Friday, March 29, 2019

Casey Sinclair enjoys working with athletes on and off the field

Casey Sinclair
By Matt Pascarella

March is also Athletic Training Month and the mission is to spread the word about the important work athletic trainers do.

If you’ve been to a high school game, you may have noticed her on the sidelines. Casey Sinclair has been the athletic trainer for Windham High School for eleven years. Her job is to help an athlete if they get hurt on the field or on the court. In addition, and just as important, Sinclair explained that being an athletic trainer is also about forming a relationship with the athletes during their high school career.

Sinclair’s journey in sports began in high school. She had three older sisters and “someone was always injured,” As a result, Sinclair took a real interest in sports medicine. “I liked medicine and I was debating between athletic training and nursing, but I enjoyed watching sports, so it was the best of both worlds – you get to watch sports and help with injuries,” she said.

While in high school, Sinclair spoke with her athletic trainers and they explained what the job entailed. After that, she knew it was what she wanted to do. graduated from the University of New England in Biddeford and worked at Falmouth High School for a year. When she saw the job opening for an athletic trainer at Windham High School, she thought it would be a better fit and she was absolutely right.

Sinclair’s favorite aspect of her job is working with the athletes. “You really get to know the athletes before they get hurt and sometimes while their injuries are developing. It’s a relationship you build that’s different than any other medical profession. You know the student, what they do, what they build a bond. You have four years with this athlete. It’s not like the doctor’s office where you come in, it’s ten minutes, you may never see them again.” explained her office is kind of a hang out for athletes before their practices. During this time, Sinclair gets the opportunity to talk about their day with them, see how they are doing, discuss any problems they might be experiencing and steering them in the right direction, if needed.

“It’s a fun job, it’s a different job working with the high school athletes, compared to a don’t have that disciplinary role; kids tell you a lot more, sometimes I hear too much,” she explained. “It’s fun in that aspect.”

She enjoys that relationship where there is a mutual respect between her, the athletes and the coaches.
A Windham resident; Sinclair really likes the community feel of Windham. She has two daughters, Sydney and Madison. As a family, they are really into watching sports and enjoy being outdoors, participating in activities like hiking and kayaking.

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