Friday, November 16, 2018

Coach Fred Wilcox takes the reins of the varsity softball team

Fred Wilcox
By Matt Pascarella

As varsity softball coach Travis Demmons is stepping down, assistant coach Fred Wilcox, will take his place for the spring season.

Wilcox became interested in coaching through his children, which is how he met Demmons. Wilcox became a coach when his girls, Ella (now in eighth grade) and Chloe (now a junior at Windham High) played little league and he coached their little league teams. Demmons was the inspiration for Wilcox deciding to coach at the varsity level.

There won’t be any change of coaching strategy come the spring season. “Demmons built a great program and I don’t want to change that; it’s been trending upwards since he took over” says Wilcox. Although the team lost seven seniors last year, Wilcox says the program is so good it will have many great girls stepping in to fill the spots left by last year’s seniors. “I don’t really see us changing a lot except going out there and working hard, having a great season.” does have a philosophy when it comes to coaching; he calls it the responsible coach approach. He likes to see the girls having a good time throughout the season, but also wants to make sure they’re learning technical skills and building their confidence. It is important to make them believe in themselves, so they can overcome obstacles whether it’s on or off the field. Having fun and learning about the game is key, as well as winning ball games along the way.

Wilcox is a graduate from Scarborough High School and now lives in Windham with his wife, Natalie and two daughters. He has played in a variety of baseball and softball men’s leagues and has always had a real love of the game.

Wilcox has coached in multiple Amateur Softball Association organization teams for quite a few years and has witnessed a certain amount of high-level playing. He’s learned much from the girls on the varsity softball team and from being near good coaches over the years. 

“Windham is one of the best communities I’ve been around,” stated Wilcox. “They really love the game of softball...I can’t wait to get out there and get after it. I know these girls, I know where they’re at and I know we’re going to hit the ground running [in the spring].”

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