘You can win but lose, or you can lose but win.” It’s all about sportsmanship.

For questions and additional information, contact President Vail at:

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