Saturday, October 13, 2018

Seventh grade youth football outplays Scarborough

By Matt Pascarella

The Windham youth seventh grade football team played Scarborough, at Windham on Saturday, October 6th.

Daniel Mitchell
Windham took to the field, with high intensity, ready to show Scarborough they came to win. Although Scarborough gained possession early on in the game, Windham’s defense was ready to rumble. Windham’s strong defense prevented excess yardage and scoring opportunities for Scarborough.

Once Windham regained possession it was showtime. Quinton Lindsay #13 ran the ball into Scarborough’s end zone for Windham’s first touchdown. They attempted the two-point conversion, but didn’t make it, 6-0.

Windham’s defense prevented Scarborough from gaining any serious yardage. Lindsay scores again a short time later. This time, Windham did get the two-point conversion, making the score 14-0.
Lindsay did not let up and scores his third touchdown, 20-0, Windham. Windham’s defense kept the ball closer to Scarborough’s end zone than Windham’s for a majority of the second quarter.

Half: 20-0 Windham

Quinton Lindsay
Windham gained possession quickly at the start of the second half and ran the ball close to Scarborough’s end zone. Lindsay scores a touchdown once again. Briggs Valliere, #81, gets the two-point conversion. Daniel Mitchell #82 scores a touchdown. The Eagles do not let up, despite their considerable lead. Windham’s defense was not letting Scarborough get through to score. The Eagles were doing a great job of taking down their opponents right up until the end.

Final: 34-0, Windham. This was their third shutout in four games having only let one touchdown through in those four games.

“Team effort is what won this game, 100% team effort,” remarked Coach Rob Hanse. “We preach it every week, that it takes all 25 of these kids. They pat each other on the back and that’s how they play football,”

Senior Night for Field Hockey teams result in wins

By Matt Pascarella

The JV and varsity field hockey teams took on Noble High School at Windham on Friday, October 5th. These games were part of Senior Night celebrations in which senior athletes were honored for their contribution to Windham High School.

Chloe McVetty
Windham began pressuring early, working to get the ball near Noble’s goal. The Lady Eagles had strong defense and offense, blocking Noble from scoring and taking shots on Noble’s goal. Windham was getting ahead of their opponent, beating them to the ball which gave Windham control for large portions of the first half. Chloe McVetty #15 scored.

Half: 1-0, Windham

Windham did not let up their intensity in the second half of play. They were stealing possession from Noble and were passing nicely. The Lady Eagles continued strong defense by keeping the ball away from their goal for most of the second half. Windham did not let up; preventing Noble from scoring.

Final: 1-0, Windham

“They played together as a team today...and continued to communicate...they continued to fight offensively the whole game which helped keep them in it to get the win,” commented Coach Cory DiDonato.

Ellie Wilson
There was no slowing down when the JV team hit the field. They also had high energy and defense, stealing balls from Noble and keeping players away from the Windham goal. The Lady Eagles were blocking Noble’s scoring attempts and taking shots on goal. Ellie Wilson #7 scored.

Half: 1-0 Windham

Windham kicked it into high gear for the second half in which they pressured Noble even harder, taking multiple shots on their goal resulting in Wilson and Chloe Desmond #10 scoring. Windham was blocking shots from Noble and getting turnovers to gain possession. The Lady Eagles stayed aggressive all through the half and were able to clinch the win.

Final: 3-0, Windham

“They had a positive attitude...there was better communication and as a team, they worked really well together and had fun,” observed Coach Tiffany Theriault.


Saturday, October 6, 2018

Girls' soccer shut out Sanford in homecoming games

By Matt Pascarella

The girls’ JV and Varsity soccer teams played their homecoming games against Sanford on Saturday, September 29th.

Sarah Talon
Windham was aggressive with great teamwork, going after the ball and owning the field in the first half of play. They had several shots on goal which resulted in many of the Windham players scoring: Sarah Talon and Hannah Cornish each scored three times. Emma Millet and Hannah Maurais scored. Windham had excellent communication. The Lady Eagles were controlling the field, keeping Sanford at bay.

