Friday, January 19, 2018

Coach spotlight on Edward “EJ” Regan by Matt Pascarella

Coach Regan
Edward “EJ” Regan graduated from Bonny Eagle High School in 1998 and attended the University of Maine to earn his degree in secondary education in English. He taught English at Lisbon High School from 2002 to 2008.
Although Regan has been an English teacher at Windham High for the past 10 years, he has been teaching English, overall for 16 years. He currently is the girls’ JV basketball coach and has been since 2012.

It was during Regan’s second year teaching at Lisbon High School that he got into coaching. 

He’s always been a fan of basketball and wanted to continue to be a part of the game. A middle school coaching position opened in the girls’ program and he became involved at that point, coaching for four seasons. Also, while at Lisbon, he was the JV boys’ basketball coach for a season and the middle school softball coach for two seasons.

Regan moved to Windham in 2008. He continued coaching as the seventh-grade girls’ basketball coach, which he did for two years prior to becoming the high school coach of the freshman girls’ team. 

Regan coaches because it gives him the opportunity to connect with students outside of the regular classroom setting. He loves to see students challenge themselves and improve athletically. Coaching also provides an opportunity to work with students he does not have in the classroom and, as a result, Regan gets to know more students.
You will also find Regan coaching the softball program which he has done since 2009. He has also been the freshman team coach for three seasons and the JV coach for five, as well as the varsity assistant for one season. Regan has coached boys and girls middle school soccer in Windham for six seasons. He’s been coaching 10 total seasons overall in the girls’ program. 

By the end of every basketball season, Coach Regan wants his players to have an enjoyable experience competing, bonding with peers and walking away with a better understanding of what it means to be on a team. He also hopes the players learn that everyone brings something to the table and that they develop a love of the game of basketball.

What makes a successful season? It’s not just wins on the court. If players are able to improve their fundamentals and apply that to their games, Regan sees that as a success; if players learn to understand their roll on the team, and work hard within that roll, that’s a success.  If the JV players and the [players who play both JV and Varsity] can mesh together on the court, that’s also a success.
For Coach Regan, being involved with sports is a great way for students to escape the daily stresses of school and life; and he likes to be a part of the healthy outlet sports provides.  

In addition to coaching and teaching, Regan’s life includes his wife, Chelsey (formerly Graves) who graduated from Windham in 2001. They’ve been married for nine years and have two children; Lily, who is seven and Sawyer, who is five. They also have a dog name Charlie.

Regan enjoys spending time with his family, camping, fishing, boating, going to the beach, snowboarding and carpentry.

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