Monday, April 29, 2019

New varsity baseball coach brings knowledge of the game to Windham

By Matt Pascarella

Cody Dube will be taking the place of coach Brody Artes as the boys’ varsity baseball coach. Dube, a Windham High graduate and former player was coached by Coach Artes during summer baseball. Dube also played in the minor league (Single A) and got to pitch against greats like Pablo Sandoval.

“I think it’s awesome being able to coach at the high school you played” stated Dube. He has kept in
Cody Dube
touch with athletic director Rich Drummond and knows many of the teachers at the high school. Dube says the relationships make it easier and there are a lot of great people in the Windham system.

“I’m excited for the season and I think we have a really good staff,” Dube said. Kevin Wilson, who helped with a lot of Dube’s strength training when Dube was playing baseball will help with the strength and conditioning, with catchers and hitters, and in game decisions.

Jack Herzig who also graduated from Windham, will help with catchers and hitters as well as giving input on game decisions. 

“We have a young coaching staff but I’m really excited about the guys that we have, I think the team is excited about it too,” says Dube.

Dube wants his players to develop a good work ethic and a lot of discipline both during and after the season. He also wants his players to have a lot of fun. He adds that there are those times when you are going to have to work hard and do some things that may not be your favorite, but he thinks there are ways you can incorporate fun into the game and make it less repetitive; such as a different goal or focus each day.

Dube and the assistant coaches try to mix up their conditioning program, changing from movement work to injury prevention to core work to running routes while catching baseballs. This can help take the repetitiveness away. 

Dube reiterates that fun brings out the best in his team and stated that the team is looking good and sees no lack of effort in his players.

 “I really have no idea what this is going to be like, I’ve always been on the other side of the game, this is a great opportunity.”

A graduate from Keene State College in New Hampshire with a degree in Safety and Occupational Health, Dube works at Langford and Low Construction in Portland. He loves winter sports, like snowmobiling and skiing and has started playing softball in the summer.

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