Friday, March 3, 2017

Windham Eagles unified basketball second half of the season underway By Stephen Signor

Earlier this week the Windham Eagles touched off the second half of their season against the Poland Knights, a re-match with the team they faced in their season opener. Although the Eagles did not win the game they did play an improved game. But it did not start out that way. The game would begin with the Knights scoring the first 10 of the 12 total points in the first 5 minutes. But the Eagles soared back and kept the game close in the first half never trailing by no more than 10 points.
The slow start was no doubt due to having just returned from school vacation and an interrupted practice. As Co-coach Anne Blake would confirm, “We did practice but it is right after vacation and that practice was shortened by a fire alarm so it wasn’t the best.”  Blake also pointed out that the team, as a rule, is timid at the start. The Knights appeared a bit rusty as well but managed a 28-18 lead at half time.

The second half showed promise for the Eagles, always managing to keep pace with the Knights, but in the end could not overcome a consistent 10 point deficit. But nothing could erase the determination and joy on their faces with every effort. As with every game, Blake kept them going with encouragement despite the absence of Co-coach Brittany Taylor. “It’s a little challenging. I usually do the scoring books and Brittany is usually out there. But it’s all right. I know these guys pretty well by now,” shared Blake.

All of the Eagles players scored which was a plus when it comes to performance. High scorers were Cameron Malone with 8 and the rest of the team with four or more. The Knights had two players (Wing and Ellington) in double digits totaling 30 points.  In the end this would prove to be the deciding factor, in what ended up being a 48-30 victory over the Eagles.

With only three games remaining, the season is going to come to a close too soon. There is an outside chance that with this year’s success next year’s season could be extended, although nothing has been put in stone. One thing for certain, the players will certainly not object. 

The Eagles’ next game is away against the Bonny Eagle Scots, Friday, March 3, at 3:30 p.m. The next home game scheduled for Monday, March 6, against the Lewiston Blue Devils, also at 3:30 p.m. Their final game is away against the Yarmouth Clippers. Game time has yet to be determined.

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