Friday, July 27, 2018

Windham Softball team are state champions by Matt Pascarella

The nine and ten-year-old girls softball team faced off against Kennebunk-Wells on Sunday, July 22nd at Glenburn, near Bangor. Despite the weather, which did cause a rain delay towards the end, the girls were ready to put it all on the line and prove they were the best in the state.
The bottom of the first brought Kennebunk-Wells hitting an in the park home run making the game 1-0.

Windham was playing excellent defense leaving runners with scoring opportunities on base at the end of innings. Pitcher Kennedy Kimball, #34 was once again throwing the heat, striking out batter after batter.

Kennebunk-Wells got another runner over the plate in the bottom of the third, 2-0.

Fast forward to the top of the fifth with only two innings left to get it done, that’s just what these girls did. After four walks, one of whom resulted in an out, the bases were loaded with Cami Casserly, #8, Chloe Edwards, #26 and Hannah Lee, #10. Kimball steps up to the plate, the first pitch is thrown…boom! The ball is sent flying into right field, a triple for Kimball. The score: 3-2, Windham.
Windham wasn’t done yet. The top of the sixth brought Oakley McLeod, #2 walking, Casserly getting a base hit and Edwards crushing the ball, bringing both McLeod and Casserly in, 5-2, Windham.

It all came down to the bottom of the sixth and final inning. Kimball gets the first strike out right away. Then on a walk, a runner advanced to third. The next batter is struck out. The runner on third base was toying with stealing home but was held in place. The next batter gets two strikes – tension was palpable. Kimball winds up, provides the throw - STRIKE THREE, making the Windham softball team the state champs!

“Every girl had something to do [with winning this championship] and that’s a great feeling in itself,” observed Coach Jason McLeod.
Back row: (coaches L to R): Ryan Edwards, Jason McLeod, Shayne Bryant
Middle row: (two tall girls): Hannah Lee (L) Kennedy Kimball (R)
Front row: (L to R) Chloe Edwards, Willow Washburn, Addison Leger, Addison Caiazzo, Lydia Marden, Bri Duarte, Oakley McLeod, Lacie Higgins, Cami Casserly, Nola Bryant 

They will take their skill down to Jenkins Township, PA for the regional championship at the end of the month.

Congratulations again to all the girls on this team. Our town is very proud and will continue to cheer you on.

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