Friday, May 31, 2019

Congratulations to Raymond Little League for winning the “Take Me Out to the Dugout” fundraising contest

Emily Kaffel from Raymond enjoys
one for the team 
It’s been a friendly competition for the past 10 years as a fundraising event for local softball and baseball teams. “Take Me Out to the Dugout” sponsored by The Ice Cream Dugout raised over $1,600 this year, making a total donation to participating teams of $11,852 over the course of a decade.

This year, the participating teams were: Windham Christian Academy, Windham High School Softball, Raymond Little League, Windham Little League and Standish Little League. The winning team who made the most money was Raymond!

“The idea for ‘Take Me Out to The Dugout’ came from the previous owner, Troy Locke,” stated current Owner, Stephanie Roy. “His vision was to bring the little league teams from the
surrounding areas (Windham, Raymond, Standish, Gray) to The Dugout for a fun and friendly competition. Obviously, it is fitting since we are a baseball themed ice cream shop.”

Roy stated they continued the competition because they realized how much the community looks forward to it every year. “When we took ownership in 2013, we wanted to continue the tradition.”
This year the Dugout will be donating $1,641 amongst the five participating organizations, with $1,035 going to Raymond Little League. 

“This fundraiser is really fun for us to host,” Roy said. “We are thankful to have the support of our community and really enjoy the opportunity to give back. We hope that in the coming years we can get more teams in the surrounding areas to join us.”

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