Half: 8-0, Windham

Julia McKenna
Windham didn’t slow down even a little in the second half. They were beating Sanford to the ball, had strong offense and defense and were playing hard, giving it all they had. Julia Kaplan scored twice.

The final score was 10-0, Windham.

“They passed well, they trust their teammates...we’re very aggressive, the girls are playing very, very well,” said Coach Jeff Fish.

Varsity Lady Eagles continued Windham’s command on the field as they showed Sanford they were not a team that was easy to beat. Windham began pressuring immediately, working well as a team with strong offense and defense. The Lady Eagles were taking shots on goal the entire game. In the first half, Meghan Hoffses and Julia McKenna scored. Sanford was pressuring. Windham was in control as they did not let up the entire half.

Half: 2-0 Windham

This was Windham’s game and they showed that by turning up the intensity in the second half. The Lady Eagles were getting to the ball first and fast. Windham took many shots on goal, two shots hit the goal posts – Windham wasn’t slowing down. Hoffses and McKenna both scored again. Windham played their hearts out, right until the final buzzer.

Final:  4-0 Windham  

“Kids stayed disciplined today and they worked really well together,” said Coach Deb Lebel.  “[This was] probably some of the best communication we’ve seen all season. This is a nice win and it was nice to score some points against a better team.”

Homecoming football game a loss against Thornton Academy

Stuart Salom
By Matt Pascarella

As coach Matt Perkins stated about Friday’s September 28th varsity football homecoming game against Thornton Academy, “It’s all about building little parts and getting better at little parts.”
It was a tough one on Friday, but Windham took to the field with intensity. The Eagles kept their heads up and did not get discouraged despite an early 9-0 lead by Thornton Academy. Early on in the first quarter, Thornton managed to make it into Windham’s end zone, scoring several more touchdowns. Windham was working hard to get some points on the scoreboard.

After a tough first quarter, Windham was not down and out. They kept at it and played to show Thornton they weren’t going to give up. Stuart Salom #21 got some reasonable yardage running for more than 10 yards. Although the score was tipped in the opposite direction, enthusiasm from the crowd and the team hadn’t diminished.

Half: 52-0, Thornton Academy

In the second half Windham hit the field still hungry, eager to turn this game around. Windham was putting in a good effort and had stepped up their defense, taking down more Thornton Academy players than in the first half. The Eagles also prevented Thornton from scoring in the third quarter. Salom again ran for more than 10 yards in the second half. Windham did not stop their efforts until the final buzzer. Although, they were unable to score, the Eagles prevented Thornton from getting any touchdowns in the fourth quarter.

“When you play a team like Thornton, the question is, ‘did we do better in certain areas?’”, remarked Coach Perkins. “They [the players] are getting there. We are getting better and you just got to keep going with that. They are playing hard and eventually, it’s going to click.”

Windham boys’ soccer gets stronger every game

Ezra Smith
By Matt Pascarella

The JV and varsity boys’ soccer teams played their homecoming games against Scarborough on Thursday, September 27th.

Chandler Chenard
Windham started strong, going aggressively after the ball. They had great teamwork and communication, taking multiple shots on Scarborough’s goal. Both teams were pressuring. The Eagles had good offense and defense, keeping Scarborough from multiple goals in the first half. Windham was not slowed down by the slick field conditions.

Half 1-0, Scarborough

Windham kicked it into high gear in the second half; continuing to take shot after shot at Scarborough’s goal. Early on in the second half, Windham kept the ball away from their goal and were doing well at commanding the field. The Eagles had excellent teamwork with strong offense and defense, sometimes running circles around Scarborough’s players. They were really pressuring, working to turn this game around. Although they beat Scarborough to the ball several times, they weren’t able to score.

Final: 2-0, Scarborough

“Coming out of the second half, they had the intensity I was looking for, which put a lot more pressure on the opposing team’s defending players; we just couldn’t score,” observed Coach Mitch Hodge.

Windham took to the field with intensity, going hard after the ball with solid communication. They were pressuring and had quick feet on the slicker-than-usual field. The Eagles were taking shots on goal and had concrete defense, preventing Scarborough from getting more than one goal in the first half.
Half: 1-0, Scarborough

The Eagles came out in the second half to show they weren’t going down without a fight. They continued taking shots on Scarborough’s goal. As a team, they were working hard to score. Scarborough scored a couple goals early in the half. Windham was trying hard to get a few balls in the net, but it didn’t happen.

