Friday, January 12, 2018

The Windham/Westbrook Hockey Team took on Marshwood at the USM’s ice arena by Matt Pascarella

Windham wasted no time, gaining position of the puck almost immediately. Windham had great energy early on in the first period, moving the puck around, putting force on their opponent.
Travis Brown
Windham had great offense and defense, taking shots at Marshwood’s goal. Marshwood was putting the pressure on Windham, but Windham wasn’t wavering and was pressuring them right back.

The goalie, #32 Sean White, had several great saves in the first period, keeping Marshwood’s score low.

At the end of the first period, the scoreboard read: 1-0, Marshwood.

Windham came out just as tough in the second period, giving 100 percent; passing and keeping the intensity up, taking shots on Marshwood’s goal.

Ben Griffith
Marshwood was pressuring, but Windham’s defense kept them from scoring. The score remained 1-0, Marshwood, at the end of the second period.

Windham came out revved up at the start of the third period. They were determined to get one in the goal, and they did just that. Keegan Pock, #6, scored with an assist by Derek Corbett, #28. This tied up the game, 1-1.

In less than a couple minutes after, Pock scored again; this time assisted by #11, Tommy Lekousi. Shortly after that goal, Pock got a hat trick, three goals scored by the same player in one game. His final goal assisted again by Corbett.

Sean White’s quick hands, along with Windham’s defense kept Marshwood from pulling ahead.
Derek Corbitt
While Windham was shredding up the ice, Marshwood was right behind them; keeping up on the scoreboard as Windham scored goal after goal after goal. There were 27 seconds left on the clock in the third period and the score was tied at 3. The tension and suspense were mounting, on the ice and in the crowd.  

Windham had excellent offense and defense, with great teamwork as they fought hard to put this one in the books as a win. 

As the final buzzer sounded, the score remained tied and the game was going into overtime.
Windham gave 110 percent in overtime, ready to win, and battled hard to do so. However, Marshwood pulled ahead, getting the goal to make the final score 4-3.

Coach Greg Leclair commented on the night. "Tough game I thought; the first period we were the better team. Somewhat evenly played, but I thought we had the upper hand. Second period, penalties kinda killed us and zapped our momentum . . . got us behind the eight ball. Third period, they came out and played to their capabilities, and it was a complete reversal of the second [period]. We were the ones getting the power plays, we were the ones finding the net. That’s unfortunate, we came up just short. It really spoiled a tremendous game played by Sean White and Keegan Pock. Pock took a questionable penalty at the end of the second period. He atoned for it in the third; three goals in about a four minute span - those are stretches that players dream of.”

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