Friday, October 4, 2019

Field hockey teams puts forth back-to-back solid efforts

Mya Bolk
By Matt Pascarella

The JV and varsity field hockey teams hit the field against Cheverus, at home, on Monday, September 30th.

Windham took a shot on goal almost immediately. The Lady Eagles had strong defense and kept Cheverus from scoring in the first half. The Lady Eagles blocked serval Cheverus passes throughout the half. Mya Bolk, #14, scored in the first three minutes. Windham had solid passing and moved the ball around nicely. Windham hustled hard and worked to be first to the ball. They were aggressive and took multiple shots on goal.

Half: 1-0, Windham

Windham continued their concrete defense in the second half. They blocked shots and passes from Cheverus. Windham took multiple shots on goal. With one minute thirty seconds left in the game, it was tied at one. 30 seconds...20 seconds...10 seconds; the pressure mounted, but at the buzzer the game headed into overtime.
Windham kept up the defense in overtime and the goalie, Molly McAllister, #33, had several great saves. The Lady Eagles pressured, and you felt the intensity in the air. At the end of overtime, neither team had scored.

Windham came out aggressive in the second overtime and worked hard to get the ball in the goal. With the clock winding down, Cheverus scored. Final 2-1.

“We’ve come a long way and they’re really good at communicating and reading where each other are going to be...and they’re working smarter, not harder, so they’re able to get it down the field,” commented coach Cory DiDonato. “There were some really good things: the passing, the talking, they support each other. I’m really proud of them.”

JV started strong with great passing as they moved up and down the field. Windham communicated well and had good offense and defense. They pressured the Stags and worked hard to be first to the ball. At the end of the first half Hannah Heanssler, #6, scored.

Half: 1-0, Windham

The Lady Eagles really turned it up a notch in the second half. They were aggressive and were first to the ball. Heanssler scored again. Windham continued strong communication and tough defense, preventing Cheverus from scoring at all. Before the end of the game, Heanssler scored a third time.

Final: 3-0, Windham

“They played really well today,” observed coach Tiff Theriault. “It was better communication; it was passing more and those were the two main goals and they did it perfect. It was a fun win.”

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