Final 4-0, Scarborough

“I think that we played well, and I think that we played with heart. We are a respectable team on the field, but we still have to put a full game together against [teams similar to] Scarborough. We’re not quite where I want us to be against [teams like] Scarborough,” commented Coach Wally LeBlanc.

Friday, September 28, 2018

Field hockey athlete is a champ on high school and college fields by Matt Pascarella

Kayla Collins
High school junior Kayla Collins is on a roll; not only is she on Windham’s junior varsity field hockey team, but she was chosen as the Team IMPACT 2018 top recruit. On Thursday, September 20th, Collins was officially drafted to and became a member of the Saint Joseph’s College field hockey team.

Located in Boston, Team IMPACT’s mission is to improve the quality of life for children facing serious and chronic illnesses through the power of college athletic teams, forming life-long bonds and life-changing outcomes.

Collins was diagnosed shortly after birth with a genetic disorder. Since 2011, Team IMPACT has matched over 1,500 children with more than 500 colleges and universities in 48 states.

Throughout the season, both the high school recruit and the college student athletes learn invaluable lessons from each other; lessons and perspective that cannot be acquired in the classroom. While Collins will not play on the field at Saint Joseph’s College, she is very much a supportive member of the team; attending practices, games, team dinners, events and more.

Family friend Ali Peters met Collins through Boston Children’s Hospital. Peters ran as Collin’s Patient Partner through the ‘Miles for Miracles’ program in the 2017 Boston Marathon. Peters also knew of and had worked with Team IMPACT and thought it would be a great fit for Collins and her love of field hockey. When Saint Joseph’s College expressed an interest in having a Team IMPACT athlete, Collins was the perfect choice.

Collins has been a fan of field hockey since she began playing in seventh grade and she is very excited. “It feels good to join a college team,” she says.
“This will be a very positive relationship for both Kayla and the team; we are very excited to have [her] become part of our family,” commented Coach Rupert Lewis.

“It’s a relief for us to see her so relaxed and enjoying every minute with the team. We’re so grateful for this opportunity for her,” says mom Trista Collins.

“This gives Kayla something to get excited about while we continue to wait for treatment options for her,” Trista continued. “It also gives her a new setting to be herself in where she doesn’t have to try hard to fit in or keep up with everyone around her. This team is giving her freedom to have fun doing something she loves at another level while also learning from their college experiences on and off the field. She has some extraordinary college athletes on her team - now that are just a few miles away - rooting for her.”

Windham High volleyball prevails in an exciting home game by Matt Pascarella

Angel Spiller
The Lady Eagles JV and varsity volleyball teams took on Mount Desert Island (MDI) on Friday, September 21st at Windham High School.

Set 1
Windham starts strong scoring immediately. They had excellent teamwork with several good volleys that gave them the lead which they maintained. MDI was right behind though and soon the teams were neck and neck. MDI pulled ahead 23-20. Soon it’s match point, MDI. Windham stays alive a little longer before MDI takes set one, 25-21.

Set 2
The Lady Eagles started a little slow but made up for it quickly. MDI jumped ahead, 6-3. Windham had several nice returns and tied the game at 7. Windham had great teamwork and communication, with nice volleys and spiking of the ball. Windham pulled ahead 20-15 and the Lady Eagles took this set 25-16.
Meghan Harmon

Set 3
Windham kicked it into the highest of gears for the third set of play. They were giving 120%, working hard to get the win. They started out down 5-1, but turned the set around to tie it at 5. This was another close set with both teams neck and neck. Windham was right behind MDI for the remainder of the game. Windham left it all on the court, but after a game well played, MDI takes this one 15-13, winning the match two games to one.

“It was an exciting game, it was definitely one of our more active games where I felt like we had a lot of touches on the ball and had some longer plays. It gave the girls the chance to play some pass, set, hit volleyball which is always fun to watch,” observed Coach India Ross.

