Saturday, September 22, 2018

Varsity football gives it their all against Edward Little by Matt Pascarella

Harrison Boyle
The varsity football team played Edward Little on Friday, September 14th at Windham.

Windham started with high intensity, ready to show they came to play. They had good hustle and worked hard defensively to keep Edward Little from gaining yards.

In the first quarter, Windham did well to move the ball and after a punt attempt on fourth down, the ball landed on the field. After Edward Little tapped the ball, the quarterback, Harrison Boyle, #20 picked up the ball and ran it to Edward Little’s 25-yard line. Then, Garrett Peeples, #9, ran the ball into the end zone for six points. Windham football scored the extra point to tie the game at seven.
Windham continued to work hard, both offensively and defensively. Peeples ran the ball in for his second touchdown of the game before the end of the second half.

Half: 28-14, Edward Little

Windham worked fiercely to turn this game around. Their defense was taking down players with veracity. Right after Windham made it to Edward Little’s 30-yard line, Stuart Salom #21 scored a touchdown and Windham made the extra point.

Windham gave it their all, putting forth a solid effort, but Edward Little came out ahead at the end of this one, 41-21.

“We had five freshmen play tonight and they played hard; you’re going to have mental mistakes...but I felt like tonight we took a big step...of being more physical and getting after them [Edward Little]. We didn’t play scared...and understood the game better,” remarked coach Matt Perkins. “We’re getting there; when you make mistakes, you’ve got to look at how we fix it, what’s next and it’s all learning. The way that they cranked the whole game, I was just impressed as a package on all of it.”

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