Friday, March 9, 2018

Alex Wilkins: Local track star by Matt Pascarella

Senior Alex Wilkins has had an incredible indoor track season. Throughout the regular season, Wilkins was undefeated in long and triple jumps. When he qualified for the State Championship, Wilkins was ranked first in the Long Jump as well as the Triple Jump and placed third in the 200-Meter Sprint
When he competed at the state meet at the University of Southern Maine in Gorham on February 19,
he came in first in the Triple Jump, second in the Long Jump and third in the 200-Meter Sprint. He also received Southern Maine Activities Association Field Events Performer of the Season Award.

This award goes to the person who is outstanding in field events throughout the season. Wilkins said it was cool to receive this award after putting years into the sport.

When Wilkins began running track in his sophomore year, it was a challenge to train himself to be better. He liked the individuality of track, yet there is still a team aspect. He wanted to understand the events and fell in love with the sport right away. 

This season began where last year’s left off. Wilkin’s had begun to get a better understanding of the Long Jump, Triple Jump, and the 200-Meter Sprint. He kept training and put more effort into reaching the point he knew he could reach. He had determination coming into this season. He took practices seriously and worked very hard. According to Wilkins, it’s not just the training, it comes down to how you feel the moment you have to perform. He felt very prepared coming into the state meet.
Although he was prepared, there was pressure; but it was fun pressure explains Wilkins. He had a lot of determination and focus. When he got first in the Triple Jump, he described it as “the reward he wanted” and it felt great to accomplish that goal.

For Wilkins, when it comes to track, he is always looking to accomplish personal goals.

Next year, Wilkins is going to the University of Maine at Orono for Chemical Engineering.

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