Set 1 pulled ahead to a 9-3 lead. The Lady Eagles had excellent teamwork and were spiking the ball each chance they got. They were giving it all, showing MDI if they wanted to win, they were going to have to work for it. Windham was pressuring, but MDI was pressuring right back. MDI was able to hold off Windham for a little while, but eventually lost the first set 25-19.

Set 2
Windham jumps to a 7-1 lead. MDI is right behind with the score 9-6, Windham. The Lady Eagles had great teamwork and communication throughout the entire match. MDI was slow at catching up, but wasn’t able to get there before the Lady Eagles win 25-22.

Set 3
Windham didn’t slow down their intensity. The Lady Eagles lead the entire set. Windham wasn’t going to let this final set get away from them. The score was 23-16, Windham, match point, then Windham wins the set 25-16 and the match three games to zero.

“We pushed pretty good against MDI today,” said Coach Chris Cloutier. “We had some new faces on the floor today and it was really pushing them to challenge their game, giving some them confidence. We prevailed when we needed to.”

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Windham High golf on a roll despite loss by Matt Pascarella

Drew Mathieu

The Windham High School varsity golf team hit the links to compete against Bonny Eagle, at Deep Brook Golf Course in Saco on Thursday, September 13th.

Windham had beaten Bonny Eagle in their first match of the year at Riverside Golf Course. Deep Brook, a par 36, can be a little more of a challenge and, as a result, I was impressed with the abilities of these athletes. Windham showed immense concentration and focus on the course. Windham players can really drive the ball deep, getting on or close to the green in only a few strokes. I saw several skilled Windham players sinking putts from on or just outside the green.

In specifics to last Thursday’s match, high shooters were Nolan Kent, who shot a 44, Drew Mathieu who shot a 45 and Zach Loftis who shot a 47. Bonny Eagle came out ahead; in points, 11-2 and strokes in this match, 224-266. was encouraged by the play out of both Nolan Kent and Drew Mathieu. Both played solid golf all day long and Mathieu was able to pick up our only points on the day,” said Coach Adam Manzo.

“We have four home matches left on the year and definitely will need to improve collectively if we want to have any chance of qualifying as a team at the SMAA Qualifier on October 1st. I firmly believe that with a little more focus and attention to details, we can compete with anyone,” Manzo said with confidence.

Varsity football gives it their all against Edward Little by Matt Pascarella

Harrison Boyle
The varsity football team played Edward Little on Friday, September 14th at Windham.

Windham started with high intensity, ready to show they came to play. They had good hustle and worked hard defensively to keep Edward Little from gaining yards.

In the first quarter, Windham did well to move the ball and after a punt attempt on fourth down, the ball landed on the field. After Edward Little tapped the ball, the quarterback, Harrison Boyle, #20 picked up the ball and ran it to Edward Little’s 25-yard line. Then, Garrett Peeples, #9, ran the ball into the end zone for six points. Windham football scored the extra point to tie the game at seven.
Windham continued to work hard, both offensively and defensively. Peeples ran the ball in for his second touchdown of the game before the end of the second half.

Half: 28-14, Edward Little

Windham worked fiercely to turn this game around. Their defense was taking down players with veracity. Right after Windham made it to Edward Little’s 30-yard line, Stuart Salom #21 scored a touchdown and Windham made the extra point.

Windham gave it their all, putting forth a solid effort, but Edward Little came out ahead at the end of this one, 41-21.

“We had five freshmen play tonight and they played hard; you’re going to have mental mistakes...but I felt like tonight we took a big step...of being more physical and getting after them [Edward Little]. We didn’t play scared...and understood the game better,” remarked coach Matt Perkins. “We’re getting there; when you make mistakes, you’ve got to look at how we fix it, what’s next and it’s all learning. The way that they cranked the whole game, I was just impressed as a package on all of it.”

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Boys' soccer teams begin home openers on a high note by Matt Pascarella

Sam Glicos running to get to the ball
Evan Glicos moves the ball away from a Kennebunk player
The varsity and JV boys’ soccer teams played their first home game of the season against Kennebunk on Saturday, September 8th.

