Friday, April 27, 2018

Girls’ softball team comes up on top after a tough game by Matt Pascarella

Alexandra Morang after a forceful swing sends the ball flying through the air
The girls’ softball team started their season off with a bang, or rather a crack of the bat. Their home opener took place Saturday, April 21, against Westbrook at Saint Joseph’s College in Standish. The game was played at Saint Joe’s because the home field at Windham High School is not ready to host games.
Lauren Talbot makes the throw to first
After a somewhat rocky start in which the girls gave up four runs in the top of the first inning, the team quickly found their groove to come back from behind and show Westbrook they meant business. 

In the bottom of the first, #4 Lauren Talbot got a base hit and steals a base. Then #6 Megan Joy got a base hit to bring in Talbot. Score was at 1-4, Westbrook. An unsuccessful attempt for Joy at stealing a base brings in #2 Alexandra Morang. The score was 2-4, Westbrook after one inning.

Windham was in their groove with three Westbrook players up and three Westbrook players down in the top of the second.

Windham had great hustle on the field; playing great offense and defense.
Talbot got another base hit in the bottom of the third and stole a base. Chloe Wilcox, #22, got a hit and Talbot scored, 3-4 Westbrook after three innings.

The Lady Eagles excellent teamwork and communication enabled them to get it done on the field.
After #15 Kayla Gorman’s bunt brought in #8 Jessica Meyer, the game was all tied up at 4 in the bottom of the fourth.

The Eagles got a sweet double play from second base, #9 Taylah Piazza to first base, Chloe Wilcox in the top of the fifth inning to show Westbrook they came to get that ‘W.’

In the bottom of the fifth, Morang hit a double and then Joy brought Morang in to score, 5-4, Windham.

Windham kept up their solid defense, ending innings leaving Westbrook players on base, which prevented them from scoring.

#24 Erin Elder got a triple off of a bunt in the bottom of the sixth inning. 

Megan Joy about to make contact and get a hit
The pitcher, #7 Whitney Wilson closed the game by bringing up four Westbrook players and striking out three; final score 5-4 Windham. 

“After that first inning . . . they played pretty well. We start with a W[in] . . . and by the end of the year we hope to have everything moving in the right direction,” Remarked Coach Travis Demmons.

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