Saturday, September 15, 2018

Girls’ soccer teams gave solid effort against Bonny Eagle by Matt Pascarella

Belle Skvorak playing defense

On Wednesday, September 5th, the JV and varsity soccer teams took on Bonny Eagle in the first home games of the season for both Windham teams.

The lady Eagles had nice hustle right away. Emma Millett #31 scored a goal within the first three minutes of play. Windham had taken control of the field playing good offense and defense. Windham was working well together, taking multiple shots on Bonny Eagle’s goal. The Lady Eagles were really putting the pressure on and as a result, Ella Cote #34 and Clara Ward #35 both scored in the first half. Windham was in command moving the ball around, with excellent teamwork.
Ella Cote

Half: 3-0 Windham

Windham did not let up. The lady Eagles offense and defense remained strong, although Bonny Eagle did score in the second half. Windham was giving it their all, beating Bonny Eagle to the ball and taking shots on their goal. Molly Black #26 scored.

Final: 4-1, Windham.

“They play as a team, they don’t play as individuals. I tell them trust your teammate and they do a lot of talking on the field [and that contributed to the win]” said coach Jeff Fish.

Windham started strong with nice movement of the ball and aggressively working to beat Bonny Eagle to the ball. Bonny Eagle did jump to an early 2-0 lead, but Windham kept their heads up and had several solid efforts, taking repeated shots at Bonny Eagle’s goalie.

Half: 3-0, Bonny Eagle

Windham continued their hustle, going hard after the ball in the second half. The Lady Eagles stepped up offense and defense blocking shots taken by Bonny Eagle. The Lady Eagles were working hard to gain possessions and trying to turn the game around. Although Belle Skvorak #3 scored, Windham was unable to get ahead.

Final: 4-1, Bonny Eagle

“We’ve got to come together as a team, we’ve got to communicate better,” commented coach Deb Lebel. “We didn’t really play with a ton of intensity...we need to take good shots. We played reactionary tonight; [Windham] is a good team, they’re going to win a lot of games. We’re going to have to learn from our mistakes and move on.”

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