Windham started strong with good communication and solid teamwork as they moved the ball around nicely. Windham showed Kennebunk early on this was their game and they were going to win. Kennebunk was putting the pressure on, but Windham could handle it and responded by pressuring back. The Eagles had solid offense and defense, blocking scoring opportunities for Kennebunk as well as taking shots on their goal.

Half: 0-0

Although the first half was scoreless, Windham was going after the ball aggressively and showing they wanted it more. Shortly into the second half, Evan Glicos #11, gets one in the goal. The second half had higher intensity than the first. Windham’s strong defense prevented several scoring opportunities for Kennebunk.  Playing quickly, their tight offense frequently moved the ball out of Kennebunk’s possession and toward Kennebunk’s goal, keeping it away from Windham’s goal most of the second half. After the final buzzer, Windham takes this one: 1-0.

“They’re playing intelligent soccer, but more than anything, they care about each other and they’re playing tremendously hard for each other and it’s just really fun to watch,” observed coach Wally LeBlanc.

JV began pressuring Windham early on but the Eagles were prepared with powerful offense and defense, blocking scoring opportunities for Kennebunk and working well as a team. Windham had high intensity and were moving the ball around quickly, showing they were the stronger team.

Half: 0-0

In the second half, Windham put it all on the field. They communicated well and were hustling. They did not let up offensively or defensively, as Kennebunk was unable to score due to Windham players kicking and blocking Kennebunk’s shots on or near the goal. Sam Glicos #24 put the ball between the posts, giving Windham the lead. Windham didn’t slow down and continued working together to get the win.

Final 1-0, Windham

“Possession [of the ball] is stronger than it has been in the past...and they came together and focused,” remarked coach Mitch Hodge.

Girls’ soccer teams gave solid effort against Bonny Eagle by Matt Pascarella

Belle Skvorak playing defense

On Wednesday, September 5th, the JV and varsity soccer teams took on Bonny Eagle in the first home games of the season for both Windham teams.

The lady Eagles had nice hustle right away. Emma Millett #31 scored a goal within the first three minutes of play. Windham had taken control of the field playing good offense and defense. Windham was working well together, taking multiple shots on Bonny Eagle’s goal. The Lady Eagles were really putting the pressure on and as a result, Ella Cote #34 and Clara Ward #35 both scored in the first half. Windham was in command moving the ball around, with excellent teamwork.
Ella Cote

Half: 3-0 Windham

Windham did not let up. The lady Eagles offense and defense remained strong, although Bonny Eagle did score in the second half. Windham was giving it their all, beating Bonny Eagle to the ball and taking shots on their goal. Molly Black #26 scored.

Final: 4-1, Windham.

“They play as a team, they don’t play as individuals. I tell them trust your teammate and they do a lot of talking on the field [and that contributed to the win]” said coach Jeff Fish.

Windham started strong with nice movement of the ball and aggressively working to beat Bonny Eagle to the ball. Bonny Eagle did jump to an early 2-0 lead, but Windham kept their heads up and had several solid efforts, taking repeated shots at Bonny Eagle’s goalie.

Half: 3-0, Bonny Eagle

Windham continued their hustle, going hard after the ball in the second half. The Lady Eagles stepped up offense and defense blocking shots taken by Bonny Eagle. The Lady Eagles were working hard to gain possessions and trying to turn the game around. Although Belle Skvorak #3 scored, Windham was unable to get ahead.

Final: 4-1, Bonny Eagle

“We’ve got to come together as a team, we’ve got to communicate better,” commented coach Deb Lebel. “We didn’t really play with a ton of intensity...we need to take good shots. We played reactionary tonight; [Windham] is a good team, they’re going to win a lot of games. We’re going to have to learn from our mistakes and move on.”

Friday, September 7, 2018

Volleyball teams played their first home game of the season by Matt Pascarella

Morgan Proulx
Both JV and varsity set out to play their first game of the season on Tuesday, September 4th against Scarborough.

JV – best of three sets
Set 1
Windham started with strong communication. The Eagles were doing well returning serves and volleys. Scarborough had jumped to an early lead, but Windham was working hard to turn that around. In the end, Scarborough took set one: 25-7.

