Friday, May 24, 2019

Jordan-Small Middle School baseball puts forth a solid effort

By Matt Pascarella

The Jordan-Small Middle School baseball team played Tripp Middle School in Durham on Tuesday, May 21.

Sam Plummer
Sam Plummer, #11, got things going in the top of the first for Jordan Small with a base hit. A couple walks loaded the bases, but it ended there.
Tripp jumeds to an early 5-0 lead.

Jump to the bottom of the second, where quick feet by catcher Gracien Golebrewski, #10, nabbed a runner as they were headed toward home plate.

In the bottom of the fourth inning, third basemen DJ Vella, #6, made a nice out at third base to prevent Tripp from getting a runner closer to home plate. Jordan Small put in a good effort every inning and that effort was reflected in throws to first which beat the runner, caught pop flies and prevented any Tripp runners from stealing a base.

Fast forward to the top of the fifth, after Jordan Small loaded the bases, Bob Wing, #15, got a base hit and brought in, #1, Lucas Oldershaw, 11-1, Tripp.

Gracien Golebrewski
Jordan Small began to pick up steam in the top of the sixth inning. After Jacob Goslant, #9, walked, Noah Mains, #16, got a base hit. Chase Wescott, #3, walked and Jordan Small had loaded the bases. Another walk brought in Goslant, 11-2. Chase stole home early on in the inning. Several more batters walked, and Jordan Small’s score began to climb, 11-6.

The umpire called the game after six and a half innings.

Final: 11-6, Tripp.

“Combined practices and games this year makes our fourth time on a baseball field - every time we come out to the field feels like a brand-new experience,” observed Coach, Jim Beers. “We can’t get into any rhythm or anything consistent. We just need more repetition, more games and they can play to their potential.”

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