Friday, March 23, 2018

Coach Spotlight on Travis Demmons by Matt Pascarella

Windham High’s softball coach Travis Demmons started coaching little league softball in 2009 at Windham High School, but has been coaching students and/or employees going back to his days in the Navy of approximately 20 years ago. He has loved and has been hooked on coaching ever since.

After graduating from Bangor High School in 1994, Demmons entered the Navy, earning his
bachelor’s degree in accounting and a master’s in business administration while serving his country.

He discovered that coaching was very rewarding, both on the field and in the office, as a Team Lead/Contracting Officer where trains and coaches many interns and new employees. He saw the impact coaches had on their student athletes and Demmons wanted to have the same type of impact. 

Demmons began coaching softball at Windham Middle School in 2012 for two years before moving to coach at Windham High in 2014. Along the way, he was on the Windham Little League Board for five years and became Board President in 2015. He left the board in 2016. 

He loves working with his team, whether it’s at a youth clinic, at a practice or at a game. Working with them gets him energized.“A successful season requires hard work, commitment and everyone working towards the same goal,” stated Demmons. “Whether you win two games or sixteen, if everyone commits, works hard and plays as a team, then that’s a successful season.” Demmons would like each player to improve in one area. He’d like to continue their reputation as being good sportsmanship contenders and do as well as they can this season.

“I want my players to control what they can - mainly their attitude and effort,” reiterates Demmons. “If they focus on the controllable things, and let the uncontrollable stuff take care of itself; they’ll go far in life and on the field,” he explained. 

He’d also like his team to learn to live life with no regrets by working hard, playing hard, having fun and making the most of the skills an individual has.

Demmons enjoys spending time with his wife, two daughters and one son. When he’s not spending time with his family, he’s usually at a sporting event. Demmons says his life, aside from family and work, is heavy in sports.

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