Friday, December 13, 2019

Jordan-Small Middle School ‘B’ team showcased skills in season opener

Noah Campbell
By Matt Pascarella

The Jordan-Small Middle School boys basketball ‘B’ team played their home opener against Poland on Friday, December 6th.

The boys started slow in the first half, but soon found their momentum. Jordan Small got rebounds, passed the ball well and had solid teamwork. They took several shots on basket, went after the ball with intensity and put multiple points on the scoreboard.

Half: 33-9, Poland

Jordan Small continued to get rebounds at the start of the second half. They gave a team effort and took more and more shots on basket, which enabled them to light up the scoreboard even more before the final buzzer. Jordan Small was aggressive and went after the ball and worked to be first to the ball.

Ashton Golebiewski, #32, had a great steal from a Poland player and then took that ball right to the hoop and scored. Noah Campbell #51 made a great shot and then sunk a foul shot. Jordan Small only got better offensively as the game progressed; they got several turnovers against Poland and increased the number of shots they took on basket and the number of points scored per quarter.

Final: 62-24, Poland

“We started slow, but we were moving the ball really well, we were setting good solid screens,” remarked coach Ryan Roderick. “Could have been a different game [if more of Jordan Small’s shots fell]. But, first game, we saw a lot of positives, plenty to work on, we’ll take it from there.”

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