Set 2
Rebecca Huff
Windham showed Scarborough they weren’t giving up. The Eagles had powerful return volleys. They were also setting the ball up nicely for one another which resulted in a better, smarter played game. Although Windham played a better game, Scarborough wins 25-9.

Technically, Scarborough won this match 2-0. A third game was played in which Windham really showed what they were made of.

Set 3
Windham kept Scarborough from pulling far ahead; they had excellent teamwork and communication. At one point, Windham was down 13-7 and after some good servers, Windham came back to tie the game at 13. They then jumped to a 15-14 lead, then the game at 16. Windham shows Scarborough they’re a solid opponent, taking the third game 18-16.

“First game of the season there’s always some nerves...I feel they came out and had a pretty good showing,” remarked coach India Ross.

VARSITY – two set matches to 25 points and a third set to 15 points

Set 1
Windham started strong, with excellent communication, returning the ball quickly. Scarborough jumps to an early lead, but Windham is not far behind; Giving it 100% kept Windham and Scarborough neck and neck. The score was tied at 22. Windham wasn’t backing down, but Scarborough was slowly creeping toward 25. After an excellent effort by Windham, Scarborough wins 25-22.
Set 2
Windham started this set with great teamwork, enabling them to get an early 9-7 lead. The Eagles had good hustle both in volleying and going after the ball. Windham had several blocks, stopping the ball from coming over to their side of the court. Windham pulled ahead 18-12, then kept up their momentum closing in on Scarborough, 22-17. Windham wins 25-18.

Set 3
Windham didn’t slow down and commanded the scoreboard early. These two teams were very evenly matched. The Eagles were on fire; playing hard, giving it everything they had. Windham was capitalizing on Scarborough’s weaknesses. Scarborough was not far behind; the score 23-19, Windham. Then, the Eagles are one point from winning. Scarborough sends the ball into the stands, Windham wins 25-20.

Set 4
Windham continued putting on the pressure. They were neck and neck most of the set. Scarborough got a bit of a lead, but Windham was not far behind. Scarborough wins 25-20.

Set 5
Windham did not get discouraged. They continued to show they were more than a worthy opponent. Windham pulled ahead 10-7 and was 5 points away from winning the set. Scarborough ties the set at 14. After a great effort by Windham, Scarborough pulled ahead to win the set 16-14 and the match 3-2.

“The girls know we can compete with these top teams,” observed Coach Chris Cloutier. “We should be a contending team this year; a good start to the season and a pretty good season ahead of us.”

JV field hockey team gearing up for a great year by Matt Pascarella

The JV field hockey team began their season with their first home game against Falmouth on Thursday, August 30th.

Ellie Wilson
The lady Eagles started strong with nice communication on the field and moving the ball around with good teamwork. Windham had great offense and defense, stopping several scoring opportunities for Falmouth.

Falmouth was aggressive in going after the ball but, Windham was just as aggressive – going hard after the ball with a number of players taking the ball down the field, towards Falmouth’s goal.

Half: 1-0, Falmouth

The start of the second half brought Windham throwing it in to high gear, going even harder at the ball, with outstanding offense and defense. Windham continued their strong defense and again, prevented several more scoring opportunities for Falmouth.

Windham was moving the ball up and down the field, which resulted in Ellie Wilson, #7, scoring early in the second half to tie the game at 1.

Windham did not let up their assertive nature as they continued to give their all, not backing down from a team that was putting the pressure on. The lady Eagles played a good game and held their own on the field, but in the end, Falmouth managed to pull ahead to win this one: 2-1.

“Overall they played really well as a team, they were hustling out there and they were cutting to the ball, they just came up short, but they played well,” said coach Tiffany Theriault.

Friday, August 31, 2018

Windham High School soccer team is ready to play by Matt Pascarella

Jamie Louko
he fall soccer season is only a few days away. The boys’ JV and varsity soccer teams played back-to-back practice games on Thursday, August 23 at Windham against Edward Little.

The team started out well, hitting the field with strong communication and solid movement of the ball. Almost immediately, Hunter Vail scored, giving Windham a 1-0 lead.

