Friday, April 28, 2017

Veterans honored by Dave Tanguay

Each year on Memorial Day, The Field-Allen Post honors those veterans from Windham, who have passed away that year, with a Bell Ceremony. Their names are read followed by the tolling of the bell.

As Adjutant to the Post, I try to keep a record of those Veterans who passed away that had an affiliation with the Town of Windham in some capacity as a resident, attended Windham schools, or worked here etc. The names are then submitted for the Bell Ceremony to be held in front of the High School on Memorial Day.

The following are the names of the fallen from Windham that are currently listed as having passed
away between May 2016 and May 2017.      Michael D’Orio May 2016
2.      Gilbert G. Gallant, June 2016
3.      John P. Coffey, June 2016
4.      Gordon Harvey, (Post 148), June 2016
5.      Richard Mitchell (Post 148), Sept 2016
6.      Lloyd Rogers, Sept 2016
7.      Russell Olsen, Dec 2016
8.      Fred Wright, (VFW Post 10643)
9.      Hugh “Sonny” Butler, Dec 2016
10.  Muriel Mulkern, 101, Jan 2017
11.  Ralph Miele (Post 148), Jan 2017
12.  Bud Fogg, Jan 2017
13.  John Gavin, (VFW Post 10643), Feb 2017
14.  Ken L Winship, Feb 2017

15.  Walter M. Parker, April 2017 

Please review the list. If you find that the Post has missed a veteran, please contact Post Adjutant, Dave Tanguay at 892-1306 to have the name of your loved one added to the list to be honored

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