Friday, May 12, 2017

Athlete of the Week: Sierra Guite

Sierra Guite, a freshman at Windham High School is The Windham Eagle’s Athlete of the Week. The 14-year-old, who participates in volleyball as well as indoor and outdoor track, believes kids should play sports because it is a way to meet new people, be competitive and a fun way to stay active.

“Sierra was instrumental in our team’s recent success and she is a true team player,” stated her coach, Jeff Riddle.

Guite enjoys running, volleyball and hanging out with friends.

She has learned that sports are something you can do your entire life. “There is no downside to participating in them” Guite said. “They have taught me how to push myself and set goals.”

Guite plans to get a degree in medicine and work in a hospital.

She lives at home with her mom (Jen), dad (Todd), her brother (Josh) along with her dog, Fenway.

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