Friday, February 9, 2018

Tough compettion for boys’ basketball against Lewiston by Matt Pascarella

Windham High School was the host in last Saturday, February 3 boys’ basketball game against Lewiston. It was a tough one for freshman and JV but varsity showed Lewiston who was boss.
Nuar Bol

Windham gains possession immediately, taking a shot at Lewiston’s basket. The boys were aggressive, moving the ball around, taking advantage of turnover opportunities.
Hayden Bilodeau
Half: 16-10, Lewiston
The team picked up the pace in the second half and continued until the end. The Eagles were controlling the ball. Nuar Bol #40, Kaleb Cidre #45 and Hayden Bilodeau #23, were top scorers. With 55 seconds left in the third quarter, the score was tied at 28. Windham pulled ahead toward the end of the fourth quarter.
Kaleb Cidre

Final 44-34, Windham
“They started focusing in the 2nd quarter on the way that we play basketball versus allowing Lewiston to play their type of basketball,” said Coach Matt Noel. “The first half was Lewiston’s game; settling for shots, rather than making shots happen; letting us play defense versus letting them play their offense. We played our game in the second half and that made the difference.”
Eric Weisse

The Eagles hit the court with enthusiasm. They were assertive; taking shots on basket. Lewiston had pulled ahead, but Windham closed the gap, with the game tied at 11 late in the first quarter.
Windham had great teamwork and communication; they were neck and neck with Lewiston for a lot of the first half. Noel Redlon #22 and Ivan Kaffel #42 sunk three pointers.
Ivan Kaffe
Half: 31-23, Lewiston
The Eagles were adamant to turn the score around. They were working to move the ball around, but Lewiston was capitalizing on mistakes. Eric Weisser #20 gets a three pointer. Windham was aggressive getting their hands up to block scoring opportunities for Lewiston but couldn’t pull into the lead.
Noel Redlon

Final: 63-39, Lewiston
“We dug ourselves a hole and tried to work ourselves out of it too quickly and just compounded our mistakes,” stated Coach James Clark. “Lewiston ended up getting all our loose balls and rebounds and things just steamrolled after that. What the team can take away from this is to focus on the things we need to for our . . . games coming up.”
Mike Gilma

The Eagles start strong, blocking Lewiston from scoring early on. Windham didn’t let up, keeping Lewiston scoreless throughout the entire first quarter. Nick Curtis #3 and Mike Gilman #24 were steadily putting points on the scoreboard. Windham was capitalizing on any Lewiston mistakes.
Despite Windham’s lead, they were showing Lewiston they were a team not to be messed with.
Nick Curti

Half: 37-12, Windham

Windham began the second half with force. Nick Curtis became the second player to hit a thousand points in his high school career. Windham continued to pressure and was up by 30 at one point in the third quarter. The Eagles were showing Lewiston no mercy.
In the fourth quarter, Windham kept it going. Then they were up by 40 with a little over 2 minutes left in the fourth quarter.

At the buzzer, the final was: 75-33, Windham.

“Our guys came in pretty focused and ready to go,” said Coach Chad Pulkkinen. “As a Windham alumni and a Windham resident, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Windham team keep a team scoreless in a quarter; that was impressive by our guys. They took the challenge to really step up their defense and did a good job there. Nick had a special moment joining the 1,000 Point Club and he really deserves it.”

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