Windham’s teamwork made for some excellent offense and defense. The team had solid hustle, giving 100% throughout the game. Windham players were getting to the ball faster, taking multiple shots on Edward Little’s goal and blocked several scoring opportunities for Edward Little.

Half: 1-0, Windham.
Micah Andujar

Windham played the second half just as hard as the first. Windham’s offense and defense continued to show they came to win. Sam Glicos scored, making it 2-0, Windham.

Windham had upped its intensity, moving the ball up and down the field and around Edward Little players to gain shots on their opponent’s goal. Before the final whistle was blown, Jamie Louko scored to make the final score 3-0, Windham

“The simple adjustments I asked them to do made a difference in today’s game,” said coach Mitchell Hodge. “This [win] will only encourage them to keep up this style of play, which is possession-based soccer.”


There was hustle right out of the gate when varsity took the field. They, too, were beating Edward Little to gain possessions of the ball. The Eagle’s teamwork and communication made for multiple shots on goal. They were pressuring hard.

Micah Andujar scored twice in the first half. Windham had excellent offense and their defense blocked several of their opponent’s scoring opportunities. Edward Little was able to get one by Windham’s goalie before halftime.

Half: 2-1, Windham.

Intensity did not slow down, even for a minute in the second half. Windham’s fancy footwork had them in control and the Eagle’s defense kept Edward Little away from their goal. Windham continued taking shots on Edward Little’s goal. Before the end of the second half, Edward Little got one in the net, but not until Anthony Sawyer scored for Windham.

Final: 3-2, Windham

“We’re really trying to work on team shape and playing as a group,” commented coach Wally LeBlanc. “I was pleased with the way they were passing the ball and combining with each other.”
The first regular season home game is Thursday, September 6 against Portland; JV at 4 p.m. and varsity at 6 p.m.

Varsity football prepares for the start of fall season by Matt Pascarella

Maxwell Marshall heads to the end zone
Brady Afthim kicks off the season!
It's here - Friday night under the lights. Windham faced off against Bonny Eagle, at Windham, for a practice game on August 24.

The Eagles came out with great intensity, ready to hit the field and get to work. Windham’s strong defense kept Bonny Eagle from advancing early in the game.

Later in the first half, Bonny Eagle jumped out to a lead scoring two touchdowns and an extra point attempt, 13-0. This didn’t discourage Windham; they just knew they had to turn up the heat in the form of defense. The Eagles stopped potential scoring opportunities with several tackles.

Windham players had excellent teamwork; they were keeping their heads and the intensity up. Marshall Maxwell, #25, gets to Bonny Eagle’s 33 yard line. Later, Garrett Peeples, #9, advances to Bonny Eagles 45-yard line, before the ball is turned over.

Brady Afthim, #15, received a strong tackle, preventing Bonny Eagle from scoring. Eagle’s defense prevented two other touchdown opportunities for the Scots. Bonny Eagle would get some speed headed for the end zone and Windham would take them down.

Stuart Salom, #21, gets to Bonny Eagle’s 34-yard line, but didn’t make it into the end zone.
Half: 27-0, Bonny Eagle

The second half started with strong defense on Windham’s part. Bonny Eagle was going hard towards Windham’s end zone but was stopped several times.

#WindhamPowersportsAnthony Gugliuzza, #12, made it to Bonny Eagle’s 35-yard line, then advanced to their 24 yard line. Windham had several attempts where they almost completed a touchdown pass but fell just short.

Final 35-0, Bonney Eagle.

“You’re going to take lumps and you just learn to get better,” said coach Matt Perkins. “The kids made some adaptations...and played hard [during the game]. If you have a kid who plays hard and is giving you passion and effort, you can work with that…it’s all learning. Our biggest focus is us and we just got to get better each day and go from there.”

Next home game will be on Friday, August 31st with a kickoff time of 7 p.m.

Friday, August 24, 2018

Girls’ soccer team will be tough to beat in the regular season by Matt Pascarella

The girls, varsity soccer team, in preparation for the upcoming season, had a practice game against York, at York High School, on Saturday August 18th.

