Friday, January 19, 2018

Windham swimmers - a powerful and unwavering team in the water by Matt Pascarella

A swim competition between Windham, Maine Girls Academy and Bonny Eagle took place last Wednesday, January 10 at St. Joseph College in Standish. 
The Windham swimmers were “in the zone,” with the mindset to give 100 percent at each event. As soon as they hit the water, they can only be described as fast and furious, swimming with speed and agility. 

Windham is a team made up of powerful swimmers, each one ready to compete. The energy in and around the pool was high; as there were many alumni swimmers visiting from Christmas break with excitement that ran through both fans and swimmers. As a team, Windham was tenacious, starting strong and continuing at that pace throughout their events.

Windham has high stamina, both individually and as a team, particularly noticeable in the 400 and 500-meter swims. Even when swimmers were visibly tired they persevered, putting everything they had towards the finish line. Windham is an unwavering team in the water.

After giving what can only be described as their best, Windham came out on top, with several players qualifying for the state meet. The final scores:

Men: Windham 109, Bonny Eagle 39

Women: Windham 82, Maine Girls Academy 71              Windham 107, Bonny Eagle 41

The following swimmers qualified for state:

Rosie Haibon - 2nd place - 2:29.73
Girls 200 Yard Freestyle

Elizabeth Lucas - 1st place - 2:44.26
Girls 200 Yard IM (Individual Medley)

Evan Desmond - 1st place - 2:30.62
Boys 200 Yard IM (Individual Medley)

Haley Theberge - 1st place - 28.79
Girls 50 Yard Freestyle

Davin Farinella - 1st place - 26.50
 Boys 50 Yard Freestyle

Katharyn Lucas - 1st place - 1:04.66
Girls 100 Yard Freestyle

Evan Desmond - 1st place - 1:07.98
Boys 100 Yard Backstroke

“They were incredible today,” remarked assistant coach Kevin Roy. “I thought they swam some of the best swimming we’ve seen from them all season. It’s a trend with this team; they continually get better and better; we see things that we don’t expect that tell us what we have for a team and who we have for swimmers. It’s really positive and is something awesome to see . . . they really swam phenomenal today.”

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