The Eagles started this one strong with great teamwork, moving the ball up and down the field, putting the pressure on. Windham had excellent communication and did an outstanding job of keeping the ball moving towards the York half of the field early on in the game. Windham had tough offense and defense throughout the game, although, in the first half, York did score. Windham made up for it later in the game.

Riley Beam
Windham players were taking multiple shots on York’s goal, giving it all, showing they came to play and win. Windham’s goalie, Riley Silvia, had several impressive stops and saves throughout the entire game.

Shortly before the end of the first half, Riley Beem got one by York’s goalie tying the game at 1.

The girls hit the field ready to get it done in the second half. Windham kept up the intensity and had tight offense and defense, keeping the ball on York’s side of the field. The Eagles took multiple shots on York’s goal. Windham continued going strong the entire second half, not letting up. Their hustle and teamwork were really putting the pressure on York. With the clock winding down in the second half, both teams were looking to break the tie.

There was roughly a minute left on the clock, when the ball was passed to Meghan Hoffses. She took it up the field toward York’s goal and the goalie charged out to block the shot.  Hoffses had a clear shot at the goal and scored!

Windham won 2-1.

“We play right to the end, we play with a lot of heart…that competitive edge right to the end will help us throughout the season,” said coach Deb Lebel.

Anthem Hero at Hadlock Honoree from Windham pays it forward

Nolan Cyr with Slugger
As part of Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield’s continued commitment to supporting the prevention and treatment of cancer and the work of the Maine Children’s Cancer Program (MCCP), 11-year-old cancer survivor Nolan Cyr was honored as an Anthem Hero at Hadlock for the courage he displayed battling a serious illness at such a young age and his efforts to comfort other pediatric cancer patients.

Cyr, of Windham, was the last of four Anthem Heroes at Hadlock to be recognized during the 2018 season. The ceremony took place prior to the August 19 Portland Sea Dogs game at Hadlock Field.

“From his determination to get back on the ice to play sled hockey after beating cancer, to his mission to provide comfort to children undergoing the same battle, Nolan is a fighter and we are inspired by his spirit,” said Dr. Jeffrey Holmstrom, medical director at Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield in Maine. “Anthem is committed improving the health of the people and the communities we have the privilege to serve. That is why we support the important work done by Maine Children’s Cancer Program to battle childhood cancers, and why we are proud to recognize brave kids like Nolan through our Anthem Heroes at Hadlock program.”

Cyr was 10 years old when he developed pain and a limp in his left leg. After X-rays, an MRI, and a consultation with an orthopedic doctor, Cyr was diagnosed with osteosarcoma, a form of cancer. Cyr had a port implanted and began chemotherapy treatments at MCCP. He also underwent major limb salvage surgery at Boston Children’s Hospital, which resulted in the removal of half of his femur and a prosthetic implanted into his leg. Now eight months in remission, Cyr has taken up sled hockey and looks forward to hitting the ice with the New England Warriors Sled Hockey Team this season.

While undergoing treatment, Cyr created Nolan’s Warrior Packs, a backpack of items that kept him comfortable during his long stays at the hospital. He now gives the packs to pediatric cancer patients at the Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital with the goal of making other children like him smile as they endure their toughest battle.“It is important to be brave and to never give up hope,” Cyr stated recently to encourage other children who are facing similar battles.

“He hasn't stopped working and dreaming and knowing that he will succeed at anything he puts his mind to,” Nolan’s mother, Angela Cyr stated. “This is what we try to instill in our kids, and it is so inspiring to see it put to work. Nolan is an inspiration to me, I am so proud of him every single day. Watching the effort that he puts in to just simply walk again is downright amazing. My heart bursts with pride every time I think about it. With the struggles he has faced, he never gave up (never gives up), never backed down. He just simply said, ‘bring it on, I'm going to do it’, and give more than 100% trying.”

The Anthem Heroes at Hadlock program provides children who have battled a serious medical condition a once-in-a-lifetime experience at Hadlock Field. Each honoree takes a celebratory home run lap around the bases of Hadlock prior to a Sea Dogs home game while the players give the child high-fives and the crowd provides a standing ovation. The children and their families also receive a number of Sea Dogs souvenirs and other VIP privileges.